The Ultimate Guide To Crystal Magic

To understand crystal magic, we first need to understand where crystals come from. Crystals are found deep within the earth and hold potent energy. Crystallization is a path from chaos to perfection and crystals have their own unique frequency depending on their formation and journey to you.

Aligning your intentions and energy along with the magical powers the crystals already hold, alchemises the potency of your spell or ritual.

I can’t come out tonight, I’m charging my crystals!

Not just a fun social media meme, but an important part of crystal magic is keeping your crystals energized. The first thing to do with your crystal is to cleanse it, in filtered or natural rain water, burying in the earth or leaving the crystal in moon water overnight.

Some crystals like Selenite will dissolve in water and some have coatings like rainbow/angel quartz and the coating can be affected by moisture, so crystals like these should be cleansed in earth. 

To charge your crystal, leave it in moonlight or sunlight. Be careful using the sun because some stones like amethyst can be bleached by the brighter rays.

All stones are safe in moon rays so if in doubt choose to charge at night. You can also bury the crystal in the earth or even use sage or palo santo to cleanse it.

Magic crystals

Like most magic, this is personal to the beholder so feel free to explore how you like to cleanse different crystals and make sure that the methods are suited to your crystals needs.

If you are in any doubt that your crystal can’t be cleansed with the above methods the most gentle cleansing method is to use a smoke incense like sage, and to charge, palo santo incense can be used as this deposits positive energy in the stone.

 To programme your crystal, simply hold it in both hands and set your intention out loud or in your mind. Now you’re ready to begin your magical journey.

How to use crystals in magic?

Sleeping with crystals under your pillow is a brilliant way to astral project and induce lucid dreaming, as well as using them to help with sleep and serenity such as amethyst, selenite or jasper.

During sleep we are more receptive to energies both positive and negative and also make us more vulnerable, so sleeping with a crystal close by can protect us from the negative energies at the same time as allowing us to absorb the crystal’s positive energy and match its vibrations raising our own.

Use your crystal to enhance your spells by adding them to charm bags, placing them on top of written spells and using crystal points to direct crystal energy to a specific place much like a wand. This is quintessential crystal magic. Wearing crystals is also a great way to call in protection, abundance or a specific intention for your day.

Crystals around quartz

Adding crystals to your altar is a perfect way to encapsulate its purpose. Using crystals that celebrate the seasons such as sunstone, citrine and tiger’s eye for the summer solstice, or working with a deity or spirit, angel aura or selenite helps to connect us to the spirit world and is an easy way to incorporate stall magic into your practice, especially for beginners.

Casting a circle with crystals

Casting a circle with crystals is a wonderful technique for witches who cannot light candles in their college dorms, are in the broom closet and need a discreet circle or maybe have smoke sensitivities. Instead of drawing in the quarters with physical correspondences of these elements, matching crystals are used.

All crystals harness a certain elemental energy. The traditional correspondences are as follows:  

  • North is earth and traditionally salt is used.
  • East is air and usually smoke incense is placed in this direction.
  • South is fire and usually candles represent this element.
  • West is water, often a bowl of rainwater or filtered tap water is used.

Instead of the traditional correspondences above simply swap them for the crystals below. You could also experiment with crystals grid. They use sacred geometry to build a grid of crystals which causes the crystals to vibe/work together to enhance their powers.

  • North: All crystals are earth energy but clear quartz works amazing in this quarter.
  • East: Amethyst is the perfect crystal for this quarter.
  • South: Citrine or sunstone are absolute gold for this quarter.
  • West: Labradorite and moonstone hold beautiful water energy for this quarter.

Essential crystals for witchcraft

Connecting the right energy and vibration for your intention is an important factor in crystal magick, here is a list of the most powerful crystals used in witchcraft and magic.

Holding a crystal

  • Agate: Helps in Love spells, vitality and has been used as a talisman for protection from the dark arts. If worn, agate helps to attract favors from powerful people. Blue lace agate is known to connect with the angelic realm and guides you in affirming your intentions.
  • Amethyst: A great tool for scrying and enhancing psychic awareness. 
  • Amber: Provides an energy boost for the caster, to infuse potency to your spell.
  • Bloodstone: Bloodstone is used to increase personal strength and energetically invisibility form enemies and guards against deception. Bloodstone is also used for past life exploration and is known as the stone of courage.
  • Black Tourmaline: The stone of empaths, repelling negative energy and psychic attack from others. The black stone can be used for scrying, protection against lower spirit vibrations and earthly demons. 
  • Citrine: The stone of abundance, used to attract wealth, beauty, protection and prosperity. The stone of all desires manifested into the physical realm. 
  • Emerald: Known to emit the ray of nature itself, a stone of rebirth, fertility, attracting an abundant love and was used in ancient times to hold the secret of As above, so below.
  • Fairy Quartz: Is used to recharge and cleanse your auric field, used in transformation spells, and connecting to the otherworld. Carrying fairy quartz will protect you from dishonest people who want to trick you into investing in business, jealousy and negative projections.
  • Hematite: The great balancer, the stone of the earth witch, that is sometimes forgotten about, but offers earthly abundance and is highly connected to the heartbeat of the earth. Use in burial spells, pendulum divination, grounding and spiritual awakenings. Hematite was used to make ‘magic mirrors’ in Egypt and is believed to reflect back negative energy.
  • Jade: Use this stone when interpreting dreams, use for insightful dreams, to attract friendship and money.
  • Jasper: The stone of travelers – wear for protection in long or dangerous journeys, a powerful earthly dimension, protection stone.
  • Labradorite: The destiny stone, a stone of pure magic, used by shamans and healers for akashic knowledge. Linked to the magic of the night sky, Labradorite is believed to have trapped inside the mysteries of the northern lights. A powerful omen for the ability to predict troubles before they arrive.
  • Merlinite: A stone of duality, to access the lightest and darkest parts of you, in this life and in past lives. It is said to hold memories of alchemists and wizards such as the wizard Merlin from Arthurian times. A very powerful stone that can bring up old unhealed trauma, or access your highest self. Be prepared to meet your dark night of the soul.
  • Moonstone: The sacred stone of India. Once said to hold the power to grant wishes, a stone to enhance full moon rituals and spells, use moonstone in a silver bowl with water and connect to the moon and ask for your deepest desires, before sunlight, drink the water before sleep. The stone is linked to the pineal gland and foresight.
  • Quartz: The all rounder, use this stone to replace stones in spells by setting the intended will into the stone, heat for amplifying any spell or ritual, and charging other stones.
  • Selenite: Increases telepathy, its name translates to the moon, it is a wonderful stone to seal and cast circles, and when exchanged between lovers it helps to reconcile disputes. Placing a wand or stone of selenite in all corners of your home will promote potent protection and peace from unwanted spirits. The most powerful stone for moon spells, lucid and prophetic dreaming. A perfect stone to increase intuition and premonitions.
  • Tiger’s eye: Used to protect from dark forces and the evil eye, it is a great talisman and used to protect against hexes and bad Magick. Known among witches to resolve a crisis.


Finding the right crystal(s) for your specific intention is a personal and exciting journey. There will be some that one witch may find is a perfect match for specific things in their craft, whereas another may find the opposite. Use your intuitive guidance when picking a crystal. Feel the crystal in your hands and see what energy it brings forth to you. Allow your crystal magic to evolve over time to suit your own needs.

Be careful to understand that some may hold intense vibrational energy and can sometimes be overwhelming. If a crystal’s vibration is too much at times, use a wooden box to store it in to absorb some of the energy. Remember, witches, that crystals hold the past of the Mother Earth. If you open up your energy, you can hear them sing the secrets of the universe to you.

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