The Basics For Wiccan Spells (With Examples)

In modern-day times this translates to, if you do no harm to others, then do what you want. The Wiccan Rede is a harmonious right of independence, the fruition of ones deepest desires, with the rule of harming no other.

As Wiccans do not believe in an Abrahamic ruler casting and tracking their actions, the rule is there to remind them of their higher consciousness and the karmic lessons they will unfold through their Wiccan spells and action. If ye harm none, do what ye will.

The Rule of Three after a Wiccan spell

This is part of the formation of the Wiccan rede, by the understanding of a universal law that what you put out into the worlds, you will receive back threefold. Therefore, our energy is an important part of spell casting, as Wiccans know that energy whether in is used in direct spell casting or not, has the power to effect others, including other people and the environment.

Witch spell ingredients

It is also a reminder that our spells have a cosmic returned force that effects our body, mind and emotions. When casting a spell, be prepared for the amalgamation of these three living aspects to be effected, such as a beauty spell can effect your mind and your emotions by the attention or self-love that is created by it.

But, if the caster casts the spell in hatred or self-loathing of the self, the spell could effect the mindset and emotion in a negative way, so remember that what energetical space you are holding, doesn’t just effect those around you threefold, it will effect you within your mind, body and emotions.

The Triple Goddess 

The deity of Wiccans is that of the triple goddess. The moon goddess is a symbol of the divine feminine cycle and its reflection to the moon.

The moon goddess

Each cycle is a goddess within their own right and represents:

The Maiden: the new waxing moon is a perfect time to encapsulate the energy of growth and new beginnings. Beauty and attraction spells are best suited for the alignment of this energy. Her color being white birthing the new and holding a space for innocence.

The Mother: at the full moon represents love, fertility and nourishment of the soul, a perfect time for spells that focus on love, protection, psychic direction, fruition, marriage and is symbolized by the color red for the blood and the life force of all things.

The Crone: of the dark moon, is a symbol of magic, wisdom, death and the cycles of the earth. Use the crone energy for spells in harvesting, rebirth, divorce, past life meditations, and trance states to journey into the spirit world. Her color is black, the absorber of all light and the gatekeeper of death and rebirth.

Spell casting guide for beginners

“Magic is natural. It is a harmonious movement of energies to create a needed change.” — Scott Cunningham

The spelling of thy will is written within our spells.

Wiccans know that words have the power to shape our reality. Words carry vibrations and are used in spells, to align with the vibration of the intention of the caster. Our words carry our will into the world.

This being said, the wording of spells written or spoken may have various impacts on the outcome of our desires, as the energy behind our intentions also carries great importance.

wiccan spell

Before spell casting set your outer and inner environment to match your intention, dark or light – cold or warm and setting up candles to represent the intended outcome. Meditate or align with your higher self and clear your mind from old stagnated thoughts, energy or self-limiting beliefs.

House Protection Spell

  • Four glass jars with lids.
  • Lavender (four handfuls) – for peace and protection.
  • Basil (four handfuls) – for cleansing, protection and banishing negative energy.
  • Sea salt (four handfuls) – the traditional Wiccan protection ingredient, said to ward off psychic attacks and offer protection to the house and caster.
  • White rice (four handfuls) – to ward off evil spirits and attract good fortune.

The day before you cast this spell, clear and tidy all of your home, burn Sage and Palo Santo to clear energy within the home.

Witch spell tools

On the morning of the spell wake up before sunrise and begin the ritual, start by putting a handful of each ingredient into the four jars. At sunrise go to the outside of your home or at the edges of your home if you do not have an outside space. Place each of the jars in the North, South, East and West and chant the words:

North, South, East, West

At these four corners 

I protect my home

Free from evil, free from harm, and bad spirit 

Make my home sacred and pure, 

And so it is, and so it is.

Leave the jars with their ingredients inside, then when they have begun to decay, bury them into the earth together, to ensure long lasting protection.

Abundance Spell Charm Bag 

On the night of the waning moon make a charm bag with chamomile which is said to open the doors to prosperity and abundance, mint and cloves, used for their powers in attracting money and good fortune. 

Use a green cloth and a tie to secure the bag to a strong thread or use a pre made herb bag.

Begin the spell by intentionally mixing all of the ingredients into the bag and repeat:

I mix the energy of luck, good fortune and limitless abundance

I seal this energy in honor of the spirits, that guide my fate

I wear this bag to bring me my desires

And so it is, and so it is.

Tie the bag as you seal the energy then wear around your neck until the next full moon.

On the night of the full moon, honor the cyclic nature of the moon goddess, with a seasonal or personal offering (for example, milk represents the overflow of life provided by mother earth) and call upon the ever sustaining, ever abundant earth, and bury your charm bag.

Burying things into the earth is a symbol of longevity and evergreen sustainability. Perfect for attracting limitless abundance into your life. 

You can add a personal spell or note into the earth to attract personal desires. 

Smoke in a jar

Business Success Spell

For this easy spell, you will be needing:

  • 3 drops of bergamot mint bouquet.
  • 1 drop of basil oil.
  • 1 drop patchouli oil.
  • 1 pinch of cinnamon spice.

On the waxing moon mix the oils and add the spice, imagine the success of where you want your business to go, embody the feelings of reaching your goal, feel the energy and start to anoint the hands, cash registers, account books and your front door and chant the following words:

I call upon the abundant mother to bring success

To bring cashflow

To bring everlasting substance 

To my purpose 

And so it is, and so it is.

Loneliness Spell

Set out a cauldron or bowl and add the following:

  • Red rose petals – self care.
  • Rose oil – self-love.
  • Geranium oil – lifts Spirits, aids to overcome negative mindsets, happiness 
  • Orange oil – to attract friends, boost confidence and invoke happiness within oneself. 
  • Allspice – stimulates friendly interactions and connections with others.

Preparing a spell

Three days before the full moon mix all of the ingredients into your cauldron while chanting the following spell:

I am never alone.

I am always surrounded by the Love of the Divine Mother.

I am never forlorn,

I have my ancestors alongside me,

Every step I take.

I am open to receiving love and friendships 

I call in the love from the cauldron womb of the divine mother

And so it is, and so it is. 

Then keep the cauldron or bowl in sunlight and moonlight until the full moon, then sprinkle the petals and the spices over your front door, repeating the spell.

Please be aware of the toxicity and sensitivity of all oils and do not ingest non-food standard oils without consulting a licensed professional or herbal practitioner, who understands the complexity of your own personal needs and journey.


Learning the path of Wicca can take time, and creating spells is a personal journey and as you explore and develop your craft, you can begin adding and changing spells to suit you and be guided by your inner witch. Writing spells and keeping track of them in a journal or book of shadows is a great way to record their efficiency taking the time to reflect and observe.

Some may work perfectly and another one may need adjusting, this could be your energy, time, or simply that the ingredients you have worked with, do not match the true desires of the intended outcome.

This is where the fun of being a witch begins, learning, flowing, and cyclically getting to know, plants, oils, and herbs, and in time you will learn to become a master caster.

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