A Beginner’s Guide To Candle Magic

Witches have used candle magic to bring about change and to manifest their wishes for centuries. But how has remained a mystery to most people, but not anymore. Today we look at what candle magic is, how and why it’s used in witchcraft and the importance of magical color theory.

We also give an example spell that you can try that uses this technique so that you can manifest whatever your recent desires. Candle magic is fun, accessible and relatively cheap to perform, so join us today in this article of colorful adventure.

What is candle magic

Candle magic is a type of spell which uses, you guessed it, candles. Candle magic has been practiced for as long as people have dipped a wick into wax and lit it. Candle magic is similar to fire magic and more widely practiced. This is because candles are generally safer, cheaper and more accessible.

The element of fire in witchcraft is important. This is the element we call in for will power, manifestation and is linked with the sun and the ego. This means candle magic is perfect for money, happiness and goal orientated spells. The most practiced form of candle magic is recognized world wide: blowing out birthday candles.

candle magic

Of course this has pagan roots, to blow out the fire is to extinguish power, yet we know from physics that energy cannot be destroyed or created into/from nothing, it is only transferred. Therefore the act of extinguishing fire would cause this fiery potent energy to transfer into the practitioner, in this case the birthday girl or boy giving them the power to grant their own wish.

How to use candle magic

Using candle magic in your practice is quite easy. Of course basic fire safety practices should be followed: never leave a lit candle unattended, trim wicks of candles so they cannot burn too high, place on a clean flat surface and remove anything flammable from the area. These measures should be followed regardless of if candles are being used for magical or mundane purposes. 

The witch needs to simply pick their candle of choice based on color and shape, dress (to anoint with essential oils and sometimes dried flowers and petals) and then light and proceed with the spell as directed. Quite often the spell will suggest the type of candle needed.

Candle shapes and their uses in magic

There are many different types of candles and the waxes they use, most common is paraffin wax or a more eco friendly alternative is beeswax, or for a vegan friendly candle try soy based wax. Any candle in will work, so long as it can be lit and extinguished.

candle ritual

The shape of a candle doesn’t really matter any will work but there are certain shapes which can suit the spell or purpose better. Here are he met com shapes a how they are used in candle magic:

  • Tea light: by far the most common candle used in spells, they are cheap, small and last 1-2 hours which is perfect for casting a spell and maybe winding down with a book afterwards.
  • Votive: tall and short these are excellent for deity worship, they usually last for 7 days and have a picture on the front of the deity they are for.
  • Floating: perfect for combining fire and water magic, these orb like candles are ideal for magical or ritual baths.
  • Taper: the long tapered candles classically used in candelabras, they are used for altar decorating and longer spells.
  • Pillar: these are medium height chunky candles and are a great allrounder and serve as a larger version on the tea light. Great for repeated spells.
  • Tin/jar: excellent travel candles as they can be packed away, often dressed on top with flowers and highly scented, they are complete spells activated just by lighting the candle.
  • Flame less: for witches with smoke sensitivities or whom are unable to have candles in dorm rooms or are broom closeted these are an effective alternative and good all rounder.

The importance of color in candle magic

colors candles

Color is incredibly important in witchcraft and candle magic is no exception. Color has been used for centuries to evoke certain moods, vibrations and energies. Just like with the shape any color will work but mindfully selecting a color is a nice touch to add a little boost to your spell and another layer of magic, mixing candle magic and color magic for greater results. Below is a list of candle colors and their uses in spell craft:

  • White: is the color used for protection and purification. It is an all rounder and can replace any color in a spell.
  • Black: is also for protection but against stronger energies. It can be used for hexes and curses, it absorbs negativity, and is excellent for communicating with spirits as spirits feed off the light from black candles.
  • Red: the color for all things lust, sex, love and willpower. Red is a highly charged color and therefore any spells cast with this color pack a firey punch.
  • Blue: the color for justice, law and communication spells.  Blue is a primary and pure color it is linked to the mind, psychism and dreams.
  • Yellow: this bright and jolly color is one of complete happiness and joy. Spells that deal with mood boosting and peace use yellow candles as their foundation.
  • Purple: the most psychic color. Purple is strongly linked to divination, mental clarity, intuition and psychic related spells. Also astral travel and lucid dreaming.
  • Green: use this color candle for anything health, wealth, money and abundance related. It is purely money and abundance based unlike our next color.
  • Brown: is the color for bodily health, grounding and calming spells. Where green relates to complete wealth and abundance brown is more for getting enough to get by, a steady healthy foundation.
  • Orange: used mostly for creativity, passion and willpower. Orange is the color for ego related spells. Anything you want to do to just because you want to. It is in between red with its passion and yellow for its joy, put these two together and you get creative passion, making this candle ideal for a change of jobs or to turn your side hustle into your full time gig.
  • Pink: for gentle and sweet love. Beautiful romance and friendship spells. This is a mush softer color than red it is quieter and more romantic than lustful. This is also the color used for platonic friendships and family love.
  • Silver: this color relates to the moon which in witchcraft means the realm of emotions, the sub-conscious, and dreams. Healing past trauma meditations and shadow working spells go great with silver candles.
  • Gold: an amazing color to represent the Sun, in witchcraft this is the ego, the conscious mind and what we do with it. In the day when there is light we work and think, when this light goes at night and we have the moon we cannot see to work so instead we feel.
    So this candle color is great for anything to do with work and manifesting abundance, it’s a very practical and get up and do it candle. Usually with these candles the spells will require mundane as well as magical work. For instance we need to hand out CVs as well as doing the new job spell but spells with gold candles will make the work we put in worth it tenfold.

An abundance spell using candles

Using the above lists we can see how a witch could easily create their own spells, with candle and color magic making a string foundation for the spell. Putting together say floating candles in the color pink would make an amazing self-love ritual bath.

Or perhaps a gold pillar candle would be a wonderful abundance spell that could be practiced repetitively during full moons. Here is a spell for abundance that uses candle and color magic as its main form of power that you can try. It is a quick and easy spell to bring in a financial boost, opportunity or shift needed to release that blocked income

melted candle


  • Gold pillar candle.
  • Cinnamon oil.
  • Citrine point.


  • Gather all your ingredients at your altar or place that you spell cast.
  • Cast your circle in your usual way.
  • Anoint your candle with a few drops of the cinnamon oil. Use the thumb of your right hand to rub the oil in (the right hand is used for attracting and the left is used for banishing).
  • With your citrine point scratch into the side of your candle what you wish to receive an abundance of (money, love a new job, promotion, anything you like).
  • Take a little more oil on your thumb and pinch the wick, then light your candle. Sit quietly by your candle and visualize the abundant life that is already on it’s way to you. After a few minutes blow the candle out and go on with your day.
    You can perform this spell as often as you like until the candle has completely burned down. Each time you perform the spell you just need to cast a circle and then skip to this last step.


We hope you have enjoyed exploring candle magic with us and the impact color has on this particular area of witchcraft. Witchcraft is a collection of techniques just like this, adding them in on top of each other creates a multi-layered spell and practice for the witch to practice. Today we have only just scratched the surface.

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