Methods of Divination For Your Magical Practice

Hundreds of methods of divination exist in the act of attempting to find a pattern or symbol in the natural world as a way of connecting with deities, spirits or the Universe, to gain guidance, introspection and prediction.

To “divine” means to connect to a higher power, and while it has been used for thousands of years by varying different cultures with various different mediums, it has also evolved to suit modern witchcraft.


Most widely known as tarot, it is unclear exactly where cartomancy originated from while some people believe the modern tarot took inspiration from the ancient Egyptians and further along to the Italian culture.

Cartomancy is a somewhat simple process of laying out cards related to specific subjects or questions; these cards will then give the reader either insight or prediction related to their specific subject or question.

While traditionally, cartomancy was used to divine the future (telling-cards), modern witches often use cartomancy to delve deeper into their intuition to make positive changes in their life’s and manifest their desires. 

Tarot divination

While there are many different tarot decks and oracle decks, the modern and most popular tarot deck is the Rider-Waite deck first printed in 1909 and named after the publisher William Rider and mystic, A.E. Waite who commissioned Pamela Colman Smith to illustrate the deck, an artist from Britain known by her friends as “Pixie”, and thought to have met Waite because of their mutual participation in the Golden Dawn.

Now, the deck is defiantly known as the Waite-Smith deck because, “no one puts baby in the corner”.

This deck consists of 78 cards with their own symbolism story and imagery. The 22 Major Arcana cards represent the lessons and journey of humans, much like The Hero’s Journey in works of fiction. There are 56 Minor Arcana cards grouped into 4 suits; Pentacles, Swords, Wands, and Cups.

These cards represent the trials and the people we make contact within our lives. Each Suit represents a certain aspect, for example: Pentacles symbolizes the element of Earth and therefore speaks of materials, wealth and possessions. 

While there are a few different ways to do tarot or cartomancy, the most popular is the shuffle method and the fan method. Once the cards are selected, they are placed in a spread and then the reader will analyze the meanings of the cards in relationship to the questions or subjects. 

Cartomancy is by far the most popular and widely used form of divination in the modern age.


Dating back to around 2000 BC, modern astrology takes its roots from Mesopotamia but various different cultures around the world had their own different forms of astrological divination including the Mayans, and Chinese. 

Astrology divination

Astrology uses the planets and their position in the galaxy to deduce information about an individual’s traits, personality, as well as global affairs depending on times and locations.

Horoscopes are the most well-known aspect of astrology. These twelve zodiac signs are grouped into four, each containing three of the signs. They are: 

  • Fire – Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius
  • Earth – Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn
  • Air – Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius
  • Water – Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces

Each of these zodiacs has specific traits. So if you were born a Capricorn, you may be cautious, disciplined, stubborn, responsible, and reliable. 

This is probably the most complex form of divination in that there are so many aspects and facets of this type of divination, you must be meticulous in how you obtain all of the information needed and decipher it in order to gain clear sight.


Runic magic is another ancient form of divination based on the Germanic languages and alphabets in Europe, and are closely associated with Norse culture and mythology.

The most common rune characters are the Elder Futhark runes which consist of 24 runic symbols with meaning associations, usually carved on wood, stone, or bone divided into three groups of eight which is said to be ruled over by Freyja (the Goddess of Fertility) Heimdall and Mordgud, and Tiwaz and Zisa. 

Runes divination

The basic idea of rune divination is a simple process of asking a question to your chosen higher-power or deity, and either choosing runes at random or by scattering runes on a surface and reading them that way. The ancients probably used the latter system as it was less orderly. 

Traditionally, rune sets were handmade by the individual but in modern times, rune sets can be purchased in any new age shop. I think the general consensus is that this is fine so long as the user, blesses purifies their rune set before use.

A helpful tip: Carry your runes around with you for a few days so that the runes can absorb your energy. 

The 24 runic symbols or letters broken down into the eight groups are:

Freyrs’ Aett

ᚠ  Fehu / fey-who – Power, control, new beginnings, wealth.

ᚢ Uruz / oo-rooze: Cattle – Power that cannot be controlled, personal success, used in talismans for healing. 

ᚦ Thurisaz / thoo-ree-sahz: Thorn – Resist conflict, protection, unexpected change. 

ᚨ Ansuz / ahn-sooze: Mouth – Stability and order, intellectualism.

ᚱ Raidho / rye-though: Wheel – Focus energy to obtain goals.

ᚲ  Kenaz / kay-nah: Torch – Knowledge, learning, teaching, clarity.

ᚷ Gebo / gay-boo: Gift – Connection between people, exchanging gifts both physical and energetic. 

ᚹ Wunio / woon-you: Joy – Balance amidst chaos, fellowship, common goals, good news. 

Hagal’s Aett

ᚺ Hagalaz / hah-gah-lahz: Hail – Constriction, stagnation, situation will eventually flow again. 

ᚾ Nauthiz / now-theeze: Necessity – Restrictions from needs or wants. Restriction from possibilities. 

ᛁ Isa / ee-sah: Ice – Stagnation until changes are made or present themselves. 

ᛃ Jera / jair-ah: Harvest – The cycle of life, going with the flow, nature.

ᛇ Eihwaz / eeh-wahz: Yew Tree – Magical protection and facilitator. An ending to a situation brings a new situation. 

ᛈ Perthro / Pair-throh: Dice Cup – Uncertainties in life, freewill, memory, problem solving.

ᛉ Elhaz / el-hahz: Elk – Defense, restraining power, protection. 

ᛋ Sowilo / so-we-loo: The Sun – Crystal clarity, light in the darkness. 

Tyr’s Aett

ᛏ Tiwaz / tee-wahz: Creator – Success in relation to actions, personal sacrifice, successful legal cases.

ᛒ Berkana / bair-kah-nah: Birch Tree – New beginnings

ᛖ Ehwaz / ay-wahz: Horse – A natural flow is needed for success, good intentions. 

ᛗ Mannaz / mah-nahz: Man (human) – Achieving highest potential, interconnectedness. 

ᛚ Laquz / lah-gooze: Water – Flowing with nature, letting go.

ᛝ Ingwaz / eeng-wahz: Fertility – Protection of the home, using our energy. 

ᛞ Dagaz / dah-gahz: Day – Stability, light and dark, energetic filter. 

ᛟ Othala / oh-thee-lah: Home – Wealth, family, friendships, heritage. 


Palmistry is a form of divination done by studying the palm of an individual’s hand. There are two different types of palmistry, one being, chiromancy with studies the lines of the palm and Chirognomy which deals with the color and shape of the fingers, thumb, and palm. 

There are three major lines on the palm that are analyzed, these are: the life line which runs just around the fatty bit of the thumb, the heart line which runs just under the fingers beginning just under the pinky, and the head line which runs just under the heart line.

The Heart line tells of the individual’s emotional state as well as their relationships.

Palmistry divination

The head line shows the psychological and mental traits as well as intuitive abilities. The life line, contrary to mainstream media’s propaganda that it is a line of how long a person will live, reveals information about the encounters in the individual’s life such as health, physical and emotional vitality.

In addition to these lines, there are smaller more subtle lines that are also analyzed by the reader such as the Bracelet Lines which can reveal the individual’s longevity, prosperity, imbalance, and destiny. For example: four bracelet lines can indicate that the querent will live to be close to 100-years-old. 

In addition to the lines of the palm, the mounts or bumps of fatty tissue are also analyzed as they represent the influences the planets have on the querent that can also give quite a lot of information about physical and emotional trains.

These mounts are categorized into seven which are: The Sun, The Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn.

With the analyzation of lines and mounts, another factor is used to give more clarity into the palm reading and these are the actual markings of the lines which can suggest both positive and negative interruptions.

These lines can indicate traumatic events, health problems, solutions, emotional healing, separations, etc. but their meanings are variable depending on where they are located on the palm.

One line marking is the Stars marking which indicate good fortune and success if it appears at the end of a line whereas, a Star appearing on the life line can indicate turmoil. Equally interesting is the “M” marking which is formed by the heart, head, and life lines.

If an individual has one of these markings, it can indicate that they will have good fortune, good intuition, that they are trustworthy, and worthy companions for both love, friendship and business. 

Hand shapes are another way that palm readers analyze the characteristics of a querent. There are six main shapes of the hand that are studied, which include: conic, spatulate, psychic, square, intellectual, and mixed. However, the most common classification of the hand shapes in Western palmistry are the four elements: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. 

Ultimately, palmistry can give an individual insight into their own personal make up as well as their destiny during this lifetime much similar to astrology.

Pendulum Dowsing

The Pendulum is usually a crystal or metallic obelisk that hangs from a chain and has been used since the 1600’s to communicate with higher powers and the spirit realms. The pendulum acts like an antenna which amplifies the energetic vibrations being emitted by the spirit world or divine beings.

These energetic vibrations are focus on moving the pendulum in different directions which can be used as a form of communication and guidance as programmed by the pendulum reader; yes – up and down, no side-to-side.

Pendulum divination

There are a variety of tools that can also be used with this form of divination such as the pendulum board which is usually a circle with the following written on the outside of the circle, like a clock: Yes, No, Maybe No Answer.

However, this is not needed, but what is needed is for you to program your pendulum by telling it which direction you would like for it to move for any given answer.

The pendulum is best used for questions that can be answered with a “Yes” or “No” – this rule applies when communing with spirits as well. For example: “Is it in my best interest to apply for this job?” Or to a spirit, “Does your name begin with the letter, N?”

Overall, pendulum readings are a great divination tool if you are looking for more specifics that other forms of divination sometimes aren’t as clear as you would like them to be. 


Tasseomancy originates from Ancient Roman gypsies and did not become popular until between the 18th-19th century. The term comes from the French word, Tasse (cup). 

Tea leaf readings involve interpreting shapes the sediment of tea leaves make in a tea cup after the tea has been consumed (this can also be done with coffee). As with all forms of information, it is important to study different symbolism so that you can correctly decipher the shapes that you see at the bottom of your cup.

Tasseomancy divination

For example: a circle in a tea leaf reading represent money or gifts, but symbols can be many things such as clouds or like the famous Grim in Harry Potter – unique to the reader themselves. 


There are dozens of different forms of divination but ultimately you should choose one that resonates with you as a reader as you will develop a very special connection to it.

Be encouraged to find one that suits you and practice and hone your relationship with it, but I must stress that it is important to bless your space and cast a circle or shield of protection before opening yourself up to the spiritual realms.

One thing that I always do before a reading, is to ask that the universe protect me and only let in what is for the highest good. Remember, while you may have intuitive or psychic abilities, you are not the one in control of the reading, you are simply interpreting the messages that the spirit world or the universe is sending you through your chosen medium.

Stay in the light. Stay humble. Trust yourself.

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