A Magic Wax Seal Stamp Charm Tutorial

Consider this part 2 of our magical gift wrapping series. In part 1 I showed you how I wrap up small items like jewellery and place a charm on them for safe delivery to their forever homes, read part 1 here 

So today I’d like to share how I wrap bigger things like hoops and the magical wax seal I place on them so they reach their destination and bring joy to whomever breaks the seal.


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Take your gift item and wrap it in the vellum. You don’t need to purchase mine but it does need to be a vellum paper as this has a waxy coating which will protect the item making sure the wax seal does not push through the paper. Use your string to secure the paper. Tie so that you end at the front (this side of the gift should have no edges of the paper overlapping it is the centre of the paper, edges meeting are where wax could get in so never place here) tie with a bow

Light your tea light and slip your dried flower behind the bow as you say “I seal in love, I seal in light, where this package goes, are smiles of delight”

Heat the wax beads in a wax spoon or an old tablespoon works too. I like to use an assortment of colours as these will mix and bland nicely, you’ll need about 5 beads in total

Very carefully pour this over the bow and pick up your wax stamp, imbue the metal end of the stamp with cinnamon oil by rubbing a drop into it with your right thumb as you envision white light energy flowing from your heart, through your arms, hands and into the stamp, do this fairly quickly as your wax sets in under a minute. Place your stamp down in the centre of the wax pool firm enough to sink in to the wax but gently because you do not want to rip your paper. Leave the stamp in the wax for a full minute.
Now let’s write our tarot card gift tag with love and intention. Download the template and print. Cut around the outside and then hold in half and glue closed. No need to hole punch as the sticker we use will cover this
Now think fondly of the recipient of the gift as you write out your gift tag with your silver pen a simple To: ___  Love from: ___ works nicely on the back of the card. Allow a few minutes for the ink to dry and then use your sticker to secure the tag to the parcel and put the packaged item into its outer packaging and it’s ready to ship out. 


And there you go, how to magically gift wrap an item for its safe travel to your loved one and to bring the recipient maximum joy upon receiving it


I hope you enjoy these tutorials, I’ll be doing many more including stitch-witchery, fabric magic and my magical  creative process of how I created the tarot deck. Follow me on instagram to be notified of when I post another magical tutorial

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