Covid delays & preorder shipping updates

Though life has somewhat gone back to normal for most of us, regarding the pandemic, there are still significant delays happening in the manufacturing and importing industry.

This is caused by a reduction in staff to allow for distancing in the workplace which has increased production times of the decks, and the reduction in commercial flights means delays in shipping the items to us. This has then increased the amount of goods shipping via sea, which is already much slower than air freight and then the spots on the containers are very high demand meaning they fill up very quickly and it takes a long time for another container to be ready to ship. There are then delays at port, exacerbated by reductions in staff to allow for COVID distancing, means these delays are worse than usual as containers sit in a queue as there isn’t the staff to unpack and sort the containers.

This has been an ongoing problem in the shipping/importing industry and means we are being told of further delays at every turn which means we cannot guarantee a shipping date and the date we give is the best date we have at the time but this can change and it’s out of our control. We do promise that everyone will receive the products they have ordered and we will send them out as soon as we receive them.

At the time of writing this the Oracle deck is in stock and shipping and we are waiting for more tarot decks which hopefully arrives to us in April.

We fully comply with buyer’s rights and can work with you to make you happy. Either cancelling your order, splitting it so you receive in stock items as soon as they arrive and always keeping everyone updated with email updates

We really appreciate your support and patience through this process and thank you so much for the kindness that has been shown to us. It might appear online like we’re a big company with it all together but the truth is, this small business is ran by me and a handful of amazing women and it’s really scary sometimes. This situation is so much bigger than us and it breaks my heart that I can’t promise WHEN you’ll receive your items but I can promise THAT you’ll receive them

All my love,
Alicia x

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