journaling through ’it’ with tarot shadow work

Shadow work is a practise used in witchcraft. The shadow is anything that light doesn’t touch, this means our internal world, our thoughts and emotions. But this also means the parts we don’t show any light or attention to within are minds. The sides of ourselves that we long ago decided were ‘bad’ often because of the words of someone else. We all have trauma and pain. Sometimes this hangs around in the form of bad habits or destructive behaviours. We bring light to these damaged areas of our psyche by thinking about them and journaling. The process is very cathartic and healing.

Today’s how to is quite simple in theory but in practise is another matter entirely. We explore using tarot to begin a journey of shadow work:

🌑 Grab your deck and get comfortable and relaxed

🌑 Shuffle your deck and begin to think of the main ‘thing’ holding you back right now

🌑 Draw a single card and spend a few moments thinking about this card

🌑 Grab your journal (it can be any type of notebook) and just start writing ‘today I drew the (card name)” and then just write...

🌑 It might feel a bit goofy at first and you’ll probably write things like ‘I like dogs and icecream’ but keep going because after the waffling we get into it and there will be true nuggets of gold. Think about your actions, emotions and how one may lead into the other and where this all may stem from.

It’s quite an individual self-lead area of magic so it’s difficult to give specific instructions but essentially we are pouring our heart out onto the page using the tarot card as a jumping off point.


🌑 When you have poured as much as is there put your journal to one side for an hour or 2
🌑 Reread the page and reply to this sentence by sentence on the next available page in a different coloured ink. We reply as if our best friend has written this. We want to support, love and accept them, giving them gentle advice that can guide them through this

🌑 We are providing ourselves with support but often this is hard to do directly at first. We tend to be very critical to ourselves and learning to use the ‘best friend filter’ helps the self critic in us be quiet and the supportive role to take over. We are learning self love and how to apply it

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It takes a few of these sessions for the benefits to show, eventually we integrate the shadow in to our psyche once again. Those parts of us we called ‘bad’ and tried to bury are over time accepted and relabelled as coping mechanisms, we learn healthier coping mechanisms for things we can change and we find peace with what we cannot change. We become more patient and loving with others because we are able to show ourselves this compassion on a dear level.

Let me know over on IG if you try this. Of btw: Your favourite hot drink, scented candle and cozy clothes really helps 😉 if you need to cry then cry, if you’re angry throw pillows (not your phone) if this brings up feelings for you then exorcise those feelings away with a healthy and safe action. Call a friend or loved one and talk. This is first a process of getting it out, then a bit messy whilst we analyse and poke it with a stick, then we finally recognise what it is and why and learn from what we have experienced and make our peace with it

Stay lovely, lovelies 😘✌️

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