Magical Gift Wrapping Tutorial

How I gift wrap all my orders and a little safe-shipping charm you can place on gifts and items you ship 

There’s something incredibly pleasing about receiving an item that has been gift wrapped by hand. I gift wrap all orders that ship from my home because I truly believe there’s magic in it. A little connection between me and the customer, for me to express my gratitude and for them to feel like the special person they are


A while back I showed a time lapse of me gift wrapping small orders and y’all went nuts for it. I like to imbue each order with a touch of magic so it finds its way to its forever home quickly and safely and today I’m going to show you how you can do this too. In these times it’s not possible to see our loved ones, friends and family but we can still send them something nice through the post to make them smile. Here is a full tutorial and materials you will need if you wish to create this for your own gifts. 
You will need to download and print my card pouch and tarot card gift tag template here don’t worry, it’s free and then gather these materials: 


(I use affiliate links to earn a small commission, it helps me escape the starving artist cliche. So if you happen to need these supplies, help a girl out would you, Darhling? 😂)

  *optional but adds a nice finished touch. Use staples instead if you opt out



  • Download the card pouch template and print onto printable card. Size doesn’t really matter. This template can be scaled and printed to fit the gift. Carefully cut this out and your gift tag too. Hole punch where directed
  • Fold and stick the 2 sides of your gift tag together and hole punch, place an eyelet in the hole making sure the smooth face of the eyelet faces the front of the card and then squeeze closed with the pliers
  • Take your template and trace around it with your pencil onto your pretty card and cut this out. Erase any pencil that remains. Set your original template to one side as you can reuse this to trace again for future gift wrapping
  • Hole punch where directed (only if you are using eyelets, if not leave this unpunched) and hole punch one butterfly through the middle. Attach the butterfly to the card using an eyelet that goes through both. If you are skipping the eyelets you can forget the hole punch and instead staple the butterfly down
  • In the second hole of the card pouch thread your string from front to back and leave a small amount poking out to the back. Again use an eyelet to capture the string into the card. Or again if you are not doing eyelets, don’t hole punch but staple the string in place. Cut your string about 6” 12cm


You have now made your pouch we will go onto the magical wrapping ritual I use for all orders

  • Take your item you wish to gift wrap and wrap it in the tissue paper, I like to use dark blue and purple as these are very significant magical colours. Apply the washi to hold the tissue paper down
  • With the item between your palms bring your hands to your chest and imagine sending warm pink light down your arms through your hands into the gift item and say a small spell for shipping items: “travel safe and travel well, reach your master and complete my spell. Their heart with love you must fill, and so it is done as by my will”
  • Place your tissue wrapped item in the pouch, load the gift tag onto the string and then wrap the string around the butterfly twice (your string will nestle in between the card and butterfly) this secures the pouch closed. Now think fondly of the recipient of the gift as you write out your gift tag with your silver pen a simple To: ___  Love from: ___ works nicely on the back of the card. Allow a few minutes for the ink to dry before you put the packaged item into its outer packaging and ship em out. You can repeat the shipping charm again if you wish before stepping into the post office, I like to do this in the car

And there you go, how to magically gift wrap an item for its safe travel to your loved one and to bring the recipient maximum joy upon receiving it


I hope you enjoy these tutorials, I’ll be doing many more including stitch-witchery, fabric magic and my magical  creative process of how I created the tarot deck. Follow me on instagram to be notified of when I post another magical tutorial.

Stay witchy 😘✌️

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