No tarot? No problem, get your cards read for you online

The Embroidered a Forest tarot Deck, The World, The Star and Judgement. Photo by Danny Hack

“I can’t read tarot but still want a reading!”

I hear this a lot. Some folks don’t have the time or financial commitments to begin the journey of learning to read tarot for themselves, some of us are in the broom closet (a term for a witch who hasn’t come out as such yet) and can’t have magical items in their home without judgement from family members. Please know I hear you and am here for you. Whatever your commitments or situation that’s fine, sometimes the ol’ witchy Instagram would have us believe if we’re not dancing naked in a forest, or scantily clad in black, draped elegantly over a gothic chaise lounge with our black nails glinting in the candle light, then we’re witching wrong. But I’m here to show you

it’s okay to practise witchcraft and read tarot as much or as little as you like, completely in your own way.

So, for the folks that are interested and want to be a part of this wonderfully kind hearted community or maybe are just getting into this murky world with cowboy rules (read: no rules) and aren’t sure where to begin, well I’ve got you covered: 3. Of. Stones.  

Three of Stones logo.

Kendra over at is a dear friend of mine and she performs tarot readings which she describes as intuitive tarot readings focused on healing, guidance, and manifestation to give you the magick to align with your soul’s true purpose. Rather than the traditional Celtic Cross tarot readings, she offers a wide variety of readings that cover business, money manifestation, soulmate manifestation, compatibility, general aspect readings, mental health readings, shadow work, and more. I tried out one of her readings and it moved me, and I mean mooooved me, through some shadow I had been hovering over me for years.

I’m here to report my findings and show you my experience so if you’d like to have a reading but are unsure where to begin just keep reading.


I messaged Kendra directly over on her instagram, you can do this too or go directly to the readings section on her website. As I am growing my business and want to do so ethically and sustainably I asked for the Abundant Entrepreneur Reading.  

Abundant Entrepreneur. A reading for those seeking business advice and actionable next steps.

I selected a deck I wished to work with (if you want my deck simply scroll to it from the drop down menu,) then I checked out and waited excitedly. Kendra asks for a photo of yourself as this helps her get in sync with you and read tarot with you firmly in mind. After a few days I received a handwritten summary of my entrepreneur tarot reading in picture format and a gorgeous photo of my chosen cards straight to my email. It was like Yule morning. Kendra has a very soft and sweet tone and her compassion really came through. I could feel that she had spent a long time sitting with my reading. As a tarot reader myself the knowledge and relationship she has with the cards flawed me (and made me realise I need to step up my game when I read cards for myself) she was next level.


Also included in the reading is 1:1 time to discuss with Kendra any queries I had. All of this is completely confidential.


I’m happy to open up and tell you guys I have an awful fear of rejection. I’ve known this for a long time and it’s beginning to affect my business. I would practically give away products that took months to create because I’d receive a compliment on instagram, it’s not a sustainable business model and it’s not self love. It’s more like self destruction: here in these times of pandemic it’s more important than ever to create a sustainable business model that can support me and my family, my toxic needs for love and approval really need to be addressed. So I cried, I wrote loooong messages to Kendra and she was there for me, with nothing except love and patience, we spoke through this and I felt like a weight lifted off my shoulders.  

Alicia’s hand written reading by Kendra. Peep some of the shadow and blockage removal energy work i need to do.

Here’s a copy of one of the pages that Kendra sent to me. Peep that shadow coming through and the energy work I need to do.

During the pandemic social distancing and isolation have been tough on everyone especially mentally. This reading felt like a little salve on the wound, a cuppa with a friend, it was soothing but also practical. I opened the email as a business woman with scrambled thoughts and multiple to do lists but I closed the last email with a calm mind, a sense of returning self worth and a plan. Simple and effective.  

Photo by Kendra of selected cards from the embroidered forest tarot deck

The earth shifts and we move away from Beltane’s period of fiery manifestation and into the beautiful slow months of the sun, and we shift with the seasons too. Kendra is offering Summer solstice readings for the entire month of June. Join her coven by 1st of June to be entered into a giveaway to win a 9 card planetary tarot reading covering general guidance on major life aspects. As a member you’ll also be able to take part in yummy rituals and collective readings as well as gain access to a specifically curated newsletter and exclusive discounts.

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