Build your own: Full Moon wishing shell

A fairly simple spell that uses an oyster shell as a spell jar/wish keeper and harnesses the power of this full moon. You build your own spell by picking from these pre-made spell options to build your own wishing shell 

I love the power that a shell can provide: beautiful cleansing water energy but grounded because of its salt content. Once an animal lived in this vessel but has grown and moved on to a bigger home. There is so much energy in shells and all we have to do is pick them up, we are not causing harm or pain to any living thing. Shells are nature’s gifts and our treasure. Harness the power of these beautiful vessels along with the full moon to manifest your dream. Simply pick from the pre made spells below or make your own unique spell by choosing your items to add


you will need these as your base and then the others from whichever spell you choose. Or you could add your own ingredients to make a spell unique to you 

🐚 incense of your choosing, I love cinnamon, vanilla or lavender

🐚 An oyster shell with both sides intact and matching (eBay if you don’t live near the sea or an old fishing town like I do. You could also step into a fish restaurant and they’ll just hand these over as they throw them away. I got a kilo bag for £5)

🐚 String

🐚 A wax seal/stamp a penny makes a great stamp if you don’t have a seal

🐚 A white tea light

🐚 Correspondences of your choosing small enough to fit inside the shell and allows it to close nicely pick from the lists below or add your own for a spell that is unique to you

🐚 To be performed on the full moon or anytime if you have moon water


<<💓A Love Spell💓>>

For bringing in a new connection and new love into your life simply add the following:

💓 A pink rose petal

💓 Something small and heart shaped like a button or a piece of card cut into a heart

💓 Small rose quartz

💓 pink sealing wax 


<<💰A Money Spell💰>>

For bringing in that dollaaaar baby simply add the following:

💰 Basil leaf

💰 A penny 

💰 Small piece of Citrine

💰 green sealing wax 


<<☀️Happiness Spell ☀️>>

☀️ Dried lavender

☀️ A sun symbol of a sun or draw a small picture and cut it out

☀️ Small piece of Citrine

☀️ gold sealing wax yellow works too



🐚 Clean your shell with a little bit of bleach and warm water, makes sure you wear gloves.

🐚 Charge your shell in the full moon or moon water (this is water that has been left over night in the rays of the full moon and it harnesses the moon’s energy all month long until it is the full moon again

🐚 Ground, centre, call in the elements and set up ready for a spell as you usually would 

🐚 Cleanse all items in the smoke of an incense of your choosing (I like vanilla or cinnamon as a standard but go with what is powerful to you) palo santo works too. 

🐚 Light your tea light candle. One by one place the first three items of your chosen spell into the shell saying as you do “Powers that be* bring my wish to me”

*You could invite your deity/matron/the universe what/whoever you work with in here to aid you

🐚 Close the shell gently and wrap the string around 3 times saying with each wrap “By the power of 3 by 3 bring my wish(es) of love/money/happiness home to me”

🐚 Spend a few moments making the outside pretty, almost like a collage of correspondences  and seal with the wax colour of your chosen spell (I used gold wax for abundance) if you don’t have a wax seal a penny makes a great wax stamp if you don’t have one handy)

🐚 Keep on/near you at all times or leave in a place relevant to your wish: mirror for confidence, office desk for career, under your pillow for love

🐚For added power place a tea light next to this shell and meditate next to it visualising your wish coming true for one whole lunar cycle (full moon-full moon) for 5-10 mins each day

My spell is all about me levelling up to the next step of my career. I’m an artist so have used a leaf charm I made in art school for the creative element. Snowdrops as they represent a new beginning, lavender for mental clarity and a butterfly wing (I found this on Dartmoor National Park I didn’t harm any butterflies) because it represents transformation and hope to fly to a better place and finally citrine for abundance. I used gold wax for financial security. Inside I placed a coin to represent money, an acorn for luck and prosperity and a nail for creativity (it looks like a pencil to me) 


That’s it really. I said it was simple 😆 will you be trying this spell tonight? Let me know what correspondences you go with and what they mean to you. 


Blessed be and happy full moon, sisters. 


Stay witchin, loves 😘✌️

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