Embroidered butterfly glass locket necklace


Embroidered butterfly glass lockets. These tinies have fluttered into their homes and are wrapped up waiting for their forever owners.

each locket is either rose/gold or silver plated and contains tempered (safety glass) the locket is 30mm 1 1/4” with a 40cm 16” chain also played to match the locket. The locket is magnetically closed. I have 3 of each design available and plan to create new designs in future and will offer these insert separately for those whom have already purchased a locket so you guys can swap and change which inserts you wear.

The Luna moth is in a silver plated glass locket with silver chain


The monarch butterfly is in rose gold plated locket and matching rose gold chain


The blue morpho butterfly is in a gold plated locket and matching gold chain. 

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