Embroidered Forest Animal Totem Velvet Necklace


Please meet the totem animal guides of the Embroidered Forest. 

We have Fernheart the young buck deer

Pumpkin the mischievous clever fox

Naira the wise owl queen

Yorhi the messenger Emperor Moth

and Solrvae the Sun god resting in the open meadow deep in the forest. 

Each design varies in size but are about 4-6cm 1.5-2.3” with Yorhi being the smallest and Fernheart the largest. 

I only have one design of each of these because the embroidery work is very detailed and elaborate. I may create animals again in the future but most likely not these ones again, so if you like them grab em now whilst you can 😉 

The necklaces work by threading velvet ribbon into elastic on the back of the embroidery. The velvet ribbon is finished with little silver tassels and goes best slipped under collars or with low cut tops and dresses

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