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This is a preorder for version 2.0 now borderless with reversible logo art on the card back. Same embroidered art and same high quality. Ships in July. (could be delayed due to the pandemic)

Reconnect with nature and your intuition with this luxury tarot deck inspired by woodland creatures, magical forests and folklore. Depicted in traditional hand embroidery by yours truly.

Stitching this deck saved me from a deep depression. I had to make my own light during those dark times, and I hope that sharing this finished product with you will give you the same positive vibes that creating it gave me.

  • 78 card tarot deck based on the traditional Rider Waite Smith system.
  • Full color photographed embroidery artwork with hand stitched details that are ready to be discovered.
  • Enjoy holding and shuffling these 350gsm thick cards.
  • *New* Holographic silver foil accents on front and back and matching.
  • *New* Holographic silver gilded edges to remind you to never stop shining, even in dark times.
  • *New* Semi-matte gloss lamination to highlight the vivid colors and fabric textures.
  • Each deck comes with a detailed softback guidebook with color, matte lamination and silver foil front. 8 card spreads for following the wheel of the year.
  • *New* Magnetic close box with holographic silver foil to protect and decorate.
  • Standard tarot size. (120mm x 70mm - 2.75" x 4.75")
  • *New* Borderless art with reversible and holo silver card backs.
  • A 🌲 planted for every order.

Please read: this is a preorder. Decks are currently being printed as we speak and will ship as soon as they are ready. This may take longer with covid potentially causing delays. We expect to receive the decks mid-July and then ship them to you then.

**As this is a preorder and we are a small business we are sorry but can’t accept cancellations/refunds after 48 hours.

Once your order has been dispatched in July, you will receive a confirmation email with your tracking number.

  • USA: 5-7 days
  • Canada: 7-10 days
  • Europe: 7-18 days
  • Japan: 10-21 days
  • Australia: 10-28 days
  • International: 10-28 days

Disclaimer: Due to the current COVID-19 situation there can be delays with some orders.

If you have any questions, feel free to message me at info@theembroideredforest.com - I'll make sure to get back to you as fast as I can. 🖤

Customer Reviews

Based on 54 reviews
Julia prado

have not yet recieved, when is it shipping

Zoey Jensen
Cute... But unfortunately a bit of a letdown

I want to say first, the major arcana of this deck is absolutely lovely. It's got such a charming feel and I adore it all. I love embroidery and tarot so the two combined in a deck was a dream. The booklet that came with was one of the best I've seen included in an indie tarot deck and the card materials where great. It's once I got to the minor arcana that I was sadly disappointed. The art on each card was cute but you can tell that some parts where reused. Which I would be fine with, but alot of the research in symbolism that the artist spoke about doing and including in the cards simply wasn't there. It usually was just some repeat of the same four embroidered pieces photoshopped together with whatever plant went with that animal. Only minor arcana of note that had some sort of symbolism besides the number of animals or flowers was seven of pentacles and a few others maybe. Even the king's and queens of the minor arcana had the flowers photoshopped on and some flowers you could tell they weren't happy with so they used a mirror affect to make it cemetrical. I don't this is all bad, but it's good to be informed about if this might bother you. Regardless, I still find the deck charming, just sadly underwhelming. Ill be considering returning, but again, the major arcana is so cute and the designs that are original to each individual card and the branding is so cute.

Barbara Greiner
So very lovely

Thank you so much for this brilliant deck.

Stella Campbell

The art on these cards is gorgeous. I had figured as much from the listing but seeing them up close is even better. I’m INCREDIBLY impressed by how the cards feel. They’re substantial and thick in a really nice way so they don’t just feel like playing cards. I’m really in love with them.

Susan Vierhout

It’s a beautiful tarotdeck! Very original. The deck even has silver sides! You can feel the love and energy that’s put in the deck. It feels ‘alive’ (easy to read). It has a very good quality and cardstock. It comes with a nice box & guidebook (incl. new spread ideas). I’m looking forward to work with this amazing deck!

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