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Welcome to a magical year of tarot spells with The Embroidered Forest.

In this guide we will focus on collating the magic of the seasons with modern witchcraft and the divinatory practise of tarot to manifest, heal and become our most magical selves yet.

A great place to begin developing a well-rounded and grounded witchcraft practise: each month lists a spell/ritual to be performed, a tarot spread to seek guidance relating to the month as well as lists of herbs, Crystals, important dates and other timely correspondences so you have everything you need to live your life joy-filled and heart-led.

  -Sync with the Seasons
  -Explore spell work with a grounding foundation
  -Pick up and dust off your craft if it’s been a while
  -Receive guidance from bespoke created tarot  spreads
  -Reconnect with nature and yourself 

This guide is a downloadable PDF. Simply check out, wait a few minutes for the link to be sent to your email address, download and get started.


Materials needed to accompany this guide:

(These materials are needed throughout the guide as it unfolds through the year so you don’t need them all to get started)

- A complete 78 card Tarot Deck (any deck which follows the Rider Waite Smith system)

-Stationary supplies like journal/notebook, a pen/pencil, sharpie/chalk pen, scotch tape, white string, envelope, plain paper, red ribbon

-Favorite snacks and hot/cold beverages, cozy socks, blanket, pjs, favorite music, tea bagged or loose leaf, sugar, water (cool and boiled) bread flour, salt, yeast, baking tray, oven and a whole pumpkin

-Magical tools, Favorite incense sticks, matches/lighter, fireproof bowl, charcoal discs, 2 part/opening seashell, glass bottle with tight lid, tea lights and a pestle and mortar

-House hold items, penny, wax stamp, tissue paper, a potted plant, ziplock bag, bin liner and scissors,

-Pink, white, orange, black and candles

 -Vanilla, jasmine, cassia, rosewood, cinnamon, geranium, orange, eucalyptus and rose essential oils

-Rose Quartz, Citrine, Clear Quartz and pyrite,

-Dried herbs: Bay, lavender stalks and flowers, cherry blossom petals, hibiscus, garden sage (ethically sourced) ginger root, clove buds, marigold petals, hyssop, orange peel and rosebuds

-Resins: myrrh, copal 

Customer Reviews

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Tracie Lee
Beautiful and thoughtful guide to monthly spreads

Alicia's beautiful embroidery skills have made this concise book a work of art. I love the combination of rituals with spreads, which helps with focus and intentionality. Whether you believe in magic or not, actually putting your intention and attention into something will increase the likelihood of the outcome you desire, and if that isn't magic, I don't know what is! I appreciate the safety tips throughout, I've heard and seen too much misinformation shared about herbs and essential oils, beginners will often not know what is safe or not. This is a readable, practical, and beautiful approach to monthly spreads!

Kris Bradley
Just What I Needed

I’m in my early 50’s and have been working with Tarot and magic since my early teens. I’ve rarely come across such a beautifully, thoughtfully created tool such as this.

It’s obvious a lot of love and work went into creating this guide that seamlessly mixes Tarot and spell work while also adding interesting monthly information.

I definitely recommend this for anyone new or experienced in oracle work and magic.


Just like everything Alicia does this pdf is so beautiful AMD practical. I can’t wait to try these out and whilst I wait it’s very nice to see Alicia’s embroidered butterflies scattered throughout the pdf. More people NEED to know about this

Really interesting concept

I never thought of including tarot cards in my spell work but I am so excited to use this. The tarot spells work by using the archetypes of tarot to utilise that same part of us within us (for example patience in the hanged man etc) I haven’t used yet but it’s been really fun to read the spells for each month and get excited. I’m going to start mine on the January new moon


I never leave reviews but I’m floored by this pdf and I just had to. For starters It’s huge. Each month has 3-4 pages and the spells are easy and use simple ingredients. I’ve already done December’s and I really needed this. It’s also beautiful, I can tell a lot of love went into creating this

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