Is the embroidery real?

The embroidery was stitched by me (Alicia) and then photographed. The actual cards are pictures of embroidery. Real embroidery as cards wouldn’t work as the threads would snag and would be impossible to shuffle.

Is your tarot based on rider Waite smith?


What’s the difference between Tarot and Oracle?

Tarot tends to feature the same cards and have similar depictions and a set system of 22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana (suit cards). Oracle cards are completely free of any set system and each deck has its own theme, system and purpose.

Is this deck (tarot and oracle) safe for beginners?

Yes. All our decks come with easy to follow guidebooks and we also create additional online content to support our readers with their decks.

How do I start using tarot?

Calm your mind, shuffle your cards however you like to, pull a card and sit with it. Journal the emotions, thoughts and memories that come up. Then reach for the guidebook and read what this card means. The best way to learn tarot is to play each day without pressure. The more you use the deck the more you’ll pick up the meanings.

Does it come with a guidebook?

Yes. The tarot deck comes with a soft back guidebook which fits into the box. The oracle deck comes with a hardback book which gives thorough detail about using the oracle deck in different ways, to communicate with spirits, as a mental wellness aid and as a regular oracle deck.

What are the cards made of?

Premium 350g card stock with a semi matte lamination.

Do you offer wholesale?

No, we don’t offer wholesale.

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