Tarot is a wonderful tool for introspection and when used correctly can provide insight and guidance for all manner of queries. However as with any tool if misused it has the potential to cause harm.

Below we have listed some common ways tarot could be misused so you can make sure your tarot practice always serves you best.

Medical Queries In Tarot

The most common pitfall by far is misusing tarot to provide medical guidance. Tarot is not a suitable tool for delivering this type of information and should never be used in place of medical advice from licensed professionals.

Mental Health In Tarot

Tarot can serve as a supplementation to mental wellness due to its ability to provide insight to our internal world. However tarot should never be used in place of advice from mental health professionals.

Legal Or Expert Advice In Tarot

Tarot should not be used to guide on legal advice. Licensed experts should be sought for the specifics of this information.

Physical Safety In Tarot

Tarot should never be used to consult on matters where a person’s safety could be at risk. In these times the relevant protective services should be contacted.

Predicting Future And Fear In Tarot

Though tarot has the reputation of being a tool to predict the future this method comes with some pitfalls. When predicting our future with tarot we should take care that it doesn’t remove our agency: receiving good news can leave the reader feeling worried this may change and receiving bad news can cause fear and anticipation.

Therefore we should always aim to make our tarot readings empowering. When using any method that looks to the future we must remember that we have the control to make choices and we are seeing the results of these choices in the cards and the future is open to change.

Privacy And Boundaries In Tarot

When we first receive a tarot deck it is natural to want to ask many questions about our friends and loved ones. However we should stop and consider the privacy and boundaries we might be abusing when we do this.

It is best to only pull cards for and about people if we have their permission.

Over-Reliance On Tarot

Another pitfall tarot readers could fall into is using tarot too much or being overly-reliant on the guidance provided by tarot.

Tarot when used correctly allows the reader to access their own internal guidance but when used incorrectly can become a crutch for readers.

Reading Cards Too Literally

When readers first learn tarot it can be very easy to reach for the most basic and literal readings. However this is often useless at best and dangerous at worst. Take for example the Death card.

If this is taken literally it wrongly predicts a death of someone which could lead to fear and anxiety. There is a lot of nuance with tarot and a more accurate interpretation or this card is that there is something the reader must grieve and move on from like ending a bad habit for example.

Tarot’s Unclear History

Tarot’s history in general is flawed and incomplete. This is because though various Cartomancy practices have existed for hundreds of years a lot of these techniques were only taught and passed down verbally.

Another reason we do not have a lot of information is due to organized religions destroying knowledge and persecuting those who practiced these skills. So where we site sources it is crucial to remember these are from the first person who wrote this information down but they are rarely the creators of these techniques.