About me

Hi I’m Alicia and I’m an embroidery artist and witch from a small town in Devon, U.K. I am inspired by nature and witchcraft.

Slowing down to notice and embroider these things were a big part of my recovery from depression and anxiety. I love to use tarot to calm and soothe and creating decks to help others do the same, is my no.1 passion in life.

The making of the deck

Making the tarot deck was such an exciting journey. I wanted to learn how to embroider and deepen my tarot knowledge. These projects competed for my time, until I realised I could do both: embroider each design and also study the card.

At the beginning of this journey I was in a bad place, depressed and anxious but having a focus gave me strength. The project had caught the interest of many. We successfully crowd funded the project together and now the deck is a real thing bringing joy to so many people.

The Tarot Deck

The Embroidered Forest Tarot Deck 2.0

The Oracle Deck

*Preorder* The Embroidered Graveyard Oracle Deck