Ace of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning - Upright, Reversed & More

Ace of Pentacles upright

Ace of Pentacles At A Glance

Keywords: Financial opportunity, caring for body, self development, beginning healing journey, recovery, acceptance
Season: Autumn
Element: Earth (the physical, our bodies, health, resources like money, time and energy)

Ace of Pentacles Tarot Card Description

The Ace of Pentacles is a minor arcana card and the first in the suit of Pentacles. The Rider Waite Smith system of tarot is the original deck that most modern tarot decks are based from.

The traditional imagery for the Ace of Pentacles features a hand of God (a hand revealed from clouds in the sky) holding out a giant pentacle.

A pentacle is a golden coin with the markings of a pentagram stamped into it. The five pointed star of the pentagram symbolizes the four elements and the circle around the star represents the fifth element of Ether or Spirit.

The suit of Pentacles represents the physical world around us, the elements and all the things around us that have evolved from them. As with all of the aces in tarot it is an announcement that a new opportunity is on the way.

Specific to the suit of Pentacles in this case it means the opportunity could be money, wealth, or health related.

Ace of Pentacles Upright Meaning

When upright the Ace of Pentacles is a positive sign that we are about to receive abundance of some sort. The most common connection made with the suit of Pentacles is money and material goods but truly Pentacles symbolize so much more.

They represent anything in this world that is needed for the care of our bodies. This can mean food, a safe secure home, heating/water utilities, physical health services we utilize and even clean clothes.

As well as abstract concepts that we use like our time, energy and general mental wellness. Anything vital to our survival is encompassed within the suit of Pentacles.

Because of this many of the cards in the Pentacles suit can be difficult to generalize as their meanings and advice can change vastly depending on the nature of the question.

For example a love question could be interpreted as receiving emotional support or healing, or a career question may be answered as needing more time to study a new skill. 

“The simplest things are overlooked. And yet, it is the simplest things that are the most essential.” - Thomas Lloyd Qualls

Ace of Pentacles Reversed Meaning

Ace of Pentacles reversed

When the artwork of the Ace of Pentacles is upside down when presented to us its reverse aspects are implied. As when upright it carries a vast variety of meanings and hints at multiple different resources so it too can be difficult to summarize.

However unlike its upright counterpart the Ace of Pentacles reversed is mostly understood to mean a lack or delay of resources needed for our survival. For example this can look like not receiving emotional support or forced time off work and a reduction to our pay.

The Ace of Pentacles reversed forewarns us of this impending lack not to invoke fear from us but so we can better prepare and adapt when the time comes.

“It is not the man who has too little, but the man who craves more, that is poor.” - Seneca

Ace of Pentacles: Yes or No

The Ace of Pentacles is generally a yes card whether upright or reversed. It says that we have more than enough resources if we combine these with some hard work of our own we can accomplish anything.

If reversed it could still be a yes but it does warn that resources may not be quite as abundant as expected and so we should be prepared to invest even more of our time and effort into the opportunity if we choose to accept.

Let’s Break Down the Ace of Pentacles In Our Lives

How the Ace of Pentacles card advises us in more detail in regards to specific areas of our lives.

Ace of Pentacles In Love

The Ace of Pentacles in a love reading can be a nudge from the universe that now would be a good time to tackle our emotional health and healing with the help and support of a partner or loved one.

We must reach out and trust that we will find the love and support that we seek.

Reversed the Ace of Pentacles gives a forewarning that our emotional or mental health may be negatively affected by someone close to us.

It is natural to worry about others when they are struggling but at this time we need to be supportive of our loved ones whilst also remembering to take care of ourselves.

Ace of Pentacles With Money

Receiving the Ace of Pentacles in a financial reading is a positive sign that an exciting new business venture or financial opportunity is coming to us soon.

We must prepare as best as we can and stay alert so we do not miss this opportunity when presented to us. Opportunities can come in many forms other than just money so we should take each opportunity and consider it fully.

Reversed the Ace of Pentacles says there is likely a lack of financial opportunities or other forms of abundance in this line of questioning. If we were to go ahead down this path we could find it incredibly difficult.

Sometimes it is still worth it in the long run so we must be sure we understand the situation very clearly before going any further.

Ace of Pentacles At Work

The Ace of Pentacles is a wonderful card to receive in career readings. It suggests we may be rewarded with a pay rise, paid time off or perhaps better working resources.

This reward can come in many forms other than money but however it manifests for us it will be one that improves our life greatly.

Reversed the Ace of Pentacles suggests our resources may be negatively affected soon. This could look like a pay cut, unpaid overtime, longer commute creating a lose of our free-time or even unforeseen damage to our working resources and materials.

For example we may need to suddenly take time off work and should arrange our resources to adapt. The situation is temporary and we will recover because we were prepared.

Ace of Pentacles With Others

The Ace of Pentacles in regards to questions about others suggests there could be an opportunity to work in some capacity with loved ones. This could be a financially rewarding venture or could it be centered around volunteering that is good for our mental health.

There are more rewards available to us than just money. In the cast of non-financially rewarding ventures we could receive the chance to both deepen our relationships and spend quality time with the people we care about.

Reversed the Ace of Pentacles means we are temporarily unable to socialize with loved ones due to work or other mandatory commitments. The Ace of Pentacles asks us to be clever and find small pockets of time that often go wasted: we could call friends on our commute or meet loved ones for working brunches.

Being inventive with the use of our time and other resources can free up our schedule in small and easy ways.

Ace of Pentacles With Self

The Ace of Pentacles in answer to internal questions guides us to give ourselves permission to start over on a personal project or goal. This could be financial, health, home or skill related.

The advice is that we may have tried before but there could be a new way that fits into our lives better and makes achieving our personal goals more likely.

Reversed the Ace of Pentacles can signify that we have recently been denying ourselves small luxuries or little treats due to a fear of scarcity. We have plenty of resources available and yet have been forgoing everything except the essentials.

We can ease these fears by developing an attitude of abundance. Learning ways to save resources is vital but another skill that is often forgotten by many is to learn how to spend our resources most effectively for our happiness.

Ace of Pentacles As Feelings

The Ace of Pentacles feels like an exciting new opportunity that will benefit our lives on many different levels.

It could be money, time or health based and comes at exactly the right time.