Ace of Swords Tarot Card Meaning - Upright, Reversed & More

Ace of Swords upright

Ace of Swords At A Glance

Keywords: Victory, new ideas, opportunity, winning a conflict, inspiration, break through, focus, miscommunication, arguments, confusion
Season: Spring
Element: Air (thoughts, ideas and communication)

Ace of Swords Tarot Card Description

The Ace of Swords is the first card within the minor arcana suit of Swords within tarot. In the original art work of this card we see a hand of God (a hand materializing out of clouds) holding a double-edged Sword. The hand of God is featured in a lot of tarot cards and symbolizes fate handing us an opportunity or sometimes divine intervention presenting us with a choice. The sword in tarot represents the element of air, which in turn signifies the mind, intellect and communication.

Being double-edged the sword suggests defense vs offense: one one edge we may have to resort to fighting occasionally but its other edge represents intellect. This means using brute strength only as a last resort and instead exercising any and all other means that are available to us. On top of the Sword rests a golden crown and surrounding the whole thing is a wreath.

These are both very clear symbols of wealth and victory. Crowns signify kings, royalty and abundance. The wreath comes from the laurel which were the awards issued to olympians and worn by the Greek gods.

Altogether this card describes the reader being handed an opportunity to be inspired with a new idea or use their intellect to emerge victorious in matters that require communication, for example acing a job interview or a public speaking event or debate.

Ace of Swords Upright Meaning

To receive this card in a tarot reading is a very positive sign as its most common meaning is victory and strength. All of the swords within tarot are double-edged and this is to signify how in traditional sword fights we may push through and achieve our victory with strength and brute force or we could use cunning and intellect.

But often both of these polarities are needed in unison to parry and beat an opponent. The Ace of Swords warns us that weapons used to defend ourselves could also be turned upon us so we must respect the weapon (in this case the opportunity that we are being given) and treat it with care. We are only entitled to try our hand at the opportunity, we are not automatically entitled to win. The best competitor wins and it is this that we must respect.

“Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose.” - Lyndon B. Johnson

Ace of Swords Reversed Meaning

Ace of Swords reversed

Unfortunately when reversed the message of The Ace of Swords is very different. Where as we ‘win the battle’ in the upright meaning here (you guessed it) we lose. Whether this is missing out on an opportunity or trying our hardest but failing the outcome is the same: someone else takes the victory and we are left with nothing for our efforts.

Except we are never truly left with nothing, one silver lining we can take is that we have had the experience and we know better. The Ace of Swords comforts us that there will be more opportunities to come in the future. Therefore we can forgive ourselves and see this as a practice round and that now we will be better prepared for next time.

“No one has ever become truly great by making others feel small.” - Unknown

Ace of Swords: Yes or No

The Ace of Swords when upright is a very definite yes card as it discusses themes of strength and wit leading to assured victory. However when reversed it is a no. Because its reversed themes are centered around losing and needing to prepare more.

Let’s Break Down the Ace of Swords In Our Lives

How the Ace of Swords meaning changes when it refers to different parts of our lives.

Ace of Swords In Love

This card in a love reading is a very good sign. It can suggest we are attracted to people who exert power and charisma. They have a strong intellect and communicating with them is thrilling. It can also suggest we have these attributes within us and others have noticed which is making them increasingly attracted to us. It may be asking us to lean on these qualities at this time.

Reversed we’re feeling tongue-tied, awkward and hyper aware of every action and word we take/say. This card says in matters of love we are in our heads too much and this is spoiling the moment. We need to relax and focus on experiencing the date/conversation not over-analyzing it.

Ace of Swords With Money

At this time we are being asked to think more practically about money and try to detach our emotions before we make a financial decision. We have a great opportunity on the horizon and if we think logically we can be very successful and extract the full potential from the opportunity in question.

Reversed it is likely we have made a mistake somewhere, calculating finances or otherwise counting the numbers. This card is a nudge from the universe to double check our working and if we’re unsure to consider hiring an accountant or expert in the relevant field. Paying them can mean we save ourselves from a costly mistake in the future.

Ace of Swords At Work

When we receive this card regarding a query about our careers it is suggesting we utilize the attributes of this card in our working day. Bold, confident, quick thinking and practical is how the Ace of Swords guides us to be at this time.

Reversed we may be experiencing brain fog or confusion resulting in an inability to communicate effectively in the workplace. This can happen for all sorts of reasons including stress, lack of sleep, health matters and more. We shouldn’t feel shame or embarrassment here but instead inform our superiors and work with them to find a temporary fix whilst we work on a long term solution.

Ace of Swords With Others

The Ace of Swords art depicts winning a sword fight, and a fight requires 2 people. We are being asked what part we have played to get us to this place where we now face conflict. Though we probably aren’t going to be having sword fights with people we most likely will face conflict at some point in our lives. By accepting our part in it we may be able to avoid unnecessary conflict and resolve the situation with communication instead.

Reversed we are feeling outdone or outshone by someone else’s victories and achievements. We must confront the feelings of envy and jealousy we harbor because these feelings can give us wisdom. We are able to see what we want when we see others with it. However we must make sure not to try and put down others and instead be inspired to rise with them.

Ace of Swords With Self

We have achieved something of great personal importance. This could be feeling more confident by overcoming insecurities or finding techniques which help us succeed in life. We need to create a personal ceremony which celebrates achievement and do this every time we hit a milestone because it is important that we make the times we succeed more memorable to us so in the future we know we can succeed again.

Reversed it can suggest we have had our confidence knocked and we feel low because of it. It is important to remember nothing is never over until we decide to give up. This card is a cheerleader in our corner cheering us on and telling us to get back up and try again.

Ace of Swords As Feelings

The Ace of Swords Feels like bravery and exhilarating confidence that leads to the guaranteed success of us achieving our desired outcome.