Eight of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning - Upright, Reversed & More

Eight of Pentacles upright

Eight of Pentacles At A Glance

Keywords: Mastery of skills, talent, excellence, craftsmanship, pride in work, commitment, accomplishment, lack of quality, mediocrity, low skill level
Season: Autumn
Element: Earth (the physical, our bodies, health, resources like money, time and energy)

Eight of Pentacles Tarot Card Description

The Eight of Pentacles is the eighth card in the suit of Pentacles within the Rider Waite Smith (RWS) system of tarot. The RWS is the original deck which modern modern decks take their inspiration from.

In the traditional imagery for the Eight of Pentacles we see a blacksmith carving the protective sign of the pentagram into a coin to create a pentacle. In tarot Pentacles represent money, wealth and abundance.

Beside the man rests one last pentacle waiting to be worked on but the majority of the pentacles are displayed proudly in a line next to him.

He works diligently and we can see he has a strong sense of pride in the mastery of his skills. The Eight of Pentacles is about hard work which is similar to the Seven of Pentacles, however in this card we are seeing not only hard work but a complete mastery of a craft or particular skill after years of honing it to perfection.

The Eight of Pentacles is the final result of all our hard work whereas the Seven of Pentacles is just a glimpse of it.

Eight of Pentacles Upright Meaning

When we receive the Eight of Pentacles upright it is a very positive omen. It suggests that we have or are soon to be incredibly successful in an area of life we have been working hard at.

Often this is financial because the suit of Pentacles is most commonly associated with money and abundance but in reality they represent anything that is vital to the care and survival of our bodies, of which money is just one component.

The Eight of Pentacles reminds us that we are more than capable of the goals we have set ourselves and that if we work hard to chip away at it the rewards will come in time. We must believe in our abilities and be eager to learn more.

The imagery shows us the blacksmith has carved the majority of the pentacles but one still waits. This shows us that we are never truly finished mastering a skill and that there is always more to learn or do. If we have been feeling bored recently we should consider going deeper into our skillset or hobby not broader.

“When what we have mastered becomes mundane, we feel pain. The antidote is pursuit.” - Kelsey Ramsden

Eight of Pentacles Reversed Meaning

Eight of Pentacles reversed

When reversed unfortunately the Eight of Pentacles is not so positive. It nudges us to admit that perhaps we haven’t been working as hard as we could be and that we need to toughen up and get to work.

It can suggest that we have rushed our jobs or finished them to a low standard that we are not proud of. The Eight of Pentacles when reversed may also indicate that we do not currently have the skillset needed to fulfill this task or goal and we need to spend time building these skills before we attempt the work.

As Pentacles represent all material good the Eight of Pentacles reversed could also forewarn of broken or poor quality resources, for example like our car breaking down or faulty home alliances.

Finally it could represent a lack of opportunities for example a dead end job or a fruitless task.

“Mastery is not a function of genius or talent. It is a function of time and intense focus applied to a particular field of knowledge.” - Robert Greene

Eight of Pentacles: Yes or No

The Eight of Pentacles is a yes card when upright. It guides us to keep going and not worry about the big picture.

However when reversed the Eight of Pentacles is a no card. It warns us that this undertaking is currently too challenging for us and we would be unlikely to succeed. We must hone our skills before we say yes.

Let’s Break Down the Eight of Pentacles In Our Lives

How the Eight of Pentacles applies to different areas of our lives and how it guides us.

Eight of Pentacles In Love

Receiving the Eight of Pentacles in love readings is a sign we are very close to achieving a new relationship goal. If we are single then this could be making the relationship official, if the reader is already in a relationship this could mean the next milestone along their shared journey.

The emphasis is on the couple working as a team and prospering emotionally because of the support they find within each other.

Reversed the Eight of Pentacles can signify we have been neglecting our relationships. This could be our platonic ones and our romantic ones. This card reminds us we must not allow work to come between us and what is really important.

Eight of Pentacles With Money

The Eight of Pentacles in money readings represents financial independence or a stabilizing of our funds. It could also suggest large rewards for our hard work and skills.

Reversed the Eight of Pentacles suggests we are overspending or being careless with our money. It also implies there was enough money but we have used it poorly and wasted it or wasted other vital resources.

Eight of Pentacles At Work

The Eight of Pentacles foretells of an impending promotion or other rewards coming to us due to our exceptional skillset being recognized. This could be a financial pay rise, paid time-off or other reward. The Eight of Pentacles can also represent University or other places to study and learn.

Reversed the Eight of Pentacles warns of low quality work. We have little-to-no motivation and are bored at work. It can also suggest failing University or the need to re-sit exams due to a lack of preparation.

The 8 of Pentacles can also represent retirement and moving on to the next part of our lives after dedicating years to our careers.

Eight of Pentacles With Others

The Eight of Pentacles in social readings suggests learning new skills from/with friends and loved ones. This may look like attending a course together or a more informal sitting where each person bonds whilst learning something new.

It could also mean a friend that we met at or associate with a learning environment, for example if we have a friend or loved one who is a teacher.

Reversed the Eight of Pentacles suggests we could be breaking promises that we made to others. Perhaps letting others down. Sometimes this is avoidable but we should take care that this is not done recklessly as it could hurt others.

Eight of Pentacles With Self

The Eight of Pentacles in introspective readings is an invitation to invest in ourselves. Whether this is by learning a new skill or practicing a hobby we love we are reminded that time spent on something we enjoy is never time wasted.

Reversed the Eight of Pentacles urges us to try something new despite the fear of failing we may have. Everyone is a novice on day one of learning a new skill.

In time we will master it but for now we should focus on finding joy in the process and not the end result.

Eight of Pentacles As Feelings

The Eight of Pentacles feels like accomplishment and pure joy when we achieve our ultimate goal after pushing ourselves for years.