King of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning - Upright, Reversed & More

King of Pentacles upright

King of Pentacles At A Glance

Keywords: Prosperity, authoritative figure, provider, ambitious, protector, reliable, mental strength, materialistic, greed, wasteful, possessive, gambler
Season: Autumn
Element: Earth (the physical, our bodies, health, resources like money, time and energy)

King of Pentacles Tarot Card Description

The King of Pentacles is a court card in the suit of Pentacles with tarot. It is one of the 56 minor arcana cards in the Rider Waite Smith system of tarot. The artwork for the King of Pentacles card shows an explosion of color and material goods surrounding an affluent king.

He sits on a golden throne carved with bull heads which symbolize physical strength and power. His clothing is decadent and embroidered with grapevines which are a symbol of abundance from hard work. He holds a gold septa in one hand and a pentacle in the other.

He calmly rests gazing out at his luscious and ripe lands. Yet under his embroidered clothing peaks armor just visible by one exposed leg. Despite the king’s wealth and comfort he has not forgotten his duties are first and foremost to protect his subjects and kingdom and is prepared to fight at all times.

King of Pentacles Upright Meaning

Receiving the King of Pentacles is a very good sign for a tarot reader, especially if they have asked the cards a financial question. The King of Pentacles advises us to be sensible with our money and resources and not waste our precious commodities.

Good financial habits like budgeting and saving can make our resources stretch further and expound over time. The point is not to always earn or seek more but to first protect what we already have.

His advice extends to more than just our money because Pentacles in tarot represent anything vital to our survival so this can mean other resources like our time, energy and health. By cultivating a life that preserves these we are able to spend more of our money and time on the things that bring us joy.

The King of Pentacles like all court cards in tarot can represent our loved ones and real people in our lives. The King of Pentacles represents someone who is dedicated to their work, they may be a protector or work closely with finances and they are well-respected in the community.

The King of Pentacles could also point to these attributes within ourselves and suggest using these to help remedy our situation.

“Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.” - Vince Lombardi

King of Pentacles Reversed Meaning

King of Pentacles reversed

When reversed the King of Pentacles has quite a different meaning from its upright counter-part. It suggests greed, materialism and a wasteful attitude towards our resources.

As a court card it may represent someone selfish or who takes more than they contribute. They may abuse the power they possess or be prone to jealous behavior.

The King of Pentacles reversed can also be highlighting these attributes within us as no one is perfect and we all feel negative emotions from time to time. However the advice from the King of Pentacles Reversed is to never act on these feelings.

It suggests we should take time to ease our emotions and try to act from a place of good intent and be kind to the people we share the world with.

“The smallest deed is better than the greatest intention.” - John Burroughs

King of Pentacles: Yes or No

The King of Pentacles when upright is a yes card. It says we are capable and ready for this opportunity.

When reversed the King of Pentacles is a no card because it says we or others don’t have the right attitude or intentions at this time and saying yes would cost us greatly.

Let’s Break Down the King of Pentacles In Our Lives

How the King of Pentacles answers questions through different sections of our lives.

King of Pentacles In Love

In a love reading the King of Pentacles represents a generous and sensual partner. For single people it can suggest a new relationship has the potential to become serious.

For those in a relationship it suggests better financial security can be achieved by combining resources as a couple.

Reversed the King of Pentacles can represent a controlling or jealous person. This can be platonic or romantic and regardless of relationship status we should put distance between ourselves and this person.

King of Pentacles With Money

The King of Pentacles in financial readings is a very positive card to receive. It foretells of passing an important financial milestone or profiting from an investment. It can also suggest that if times are good we could indulge a little.

Reversed the King of Pentacles highlights over-indulging or losing touch with the value of work and money. Earning more can cause us to spend more and we are being asked to reduce any frivolous or wasteful spending.

King of Pentacles At Work

The King of Pentacles in answer to career questions suggests the arrival of an encouraging mentor. Their advice if implemented will further develop our success. It can also represent receiving a good recommendation or referral that helps us along our career path.

Reversed the King of Pentacles means we could be laboring under a poor reputation. This may mean we should rebrand and address the cause. It also could mean a small failure at work or needing to take a step back and devise a better plan.

King of Pentacles With Others

When we ask questions about the world in general and receive the King of Pentacles it suggests we consult a mentor specific to our situation. We must find someone who can help us reach the next phase to expand our lives.

Reversed the King of Pentacles. Forewarns of being discouraged by the views or opinions of others. It can also signify a bad review or unhelpful criticism that only brings us down without being constructive.

King of Pentacles With Self

The King of Pentacles in introspective readings asks us to review the big picture of our lives. When we do this we may be able to see parts that are not working and can build habits and boundaries that support all areas of our life cohesively.

Reversed the King of Pentacles suggests we are overly focusing on one part of our lives or that one area is demanding much more from us than we can truly give.

It may also suggest our negative thinking could be out of proportion to the situation at hand.

King of Pentacles As Feelings

The King of Pentacles feels like financial freedom and security. Resting well at night and knowing we are working in alignment with our true purpose.

It is the joy of earning money by doing what we love most.