Knight of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning - Upright, Reversed & More

Knight of Pentacles upright

Knight of Pentacles At A Glance

Keywords: Patient, deliberate, practical, reliable, hard-working, committed, workaholic, lazy, irresponsible, unmotivated
Season: Autumn
Element: Earth (the physical, our bodies, health, resources like money, time and energy)

Knight of Pentacles Tarot Card Description

The Knight of Pentacles is a court card in the suit of Pentacles within tarot. It is a minor arcana card within the Rider Waite Smith or RWS system of tarot. The original art of the Knight of Pentacles reveals a knight sitting on a black horse gazing out at freshly ploughed fields.

Unlike the other knights in tarot he does not race, gallop or leap into action but waits in perfect stillness. The hard work of tending the fields done he patiently holds a single pentacle, reaping his reward.

Historically knights fought for the King’s and Queen’s so knights within tarot represent the actions we must take to manifest our goals, our job roles and other responsibilities we must do.

With Pentacles being the suit of abundance, money and hard work we can see that through his status in society and his body language the Knight of Pentacles represents working diligently and determinedly towards our ultimate goals.

Knight of Pentacles Upright Meaning

When we receive the Knight of Pentacles in a tarot reading it can have a vast variety of meanings for the reader. This is because Pentacles in tarot represent anything vital to our survival from money, shelter and food to intangible resources like our time, energy and health.

Add to this that the Knight of Pentacles is a court card so it also has a special feature. All tarot cards point to actions we could take and attributes we have within us however the court cards in tarot (Pages, Knights, Queens and Kings of each suit) can also represent real people in our lives.

In the case of the Knight of Pentacles it represents someone who is quiet, grounded, hardworking and diligent in their mannerisms. Someone who doesn’t speak a lot but when they do gives sage advice though they generally prefer to speak with their actions instead of words.

However the Knight of Pentacles could also be suggesting that we find these traits within us and embody them to solve our situation or issue.

“Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.” - Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Knight of Pentacles Reversed Meaning

Knight of Pentacles reversed

When the artwork on the Knight of Pentacles appears upside down in a reading the card is reversed and a new meaning applies. Reversed the Knight of Pentacles symbolizes a lack of patience or implies poor planning on our part.

As a court card the Knight of Pentacles can represent real people in our lives and when reversed it points to someone who is unmotivated and know to be a drifter in life. They may flit from job to job and feel like they lack a purpose.

They may be unreliable or unable to commit to anything long term. However the Knight of Pentacles reversed can also suggest we have these attributes within us and that accepting and working on them could help us solve our query.

“Hard work is just work, you just do it and then it’s gone.” - Unknown

Knight of Pentacles: Yes or No

The Knight of Pentacles is a yes card. In any orientation whether upright or reversed it suggests that though this may be a large task or undertaking if we break it down into manageable steps and tackle them a little at a time we can complete this and reap the rewards that are promised when we say yes.

Let’s Break Down the Knight of Pentacles In Our Lives

How the Knight of Pentacles’ meanings can change when answering different questions about specific areas of our lives.

Knight of Pentacles In Love

Receiving the Knight of Pentacles in a love reading if we are single can suggest we could soon meet a loyal, supportive and grounding person. We should be alert for when they enter our lives and take care not to judge or disregard them as a potential love interest too quickly.

If we are in a relationship the Knight of Pentacles suggests we turn to our partners for support at this time.

Reversed the Knight of Pentacles represents either our partners or ourselves being much too stubborn. We must try to find a way to compromise with the other person or the situation at hand.

Knight of Pentacles With Money

The Knight of Pentacles in money questions guides us to prioritize slow and steady financial growth over big risks with big rewards. Now is not the time to gamble with our luck but instead to dedicate our energy to a tried and true plan.

Though in the short term this may not herald the largest results it will lead to more stable outcomes that in time far surpass the high risk/high reward method and are much safer.

Reversed the Knight of Pentacles suggests we be as frugal as realistically possible at this time. We may not know exactly why we need to save money but in the future we will be very glad we did.

The Knight of Pentacles asks us to work on making this a habit that comes naturally to us.

Knight of Pentacles At Work

The Knight of Pentacles answers career queries by suggesting we adopt a focused and single-minded determination to complete our tasks. Sometimes there is no hack or smarter vs harder tactic we can utilize.

We simply need to do the hard work.

Reversed the Knight of Pentacles warns that we are overworking to the point of burnout. Work can be grounding and give us a focus but we must take care not to lose ourselves completely in it and forget to live our lives.

Knight of Pentacles With Others

In social questions the Knight of Pentacles suggests seeking old friends and rekindling past relationships that made us feel grounded and supported.

Reversed the Knight of Pentacles says we may be avoiding people or difficult situations by procrastinating with our work. It can also symbolize someone in our lives that may be a distraction or bad influence on us.

Knight of Pentacles With Self

When we ask introspective questions about ourselves and receive the Knight of Pentacles it expresses a need to be patient with ourselves and slow down.

We are always trying to do more and get squeeze more time from our routines but the easiest way to find extra time may be to eradicate unnecessary tasks and slow down. Being mindful and present can give us the calm we are seeking much more than rushing and stressing would.

Reversed the Knight of Pentacles suggests we have either unrealistically big goals or no goals at all. Either one can lead to anxiety and erratic behavior.

The Knight of Pentacles reversed advises us to find balance in our actions and work towards our goals slowly and deliberately.

Knight of Pentacles As Feelings

The Knight of Pentacles feels like pride when we tick off a task on our to-do list.

It also feels like the sense of achievement when we finally complete a long term goal and see the rewards come to us.