Knight of Wands Tarot Card Meaning - Upright, Reversed & More

Knight of Wands upright

Knight of Wands At A Glance

Keywords: Action, will power, force, brute strength, fighting for our believes, strong self of self, fortitude, lack of belief, losing faith, failing to act, frozen in fear
Season: Summer
Element: Fire (creativity, passion and will power)

Knight of Wands Tarot Card Description

The Knight of Wands is a court card within the suit of wands from the Rider Waite Smith system of tarot which most modern decks are based on. In the traditional imagery we can see the Knight of Wands is truly a knight.

Riding on his brown horse in full armor wielding a wand as a club. He wears a cloth tunic over his armor featuring a salamander print. The salamander is a symbol of transformation and belongs to the element of fire.

It can be seen in many of the court cards within the suit of wands.

This is because the wands element is also fire and also the suit of transformation, creativity and passion. The way the knight rides into battle and his body language express his direct and powerful nature.

He is a fighter and willing to use his willpower and energy to manifest what he believes in.

Knight of Wands Upright Meaning

The Knight of Wands is a very powerful and enigmatic card to receive in a reading. The court cards in each tarot suit have a special feature: they can symbolize real people in our lives who share the particular attributes expressed in the card.

However the court cards also represent the matching attributes that we have within us, in the same way that all of the other tarot cards do. The Knight of Wands is a continuation of events from the card that precedes it: the Page of Wands.

In the Page of Wands we are cultivating our inspiration and creativity and making an action plan. In the Knight of Wands we physically act on those plans. This is a card focused purely on acting with determination and focus.

The knight in the art has his face forward and eyes locked on an unseen target. He is single minded in his ventures with his lifestyle optimized for achieving his goals. This is his message and the advice he offers when we receive this tarot card.

“Courage is the most important of all the virtues because without courage, you can't practice any other virtue consistently.” - Maya Angelou

Knight of Wands Reversed Meaning

Knight of Wands reversed

When the Knight of Wands is reversed (the artwork is upside down when revealed) it still evokes themes of willpower and determined action but unfortunately the negative side effects of these attributes.

It is possible to become too determined on a goal and lose ourselves to it. We run the risk of forgetting other crucial areas of our lives and neglecting others. Another meaning the Knight of Wands reversed holds is an inability to act.

We may be procrastinating and feel trapped unable to break ourselves out of this mind frame.

We sometimes lose sight of our goals and in life it is not always necessary or healthy to constantly be pursuing what we do not yet have. In this way the Knight of Wands reversed is not all bad news.

Sometimes it is an appropriate response to slow down and revisit our original plans. As life changes our plans might not serve as they once did and pursuing them may be a waste of time or even harmful to our mental wellness.

Our fast-paced world often makes us forget that parts of our lives may exist for us to slow down and simply feel content with what we have instead of constantly pushing.

“Contentment is the only real wealth.” - Alfred Nobel

Knight of Wands: Yes or No

The Knight of Wands is a yes card. It suggests we have plenty of energy and will power and that we are absolutely capable of achieving what we desire.

If reversed the Knight of Wands reminds us to check that this truly is what we want before accepting. For this reason when reversed the Knight of Wands can be a no card.

Let’s Break Down the Knight of Wands In Our Lives

How the Knight of Wands’ message changes as it refers to specific areas of our lives.

Knight of Wands In Love

A relationship may be speeding up and meeting new milestones. We may experience public declarations of love and formal partnerships like marriages and official partnerships.

For single people the Knight of Wands can symbolizes a literal person with fiery and passionate attributes coming into our life.This person is someone who holds strong beliefs and fights for them.

They are full of exciting energy and we are captivated when in their presence.

Reversed the Knight of Wands suggests someone coming on too strongly which may be turning away potential lovers. It could mean one person within the relationship needing to ease off a little and refocusing on their own life goals.

For couples the Knight of Wands reversed can imply unmatched energy levels and differing expectations for the relationship.

Knight of Wands With Money

The pushing and striving part of a financial venture begins when we see the Knight of Wands in response to money questions. An idea becoming a reality is a delicate thing at first.

It is the hardest part to work through so it is important to keep moving forward to maintain momentum. Even if this movement is slow, slow progress is still valid progress.

Reversed the Knight of Wands speaks of being thwarted in business or finances by unseen measures. There is an inability to progress through no fault of our own and we must think creatively to remove this blockage and continue our progress.

Knight of Wands At Work

The Knight of Wands in career questions denotes that we are or will soon be finding the work and tasks we undertake in our jobs more enjoyable.

We will feel a sense of satisfaction and achievement and this allows us to continue to work hard at an efficient pace. We are almost able to see the impending results and very determined to see this through.

Reversed the Knight of Wands suggests that for a short period of time we will feel creatively stifled and we may lose passion for our career.

This could be due to feeling apathetic towards the daily tasks needed to accomplish the role as a whole and losing the big picture within the little details.

We must remember the little tasks though important are not all of the work and should seek new ways of completing these in a more efficient way to save time for the big picture tasks and the making of future plans we have for our careers.

Knight of Wands With Others

The Knight of Wands in response to social questions can imply a rowdy and exciting event with many people involved. This could be a large scale and high emotion event like an important sporting match, or it could be feeling team pride and wanting to rise to a leader position within the social setting

It generally means many people socializing together at once and the massive amount of energy and camaraderie this creates within us.

Reversed the Knight of Wands discusses the desire to socialize but in less intense settings. We are seeking gentle and quiet companionship with others who are similarly inclined.

We may have a lower tolerance to stress than usual and are wishing to soothe our senses with social events that are relaxing and rejuvenating in nature. It can also signify a smaller crowd of only a few people in number.

Knight of Wands With Self

When we ask introspective questions that focus on our internal thoughts the Knight of Wands asks us to implement goal-achieving actions into our lifestyle.

We could seek manageable ways to work on our goals that fit into our schedule. In this way we make time and space available for what we value most at a pace that is realistic and sustainable for us.

Reversed the Knight of Wands suggests that soon we may experience procrastination or a sudden lack of action. We are feeling unable to work on our goals but the reason is not an external blockage but rather an internal issue we are having.

This could be fear or insecurity and we must prioritize healing these before we try to progress further on our goals because ignoring them will only create future blocks.

Knight of Wands As Feelings

The Knight of Wands feels like having the perfect idea and knowing exactly how to manifest it. We work hard and quickly.

This leads to feeling sheer joy and pride when we see the idea exist in the world.