Nine of Cups Tarot Card Meaning - Upright, Reversed & More

Nine of Cups upright

Nine of Cups At A Glance

Keywords: Security, wishes coming true, feeling supported by loved ones, manifestation becoming reality, contentment, satisfaction
Season: Winter
Element: Water (emotions)

Nine of Cups Tarot Card Description

The Nine of Cups is a minor arcana card, the ninth in the suit of Cups. Traditionally it shows a man of retiring age facing us with arms crossed sat on a decadent chair. Behind him 9 cups are organized in an orderly line. These represent the secure and wealthy situation that he finds himself in.

The orderly formation of cups suggests that his situation is the result of his own planning and hard work. His clothing is luxurious and fine, the red dyes and gold details are another indicator of his wealth and good fortune. His facial expression is one of joyful contentment as he relaxes in the luxurious life he has built.

Nine of Cups Upright Meaning

The Nine of Cups upright is a very positive card to receive in a tarot reading. It discusses themes of joy and relaxation due to our lives being in a state of contentment. This contentment is no coincidence. We feel this way because we have taken the time to organize our life and resources in a way which will bear fruit (reward us) more and more over time.

This card is a confirmation from the universe that we are heading in the right direction and if we continue do work in this way we will be very abundant in love and happiness.

“Content makes poor men rich and rich men poor.” - Benjamin Franklin

Nine of Cups Reversed Meaning

Nine of Cups reversed

When the artwork appears upside down the card has come to us reversed and so its meaning has altered. For the Nine of Cups this means a complete loss of momentum on our projects and a temporary loss of our love for life. We feel disenfranchised and completely lost because our internal compass doesn’t know what to point towards. It can also mean we have been coasting along and not making informed decisions which has lead to a messy and unorganized situation which confuses us and is draining to deal with.

When this card presents itself we are being asked to simplify, organize and take control. We can’t aim for what we want if we can’t even see it through the clutter of life. This card reversed asks us to have a life overhaul. Starting small with organizing our home, to our schedules to the bigger things like our life plan.

We probably won’t be successful in our career if we are sifting through a floordrobe and losing our things on the daily. It suggests we tackle the tasks smallest first and use the feeling of achievement we get from completing this task to spur us on to the next biggest task.

“It isn't what you have or who you are or where you are or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy. It is what you think about it.” - Dale Carnegie

Nine of Cups: Yes or No

The Nine of Cups is a very strong yes card. Due to our own organization and hard work we have the time and resources to accept this opportunity if it is something we want. Even reversed it is still yes but it does let us know that we first may need to organize ourselves and create a schedule before we can say yes to this opportunity.

Let’s Break Down the Nine of Cups In Our Lives

How the 9 of Cups applies to common areas of our lives and how its meaning changes slightly.

Nine of Cups In Love

When we see this card in a love placement it is our dreams coming true. Whether we are single or in a relationship we can look forward to romance and laughter candlelit or by the fire. We will be comforted and indulged by/ with someone special. Whether this is a fling or long term thing we are here now and must enjoy every second of this whilst it lasts.

Reversed if we are single we may find narrow perimeters may be preventing us from finding the right one. We are being asked to broaden our horizons because love might be found in an unlikely source. If we are in a relationship it can signify that we are not willing to compromise and this is causing a rift between us. We need to have an open mind and open ears whilst a partner discusses this needs with us.

Nine of Cups With Money

This card is the ultimate signal of good fortune quickly coming into our lives. Our wishes and the object of our desire are already on their way to us because of all the hard work we have already done. Now there is nothing to so except sit back, relax and wait for our abundance to arrive.

Reversed suggests we have been acting overly confident. But as the age old saying states ‘Pride comes before a fall’ and so this card warns us not to splash our cash around and flaunt our wealth because it may dry up quicker than we were expecting.

Nine of Cups At Work

Respect, acknowledgement and rewards for our hard work in our careers will be bestowed upon us soon. The best part is that they are truly deserved so we can feel proud of ourselves too. Double win!

Reversed If we were to admit it we could look within and see that we might have been a little smug in our place of work recently. We are only human and this behavior is a natural part of us but we should take steps not to hurt others and apologize if we find we accidentally have done so.

Nine of Cups With Others

9 of Cups is guiding us to share our abundance. We can not take our wealth with us when we depart from the world so when we are able to the universe is asking us to consider sparing some to treat a friend or loved one, or donate to a charity. Spending money in this way is incredibly rewarding. We have other resources than just our money, we may consider volunteering a few hours of our time to a worthy cause.

Reversed with others the universe is reminding us to protect our assets and resources. Accidents can happen so we should take steps to protect our resources from loss, theft or other unfortunate incidents. It can also suggest others may feel jealous of what we have right now.

Nine of Cups With Self

Did you know that the Nine of cups is a fan of the Parcs and Recreation T.V show? Particularly the phrase ‘Treat Yo’self.’ We are being guided to give ourselves a few little luxuries here and there because this life is for living. It doesn’t need to be big or expensive, there are lots of small things we can do to squeeze more joy out of life. Whether that’s seizing a day off no matter the weather, or kicking back with a favorite beverage after a day’s work, stack up our little joys for a big smile.

Reversed it could signify we have been habitually denying ourselves the good things that we are due, possibly due to our own insecurities. Whether it’s an inability to accept a compliment or never treating ourselves somewhere along the way we have begun to believe we don’t deserve these things. See the upright Nine of Cups With Self section to learn how to remedy this feeling.

Nine of Cups As Feelings

This card feels like self-satisfaction and feeling safe and content in abundant circumstances. It’s a day off spent relaxing with a comforting bath and little luxuries. It’s chocolate and wine indulgence.