Page of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning - Upright, Reversed & More

Page of Pentacles upright

Page of Pentacles At A Glance

Keywords: Patience, dedication, goal oriented, consistency, grounded, loyal, immature, impatient, unpredictable, unorganized, unreliable
Season: Autumn
Element: Earth (the physical, our bodies, health, resources like money, time and energy)

Page of Pentacles Tarot Card Description

The Page of Pentacles is a court card within the suit of Pentacles. It is a minor arcana card in the Rider Waite Smith Tarot deck. The traditional artwork of the Page of Pentacles depicts a young man holding a single pentacle in a field of blooming flowers.

He focuses on the pentacle and is unbothered by his surroundings which are tranquil and calm. He walks slowly whilst he carries the pentacle with care and diligence. This shows the mindset he brings to all of his tasks in life and it is in this way that he guides us.

Pages are messengers and helpers of noble men and so seeing a Page in any suit is symbolic of a message being carried to us in our daily life. The message is usually about the attributes of the suit.

In this case the Page of Pentacles carries a message of financial opportunity and abundance.

Page of Pentacles Upright Meaning

When upright the Page of Pentacles is a very lucky and happy card to receive. It discusses themes of diligence, patience and loyalty. To see this card in a reading can mean we are very close to achieving our goals, especially if they are financial.

As with all court cards in tarot the Page of Pentacles has an extra feature. Not only do they represent attributes within us as all tarot cards do but they can also represent the real people we come across in our daily lives. The Page of Pentacles represents someone who may be quite quiet and a deeper thinker.

They are kind, patient and wise beyond their years. Pages tell us that the real person they represent may have a message for us. The person may be unaware of it but by speaking naturally to us they inspire us in someway.

If their words resonate with us the Page of Pentacles says we must remember them and realize this is a sign that can positively affect our finances and other resources in some way.

It can also mean we should ask the person that the Page of Pentacles represents their opinion as they may be able to advise us directly too.

“Patience attracts happiness; it brings near that which is far.” - Swahili proverb

Page of Pentacles Reversed Meaning

Page of Pentacles reversed

When the artwork of the Page of Pentacles is upside down when revealed to us then it is reversed and has a new meaning. In this case the Page of Pentacles says we may be procrastinating or missing out on chances because we are unmotivated to work.

It is a nudge to focus and get back to doing what is truly important to us. When representing a real person in our lives as all court cards in tarot do, the Page of Pentacles represents someone who may be impatient and unpredictable.

They will be a lot of fun to spend time with but are not the most reliable or dependable. This person may inspire us without realizing it as they speak to us.

If their words spark something within us this is a sign that we are about to have an idea or thought that can move us out of the plateau we are experiencing.

They may share life advice that we didn’t know we needed so we should considering asking their opinion of our situation.

“Learning patience can be a difficult experience, but once conquered, you will find life is easier.” - Catherine Pulsifer

Page of Pentacles: Yes or No

The Page of Pentacles is a yes card. But whether upright or reversed it reminds us to slow down and consider all our options fully before committing.

We must not get carried away with the novelty of a situation and forget to be practical. This could lead to mistakes that were easily avoidable.

Let’s Break Down the Page of Pentacles In Our Lives

How the Page of Pentacles advises us within specific areas of our lives and how it answers common questions we ask tarot cards.

Page of Pentacles In Love

In matters of love the Page of Pentacles represents a real person in our lives. If we are single this means the introduction of a steady and grounded person entering our lives.

If we are in a relationship the Page of Pentacles represents our partner and suggests that we lean on them if we are struggling.

Reversed it can mean we have a lack of commitment to a new relationship. The Page of Pentacles can also symbolize boredom or monotony within a longterm relationship.

Page of Pentacles With Money

In financial readings the Page of Pentacles asks us to start making good financial habits. This may be budgeting or monitoring our finances in other ways and creating a realistic financial plan for our future.

Reversed the Page of Pentacles means financial irresponsibility. It says we must face the consequences for our past spending or behavior with money.

We can try to out run it but it will always catch up to us and it is easier to fix the earlier it is faced.

Page of Pentacles At Work

When we receive the Page of Pentacles in career readings it suggests allowing ourselves to dream big and then set goals to break down the dream into achievable steps.

We must not squash the dream or try to make it fit into the current parameters of our lives, but instead we should grow ourselves and lives in order to accommodate for this dream.

`Reversed the Page of Pentacles suggests we have extremely unrealistic goals or the timescale we have given ourselves to complete them is too short. We are advised that dreaming big is not the problem.

The problem is having no plan or structure to achieve the dream. The Page of Pentacles reversed advises us to think practically and start doing the tasks needed to manifest our dream because the plan will only work if we do.

Page of Pentacles With Others

When we ask questions about society and receive the Page of Pentacles it is suggesting being more open and talking about our goals to anyone who will listen.

Help and good advice often comes from unlikely sources so we shouldn’t discount anyone without listening to them first.

Reversed the Page of Pentacles suggests we are guarding our goals and plans too tightly and this is stifling them. By not trusting anyone and refusing all help we are always limited to what we alone can achieve. This attitude can only take us so far.

Page of Pentacles With Self

The Page of Pentacles in answer to introspective questions suggests we are currently outgrowing our insecurities and making better habits.

This can be in finances but can also show we are supporting ourselves and caring for our bodies on a deeper level.

Reversed the Page of Pentacles implies we are stifling our own growth and success by continuing to believe self-limiting thoughts we hold about ourselves. We are not our insecurities and they should not be listened to.

Page of Pentacles As Feelings

The Page of Pentacles feels like finally hearing a great idea that fixes the situation we’ve been stuck in. It is a dizzying feeling brought by a sudden spark of creativity and the compulsive desire to work on the idea straight away.

It can also feel like frustration as we feel stuck and unmotivated or disappointment when we see our goals are not progressing.