Page of Wands Tarot Card Meaning - Upright, Reversed & More

Page of Wands upright

Page of Wands At A Glance

Keywords: Adventurous, energetic, romantic, passionate, excitable, impatient, rash decision making, laziness, easily distracted
Season: Summer
Element: Fire (creativity, passion and will power)

Page of Wands Tarot Card Description

The Page of Wands is a court card within the suit of wands in tarot. The Rider Waite Smith system is the original tarot deck that most modern decks are based from.

In this system the Page of Wands is depicted as a very lavishly dressed man gazing at a wand which he holds as a staff.

The stark background contrasts with his expensive attire showing he is not from here but exploring the terrain. He is an adventurer and seeking new experiences. The print on his shirt is symbolic of salamanders which are a symbol of transformation.

He dresses for attention and to express his spiritual and religious views but the background reveals there is no one to communicate these views too. His views have not yet been put into action.

He is the embodiment of potential and speaks of the joys that can be found when we begin to put action behind our ideas and realize our goals.

Page of Wands Upright Meaning

When we are met with the Page of Wands in its upright form it is a good indicator that now is the best time to begin thinking strategically about our ideas and goals and begin to plan how we will carry them out. If we already have a good idea that is well formed then we can start to work on it physically.

However if we have no ideas or are unsure of our goals the Page of Wands asks us to seek adventures and experiences that will broaden our minds and inspire an idea within us.

The Page of Wands is the moment in between thought and action and when we are visited by this card we are told that now we must meld the two together.

“You can motivate by fear, and you can motivate by reward. But both those methods are only temporary. The only lasting thing is self motivation.” - Homer Rice

Page of Wands Reversed Meaning

Page of Wands reversed

When the Page of Wands comes to us in a reading and the artwork is upside down he is in his reversed form. When reversed the Page of Wands still speaks of the themes of adventure and inspiration however it is the negative side of these.

These can mean a lack of inspiration or desire to act such as feeling lethargic and drained.

Or it can mean an over-zealous attitude towards our goals which overworks us and could potentially lean to burnout. This can also lead to hasty decision making made from impatience, mood swings and emotional dysfunction.

The Page of Wands asks us to find a healthy balance between activity and rest. To step away and find some perspective if we are too consume by our goals and to lean in if we know we have been slacking off.

“Arise eat and rest with no remorse, because the journey is long.” - Dr. Lucas D. Shallua

Page of Wands: Yes or No

The Page of Wands with all its excitement and adventure is definitely a yes card when it is in its upright form.

However when reversed it is a clear no asking us to instead find a work/life balance.

Let’s Break Down the Page of Wands In Our Lives

How the Page of Wands changes its advice when discussing the different areas of our lives.

Page of Wands In Love

When the Page of Wands greets us in love readings it can suggest that heady feelings of romance and excitement are coming into our lives soon.

This can be a platonic or romantic relationship and it could be a new connection or partners rekindling the spark of romance in a long term relationship.

Reversed the Page of Wands in love suggests a relationship has the potential of fizzling out. That spark that could once be felt has been lost through the months or years.

This does not spell disaster for the relationship it just shows how things currently are or would be if no changes were made. Things can always be changed. The Page of Wands suggests seeking adventures together and rekindling the spark.

Page of Wands With Money

The Page of Wands is a very exciting and positive omen when answering money questions. It implies we may have a new business idea or a new way to earn money that we would love to do.

It says in one way or another our lives have aligned and we finally have a way of achieving it. We should act on our plan as quickly as possible.

Reversed the Page of Wands is suggesting we may be feeling uninspired with our work or how we earn our money. As a result we are beginning to see a downturn in finances.

We are being advised not to let this spiral and instead immediately invigorate ourselves. Inspiration will be the key to reverting this cycle. We must find a way to enjoy we what we do.

Page of Wands At Work

There is a new venture in our career or an exciting career change coming soon when we are visited by the Page of Wands in work related questions. This can be a drastic change or could be smaller like discovering new methods within our career.

Small changes that revolutionize our working day. Either way the overall feeling is one of exciting possibility that continues to inspire us further towards the heights of our careers and chosen fields.

Reversed the Page of Wands can mean we may be feeling uninspired within our careers. This could be because we are bored with the daily tasks that seem reductive and waste our time.

Or it can be lethargy in general as we feel there is nothing left to discover.

We are being asked to live more boldly and try things even if we are unsure of their success. We may need to break out into as. Yet undiscovered areas of our chosen field.

Page of Wands With Others

When we receive the Page of Wands in answer to questions about the people around us we are in for a treat. The Page of Wands suggests we are in a very exciting time filled with socializing with our loved ones.

We wake up to lots of invitations to events that inspire us and we are filled with joy. We are invigorated by the potential experiences we can make together.

Reversed the Page of Wands is evoking a feeling of low mood and a reluctance to socialize. This leads to fewer invites and so we feel lower still and a downward spiral is created.

We are being advised by the Page of Wands that we must socialize more. If we aren’t receiving as many invites we can make them instead. Invite friends over, participate in local events or take part in social events surrounding our hobbies.

This may be difficult at first but it gets a small burst of energy to upset the spiral and get out if it. It will be easier in time after we have reestablished the habit again.

Page of Wands With Self

When we ask introspective question (questions about ourselves and internal world) the Page of Wands is a wonderful card to receive. It suggests are or will very soon be fizzing with inspiration from deep within.

An epiphany of self will stoke our own source of motivation and we will find we are easily able to inspire others and our self. This leads to further action and inspiration for all the potential amazing things we will achieve.

In this mind frame we feel that even the most difficult challenges feel attainable and we know we are capable.

Reversed the Page of Wands is denoting a helpless feeling that we are unable to inspire ourselves into action. Feeling stuck and unmotivated. We may not know what to do to even begin doing it.

The Page of Wands reversed asks us to multiple different methods of seeking outside inspiration and motivation. This can look like visiting museums and places of interest or even focusing on our hobbies in more detail and taking a course to learn more about them.

This seems counter-intuitive as it may not seem like a direct fix to the issue we have but it is building a foundation of internal motivation and in time this will begin to lead us.

We must find something to live for that matters truly to us and this becomes our compass in which to navigate life.

Page of Wands As Feelings

The Page of Wands is a mix of feelings that seem only to exist at their polar opposites. Extreme excitement for the potential of the future or absolute lethargy and apathy with our present, with very little in between.

The Page of Wands implies there is either a lit furnace inside us firing us through life or it is extinguished. By revealing these polarities within us the Page of Wands urges us to find balance within these two states.