Queen of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning - Upright, Reversed & More

Queen of Pentacles upright

Queen of Pentacles At A Glance

Keywords: Wealthy, abundance, emotional healing and strength, generous, selfless, hardworking, emotional stress, selfish, emotional neglect, materialistic, jealous
Season: Autumn
Element: Earth (the physical, our bodies, health, resources like money, time and energy)

Queen of Pentacles Tarot Card Description

The Queen of Pentacles is a court card of the suit of Pentacles within the Rider Waite Smith system of tarot. The original imagery of the Queen of Pentacles shows a queen lavishly dressed in red sitting on a throne elaborately carved with various animals.

The animals represent her connection to earth and the throne symbolizes her abundance due to working with the earth and utilizing her resources as efficiently as possible. She sits in a clearing surrounded by budding red flowers and climbing roses.

Red is a striking and vibrant tarot, its heavy use in this card draws the eye in to the queen and represents rich expensive dyes that only nobility could afford. On her lap she delicately holds a single pentacle.

She does not grip her abundance with fear but is relaxed in the stability of her wealth. She shares her money and time generously and cares for her community with genuine affection and respect.

Queen of Pentacles Upright Meaning

The Queen of Pentacles symbolizes financial abundance and complete physical and emotional health. It suggests we are secure and use our resources very efficiently so they maintain a high quality of life for us.

All cards in tarot point to specific attributes within us or actions we could take but court cards (Pages, Knights, Queens and Kings of the four suits of tarot) have an added feature.

They represent real people we interact with in our lives. The Queen of Pentacles represents someone who shares their wealth generously, is caring and donates or volunteers.

They may have a caring or nurturing job role or hold a presence like this in our lives.

When referring to our own attributes the Queen of Pentacles reminds us we have so much at our disposal: we have more options and opportunities than we realize and we can always make changes by doing the best with the resources we already have.

“Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.” - Henry David Thoreau

Queen of Pentacles Reversed Meaning

Queen of Pentacles reversed

When reversed the Queen of Pentacles guides us to reconnect to our bodies and emotions. From time to time we may feel jealous of what others have or like we need certain material possessions.

But the Queen of Pentacles reversed tells us we actually need very little and most feelings of envy or missing out quickly pass. We can remedy this feeling by reminding ourselves all we have to be grateful for in our life.

As with all court cards the Queen of Pentacles can represent real people in our lives. When reversed it can point to someone who flaunts their wealth due to their insecurities, is selfish or stingy with their money and also envious of the success of others.

It suggests spending less time with these people and trying not to let their actions affect us. It can also suggest we have these attributes within us and should try hard at this time not to act on them because they can hurt others.

Instead we should consider finding healthier methods of overcoming our insecurities and negative money thoughts.

“Money is a needful and precious thing, -and, when well used a noble thing, -but I never want you to think it is the first or only prize to strive for.” - Louisa May Alcott

Queen of Pentacles: Yes or No

The Queen of Pentacles is a yes card in both orientations. When upright it guides us to have faith in our abilities and to relax around money matters.

When reversed it is still a yes but it does suggest we take a slower approach that is more financially safe/less of a risk.

Let’s Break Down the Queen of Pentacles In Our Lives

How the Queen of Pentacles guides us in different areas of our lives and answers some common questions readers often ask their tarot cards.

Queen of Pentacles In Love

In love readings the Queen of Pentacles represents domestic comfort and homemaking. This could be due to a couple living together or preparing for a baby.

If single it can suggest shared responsibilities or wealth with platonic relationships and loved ones.

Reversed the Queen of Pentacles can signify feeling trapped in a negative relationship due to financial responsibilities or financial dependance. It could also represent a selfish person/lover or a couple going through hard financial times together.

Queen of Pentacles With Money

The Queen of Pentacles in money queries is a great sign of increased financial security caused by making good deals or well thought out business decisions.

Reversed the Queen of Pentacles represents hoarding out wealth or resources. It could also suggest mismanaging our money or making bad business deals or rash decisions which backfire.

Queen of Pentacles At Work

In career readings the Queen of Pentacles can represent an exceptionally talented person. This could be ourselves or someone else. It can also represent a business savvy colleague.

Reversed the Queen of Pentacles represents unreliable or lazy colleague(s.) Their lack of work ethics may cause us to have an increased work load or face other negative consequences because of them.

Queen of Pentacles With Others

In social questions the Queen of Pentacles often points to someone caring and generous we know. This could be a family member or someone in our community who has guided or taught us in some way in the past.

Reversed the Queen of Pentacles means we are becoming more of a homebody: improving/creating comfortable surroundings to soothe our senses and be able to feel safe and relaxed.

Queen of Pentacles With Self

When we receive the Queen of Pentacles doe internal or introspective questions it suggests we are making progress with goals that center around healing our emotions and physical body.

It reminds us that even if we feel better we must continue with the healthful techniques so we maintain the results.

Reversed the Queen of Pentacles speaks of physical sickness or emotional turmoil.

It is hard not to panic when we receive news like this but it is important to remember tarot cards do not necessarily predict the future and this card could be highlighting past injuries and trauma that may be resurfacing and needs more support to fully heal.

Queen of Pentacles As Feelings

The Queen of Pentacles feels like the security of knowing we have enough. We are grateful for the important things in life and we do not long for the material things that do not matter.

We share selflessly and our spirits are lifted when we do so.