Queen of Swords Tarot Card Meaning - Upright, Reversed & More

Queen of Swords upright

Queen of Swords At A Glance

Keywords: Honest, truthful, expresses emotions clearly, fair, constructive criticism, cold shoulder, withdraws love, pessimistic, perceptive
Season: Spring
Element: Air (thoughts, ideas and communication)

Queen of Swords Tarot Card Description

The Queen of Swords is the thirteenth card in the Swords suit of tarot. She sits in side profile on her throne and looks dispassionately to the side. Her posture is upright and regal. As she is the queen of the suit that represents air she is the most intelligent and the quietest of all the queens in tarot.

She holds a sword in one hand and her other hand rests palm up as if in offering. It appears she is offering a choice to those she rules over. The sky around her is clear and still representing her non-biased and fair judgement.

Queen of Swords Upright Meaning

As the Queen of Swords is a court card it not only speaks of our own personal attributes and daily life like all tarot cards do but it also has its own special feature. Court cards can represent real people we see in our lives.

How to know who it refers to is easy: we combine the status of the archetype (Page, Knight, Queen or King) with the attributes of their suit.

So queens are the feminine energy (not necessarily gender) the nurturers and carers, often performed guardian roles and the Swords energy is that of intellect, thought and ideas. So when combined we get someone who has a calm and gently determined energy about them. A person who thinks deeply before they speak and gives good advice.

Their career may center around speaking, teaching and care roles or they may perform this role for us personally like our parents or guardians. To receive this card says this person can be very helpful with answering our question or solving our situation. Or it can imply we have these traits within us and we should lean on them a little more to solve the situation ourselves.

“Drama starts where logic ends.” - Ram Charan

Queen of Swords Reversed Meaning

Queen of Swords reversed

Unfortunately when reversed these attributes of feminine energy, nurturing and intellect can be negative if they are taken too far. We can see someone withholding love and affection, offering the cold shoulder instead of talking through the issue.

They may become highly critical in a destructive rather than constructive way or use their intellect to manipulate.

Again as this is a court card it can suggest this could be someone in our daily lives or it could be these tendencies existing within us. No one is perfect so when the Queen of Swords comes to us reversed it asks us to question our intentions and check that our actions and words aren’t doing harm.

“When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but creatures of emotion.” - Dale Carnegie

Queen of Swords: Yes or No

The Queen of Swords is a yes card. It says we may need to detach our emotions and approach this opportunity from a place of rational thought and try our best to use non-biased judgment when deciding whether or not to accept this opportunity.

It is the same upright and reversed but reversed it does also comes with the caveat that we must be careful not to detach so far that we fail to connect with the very heart of the project or opportunity.

Let’s Break Down the Queen of Swords In Our Lives

How the Queen of Swords meanings can differ when asking questions about specific areas of our lives.

Queen of Swords In Love

The Queen of Swords in love suggests we have high standards and if single they are soon to be met. We can expect witty banter, genuine laughter and invigorating conversations lasting late into the night. If we are in a relationship then we feel a deep mental connection to our partner and we rekindle that spark again with deep conversations and long term in-jokes.

Reversed it can mean we are faced with coldness and a withdrawing of emotions by our partner. They may be suffering or experiencing trauma or it could be us that is withdrawing. It is important to return to open and gentle communication to work with them and get through it together.

Queen of Swords With Money

When we receive the Queen of Swords in regards to money questions it implies that clarity about an element of our finances is on its way to us. When we receive this clarity regardless of its nature, we should take time before acting on it to consider it fully. When we do act it should be from a place of logic not emotion.

Reversed means we have let our emotions sway our purse strings and we now find ourselves in quite a financial blunder due to this. We need to detach these emotions quickly and think logically or speak to an expert if we are unable to solve this alone. There may be a temptation to bury our heads in the sands but we must tackle the situation head on ASAP for face dire consequences.

Queen of Swords At Work

We are being guided by the Queen of Swords in career readings to put forth our knowledge and pass it on to others. Whether this is internal training within the company or the role we will provide to the exterior of the company there will be a strong component of guiding others in our field via communication.

We have the skills needed to thrive at this so we must put ourselves forward for the chance if we feel that it aligns with us.

Reversed it can point to the overly negative or controlling traits of someone in our workplace creating a weak link in the team. This could even be our own actions. We should view the situation with a detached mind frame and act quickly to pinpoint the cause. Once we know this we need to handle the affects with grace in a professional manner.

Queen of Swords With Others

When we see the Queen of Swords in response to social questions it can imply now is a great time to be in service to our community. This can be via volunteering, a care giving role, teaching things we have mastered or any other way which combines our natural gifts with an element of communication and gentle guidance.

It says if we feel an urge to begin this process we should reach out and explore what opportunities can be found in our community.

Reversed we unfortunately are faced with the toxic caregiver archetype. This is someone who puts all their energy into caring for others and leaves nothing for themselves. Unfortunately overtime this might breed resentment. The Queen of Swords asks us to take steps now before we are faced with a bad situation months down the line.

Queen of Swords With Self

When we receive the Queen of Swords for introspective questions about ourselves it can suggest we analyze our thoughts around self-love. Particularly the difference between Self-love vs self-care. These two often get confused and combined but we end up missing a crucial element.

Self-love is doing indulgent things that bring us joy which we deserve because we are here to experience life. Self-care are the tasks we do for our bodies and minds so they thrive. This means self-love is actions like bubble baths and hot chocolate and self-care is like filing our tax return and cooking healthy meals.

But for a healthy and thriving life both are necessary. When we receive the Queen of Swords card it is asking us to step up the less sexy self-care element as well as the self-love things we are doing.

Reversed the Queen of Swords suggests we are being much too harsh on ourselves. Subconsciously suppressing our authentic expression of emotions and/or pushing away the love we crave most. Mirror mantras like “I am enough” and “I deserve to freely give and receive love” are great tools to remedy this.

Queen of Swords As Feelings

The Queen of Swords feels like using our calm manner and veraciously intelligent minds to concisely provide for and be in service to others. It can feel like being called on for teaching our expertise to another or offer guidance we are adapt to give.