Seven of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning - Upright, Reversed & More

Seven of Pentacles upright

Seven of Pentacles At A Glance

Keywords: Hard work, apprenticeship, making sacrifices, rewards, learning skills, patience, procrastination, low effort, setbacks, impatience, waste/lack of growth
Season: Autumn
Element: Earth (the physical, our bodies, health, resources like money, time and energy)

Seven of Pentacles Tarot Card Description

The Seven of Pentacles is the seventh card within the suit of Pentacles in a deck of tarot cards. Like all suit cards it is a minor arcana within the Rider Waite Smith system of tarot.

In the original depiction of the Seven of Pentacles we see a man resting on his shovel taking a break from the hard work of harvesting the crop which he stands next to. His crop is a bush laden with fruits in the form of Seven large pentacles.

Pentacles are gold coins with the pentagram symbol stamped onto them. In tarot they represent wealth and abundance in many forms. The man looks over his crop as he pauses and observes quite literally the fruits of his labor.

He is proud of how hard he has worked to grow his crop but he is not quite done yet. He must still harvest and then sell or cook the goods.

Seven of Pentacles Upright Meaning

When upright the Seven of Pentacles reminds us that nothing good comes to us freely and we must work for what we want and need. Though the artwork is very literal in terms of actual fruit and labor it can also be applied to intangible matters too.

Pentacles can symbolize money and therefore our jobs directly linked to receiving this money. But they can also represent our time, energy and health as well as indirect physical resources like cars that allow us to commute and a safe place to live and rest.

The pentacles in the image represent the wealth and abundance that the farmer has grown but it could represent working on our physical strength, healing an injury or any other work on a goal that leads to later rewards.

“Each of us has a unique part to play in the healing of the world.” - Marianne Williamson

Seven of Pentacles Reversed Meaning

Seven of Pentacles reversed

When the artwork is upside down the Seven of Pentacles is reversed. In this case the advice is that hard work can be tiring and frustrating but we must not quit. Like the farmer in the image we must learn to rest instead.

The Seven of Pentacles suggests we take our time and push through slowly instead of giving up in frustration. The Seven of Pentacles reversed can also signify being delayed or facing stagnation or set backs that are outside of our control.

In this case we are being asked to manage the outcome in the best as we possibly can but be patient whilst we wait for this time to pass. It can also be a reminder that we are not robots and not perfect.

Sometimes it is better to get a task done good than to stress over perfection and never finish. We can always try again and do more later if we need to. We must move on as soon as a reasonable standard has been met.

“You cannot find peace by avoiding life.” - Michael Cunningham

Seven of Pentacles: Yes or No

When answering binary yes/no questions the Seven of Pentacles is generally considered a yes card. This is whether upright or reversed.

It does forewarn that there will be a lot of hard work involved and we must not let the novelty and excitement of the situation cloud our judgment.

We must remember these commitments will still be required of us when we are half way through the challenge, tired and frustrated and we will have to pace ourselves and energy usage sustainably.

Let’s Break Down the Seven of Pentacles In Our Lives

How the Seven of Pentacles meanings can differ when discussing specific areas of our lives.

Seven of Pentacles In Love

The Seven of Pentacles in love readings can have a variety of meanings. It may suggest talking about the issues in a relationship and starting to see some progress with these.

If single the reader may be developing their openness and sense of trust leading to a new relationship entering into their lives.

Reversed the Seven of Pentacles can represent a need for couple’s therapy or needing additional work to support the relationship in some way. It could suggest more emotional effort and commitment must be invested into the relationship.

If single it can suggest now is not the best time to begin searching for love but instead to use this motivation to improve our lives in other areas.

Seven of Pentacles With Money

The Seven of Pentacles is a very fortuitous card to receive in financial readings. It implies we are beginning to see our hard work pay off.

Though difficult we must resist the temptation to slow down yet yet. We also must not spend our funds until the work is well and truly fulfilled.

Reversed the 7 of Pentacles warns us not to get complacent. We must learn to work smarter not harder. If we are noticing dwindling funds we need to quickly find the source of the energy, money or time loss and act without hesitation.

Seven of Pentacles At Work

The Seven of Pentacles is a very positive card to receive in career readings. It confirms to us we are advancing to the next level of our careers. We are ready and even if we feel anxious we are reminded we can achieve our goals.

It could also suggest receiving praise or acknowledgment for a job well done and a possibility for financial rewards further down the road.

Reversed the Seven of Pentacles suggests we may face setbacks or forced time-off from work. It could signify the need to plan a new direction that focuses on time spent widely now that will pay for itself in due course.

Seven of Pentacles With Others

The Seven of Pentacles in social questions is a nudge to consider building our own social group or venture from scratch. This may sound difficult but it could be as simple as creating an online account perhaps to share your passions or write a blog.

It could also indicate starting over with old friends or reclaiming past activities that we used to enjoy and trying them again.

Reversed the Seven of Pentacles comforts us that if we are currently finding social events difficult or taxing for any reason then we should consider only booking social events that require little energy and are in calming environments.

Seven of Pentacles With Self

The 7 of Pentacles suggests we are entering a period of hard work with our inner-selves. Confronting our deepest fears and seeing the amount of work needed might be intimidate us at first but by being kind to ourselves and taking a few small steps each day we can scale this mountain.

Reversed the Seven of Pentacles tells of feeling chronically fatigued. Due to being we are so lacking in energy, pursuing this line of questioning would not lead to our best selves.

We are being guided to sleep on it and try again to create a more well-rounded goal.

Seven of Pentacles As Feelings

The Seven of Pentacles feels like the sense of achievement when we finish a task an marvel at a job well done.

There is satisfaction in putting our all into a project and watching it grow.