Ten of Cups Tarot Card Meaning - Upright, Reversed & More

Ten of Cups upright

Ten of Cups At A Glance

Keywords: Happiness at home, work life balance, bonding celebrations, happy family, emotional fulfillment, weddings, gatherings
Season: Winter
Element: Water (emotions)

Ten of Cups Tarot Card Description

The Ten of Cups is a beautiful card. It’s the tenth card in the suit of cups which is a minor arcana card within tarot. The original artwork shows us a scene of absolute domestic bliss. A couple embrace each other as their children play happily in a lush green garden. This symbolizes emotional fulfillment and an abundance of love.

10 golden cups arc across the sky next to a beautiful rainbow which frames a background of fertile rolling hills. The hills represent the ability to live off the land and be provided for indefinitely. The sun shines and everything collates to become the picture of perfection and peace.

Ten of Cups Upright Meaning

When we see this card right side up we can smile in relief because this is one of the most positive cards to receive in a tarot reading. Possibly only beaten by The Sun card which is this card’s major arcana equivalent. Where The Sun speaks of joy and happiness in general the Ten of Cups is much more specific about the cause of the joy and happiness.

In this case it is saying we are feeling emotionally fulfilled and happy because of our relationships and connection we share with our fellow beings that we share the planet with. In life we have a great work/life balance and our lifestyle is joyful. Inside and outside we are calm and at peace.

“Family and friends are hidden treasures, seek them out and enjoy their riches.” - Wanda Hope Carter

Ten of Cups Reversed Meaning

Ten of Cups reversed

If we receive this card reversed it has quite a lot to guide us on. Though it isn’t as positive as it is when upright it still has gentle guidance and a sweet meaning. The Ten of Cups discusses themes of separation and conflict, unease or tension in the home or isolation. However it is not predicting these things will happen to us but instead it is guiding us to move past times where we felt this way in the past.

By looking at how we responded to conflict and negativity in the past we can learn a lot about ourselves and even help heal those parts of us which could still be hurting even after all this time. This card says just because this happened before doesn’t mean it will happen again and we should open up so that we can still give and receive love.

“Love is a fruit in season at all times, and within reach of every hand.” - Mother Teresa

Ten of Cups: Yes or No

The Ten of Cups is definitely a yes card. It says that we have a very harmonious home/situation and therefore we can easily make space to take on this opportunity.

If reversed it is a strong no. It says that saying yes to this opportunity would disrupt the peace we have finally found and that the outcome wouldn’t be worth the chaos it would cause.

Let’s Break Down the Ten of Cups In Our Lives

Tarot cards and their meanings change slightly based on the question asked and the situation they apply to. Here’s how the Ten of Cups applies to areas of our lives.

Ten of Cups In Love

This is a wonderful card to receive for a love reading. The 10 of Cups in this placement suggests we have the potential to have many very stable relationships that ground and support us. These will help us live up to our full potential. This doesn’t necessarily mean a romantic relationship but instead any that we feel safe in.

Reversed the Ten of Cups can mean we currently don’t feel support and love from our relationships. We might consider assessing these relationships on a case by case basic and see where the problem is. If we find we are feeling this across multiple different relationships then perhaps we might just be the common denominator. Often it is because we fear opening up and so we push others away.

We can feel the love and support we crave by first giving this out more in our relationships and then giving ourselves permission to receive this when it is shown to us.

Ten of Cups With Money

This card and money go together like tequila and sunshine. To receive The Ten of Cups when asking about finances is a very good sign. It suggests that soon we will feel the satiated feeling of having enough. Not just money but enough of all resources we need in life to thrive. We feel confident and that there will always be enough for us so we can finally relax. We have an attitude of abundance and it serves us well.

Reversed can mean we might be fighting about money with our family or loved ones. Or that financial insecurity is causing a lot of tension in the household. This card reversed is a reminder to prioritize the things that matter most and work together with our household to find a solution.

Ten of Cups At Work

When we receive this card in a career reading it is a really good sign that we have found our place and we feel a great sense of satisfaction about the way in which we contribute to society. We are very comfortable and becoming an expert in this field and it brings us immense happiness.

Reversed in a career question the 10 of Cups suggests we may feel isolated in our work place or feel tension between colleagues. If the work aside from this is enjoyable then it is worth working with all involved to solve this situation. However if the role brings us no joy regardless of the conflict/ tension then it might be time to look for a new career adventure.

Ten of Cups With Others

When we receive this card in a reading it can suggest we have a deep gratitude for those around us and that we feel called to perform an action that expresses this love and gratitude. Whether it's making hand made gifts, days out or just spending time in their company we feel so compelled to show them how we feel. We are deeply connected to our social circle and so grateful to have them in our lives.

Reversed it can suggest we might be expecting too much from others in our social circle. It’s lovely to do things with others but if they are unavailable we might need to find a way to give these experiences and things we want to ourselves. We shouldn’t wait for others to start doing things we enjoy. It might be scary to think of turning up to an event alone but we’ll most likely make a friend when we get there.

Ten of Cups With Self

When this card comes up and it refers to our internal world then it is a good sign from the universe that we are being more self-loving and accepting of ourselves. It is also a confirmation that we need to acknowledge our own achievements with a celebration or party so that we mark the event and remember it. We can do this with others or we can celebrate in our own ways, the important thing is that we honor it and allow ourselves to feel proud of ourselves.

Reversed the Ten of Cups might mean we are not currently appreciating all that we have. There are so many good things about our life which we might have forgotten about. When we feel apathetic or disconnected we can use a gratitude practice to

Ten of Cups As Feelings

This card feels like pure joy, a child on the morning of their birthday. We look around at our lives and feel like it is so abundant and full of love and the things which matter most to us.