The Moon Tarot Card Meaning - Upright, Reversed & More

The Moon upright

The Moon At A Glance

Keywords: Dreams, illusion, the subconscious, emotion, internal world, anxiety, fears, repressed emotion, release fears
Season: Winter
Zodiac/Planet: Pisces

The Moon Tarot Card Description

The Moon is the nineteenth card within the major arcana and is usually numbered as 18. The original Moon card’s art depicts two dogs or sometimes wolves howling at a full moon in the sky. A lobster climbs out from the sea to represent our deepest subconscious thoughts which may be controlling us at this time.

The moon lights our path during a dark night and it’s important to remember that sometimes the moon is new or a small waning/waxing crescent and therefore isn’t big enough to show us the way. When this happens we are being asked to seek guidance from within and be our own guiding light. In short we must learn to trust ourselves.

The Moon Upright Meaning

The Moon card says we will be guided soon. As per the artwork on the card our path will be lit by the full moon. Or more literally in life we will easily find external guidance/solutions for the situations we find ourselves in. We only need to ask and trust that they will be shown to us. This can look like using a free online tutorial to fix a broken item in our home, or finding an expert exactly when we need one.

“Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines.” - Robert H. Schuller

The Moon Reversed Meaning

The Moon reversed

Unlike the upright meaning this time the path is not lit by the moon. Instead the skies are dark. This means we are not guided externally and we will need to trust in our own footing to make our way on the path. In life this looks like trusting our own instincts or relying on our own experience to get through a particular situation.

There is no expert coming, we need to solve the issue ourselves. There can be a lot of fear surrounding The Moon reversed but this fear is an illusion. It is not a fear of the dark it is a fear of the unknown which we cannot see because of the dark. This card reminds us to trust in ourselves and feel the way of the path. The darkness may slow us down a little but we are still very capable.

“Never trust your fears, they don’t know your strength.” - Unknown

The Moon: Yes or No

If upright when we ask a yes or no question then The Moon is a no. It says not right now because there is something important that we need to know to make this decision but it is currently hidden from us. We are in the dark and therefore any decision made would be uninformed and a risk so we should wait until the information comes to light.

When reversed it is a probable but not definite yes. It is sating our fear is clouding our judgement and making it impossible to make a clear decision. We should take some time to get a fresh perspective and come back to this later when we are better able to make decisions.

Let’s Break Down The Moon In Our Lives

The Moon in the different facets of our daily lives.

The Moon In Love

If the reader has asked a question about love either romantic or platonic and The Moon card appears then it can suggest choosing to break away from tradition and instead do what feels right for the people involved in the relationship. We are all unique and so are our relationships. It doesn’t matter if we go against what is conventional as long as what we do brings us joy and happiness.

>Reversed The Moon in love can mean that we might subconsciously be allowing our fears or insecurities to come between the relationship. We may be pushing people away without realizing it.

Usually once we notice this behavior and bring it into light (become consciously aware of it) that is all that is needed to begin the journey of wrangling and healing our insecurities.

The Moon With Money

If The Moon card appears when a question about money has been asked it is suggesting now is a time to trust in our gut not our head. We can get very analytical but now is not the time to. Now we are being asked to trust the deeper feelings we have and trust ourselves.

Reversed The Moon with money means high risk/high rewards. Chartering new waters (trying new ways to earn money) can be risky. But when the risks are high so are the rewards. If we trust ourselves and keep our fear in check we can be the one to navigate the way through and reap the rewards.

The Moon At Work

When asking a question about a situation at work or about our careers The Moon card can mean we need to check in with our emotions. How does participating in the career/community actually make us feel and does it align with who we are. Things can look different now we are working within it and we see it from the inside out. Now we know it better we must ask does it still align for us?

Reversed The Moon at work suggests we feel disillusionment with the company we work for. We have outgrown it and our soul’s have left the job. If there is no chance of us rekindling the love we once had for this role it might be time for our body and mind to follow the soul and do something new. There is something better waiting for us once we make the decision.

The Moon With Others

If we are asking about our external world, either our immediate world of people we know or the world at large and we get The Moon card as an answer it means the world is trying to guide us through our query/issue with signs all around us. We need to listen out for them in all places. It might take the form of symbols and numbers we see in our daily lives, or repeating words from different loved ones or even meaningful phrases within song lyrics.

Reversed The Moon with others can signify that our insecurities might be preventing us from making new friendships and connections. It also could be saying we might be hiding from the situation we are trying to fix and our fear about it is the biggest hurdle preventing us from solving it. Either way we need to face our fears and see that they are unfounded.

The Moon With Self

The Moon card relates to our internal world by asking us to look within and go where we feel friction and fear. Our lives are very noisy and busy which means the quiet subconscious thoughts we have often get drowned out. We are being asked to set aside a few minutes each day and make a routine that quiets our mind so that we can hear our subconscious thoughts and intuition.

This will provide us in the short term with an answer we’ve been needing and in the long term we will be provided with a sense of peace and well being.

Reversed The Moon card with self can symbolize our mind shutting down due to fear and anxiety. This warps the way we store information meaning we develop an overly negative mind frame. This creates a negative spiral. We must learn to trust in ourselves that we can handle any situation life throws at us, like we have done in the past. In this way we will slowly build our mind’s strength to full fortitude once again.

The Moon As Feelings

The Moon is a very dreamy and surreal feeling. Like flying within our dreams. We know it’s not real but it feels as though it could be. These are times when the edges of reality seems blurred or destroyed.

We feel certain that the impossible could happen and it bends our minds to think about. It can feel like cognitive dissonance where we are briefly able to hold two opposing thoughts in our mind at the same time.