Three of Wands Tarot Card Meaning - Upright, Reversed & More

Three of Wands upright

Three of Wands At A Glance

Keywords: Applying action to a plan, dedication, keeping promises, teamwork, big picture, prioritizing energy, procrastination, working against the plan, momentum, plateau
Season: Summer
Element: Fire (creativity, passion and will power)

Three of Wands Tarot Card Description

The Three of Wands is the third card in the suit of wands and a minor arcana card within tarot. In the traditional imagery we can see a man standing between three upright wands with his back to us. As in the Two of Wands card here too he holds one of the wands as a staff. His clothing is the same so we can be pretty certain that this is indeed the same man from the card before. 

This card carries on directly from the events that happen in the Two of Wands and so we see the man going from planning his journey in that card to actually taking his first steps in the Three of Wands.

We can see the background has changed and he is no longer waiting gazing at the horizon but actively walking through the scenery. He stands atop a mountain suggesting he has already begun the journey and now must keep the momentum going.

Three of Wands Upright Meaning

The Three of Wands in its upright position is a gentle nudge from the universe that now is the time to apply action to the plans we have created for ourselves, whatever they may be. We must be careful not become consumed with the pursuit of a perfect plan because we do not live in a perfect world and chasing perfection often leads to time wasted by procrastinating.

Therefore seeing this card can be the signal needed for us to decide to stop thinking and start doing, drawing a hardline under the planning phase and getting excited to act to bring it into reality.

“A dream written down with a date becomes a GOAL. A goal broken down into steps becomes a PLAN. A plan backed by ACTION makes your dreams come true.” - Greg Reid

Three of Wands Reversed Meaning

Three of Wands reversed

When we are greeted with the Three of Wands reversed it is an indicator that one way or another the action we are attempting to apply to our plan hasn’t been working. This could be because we are procrastinating and not acting at all. Plans are like dreams if we never act on them, they are safe and always there for us so acting on them can evoke fear for some of us.

Often this is can be the fear of failing or the fear of losing the safety net of keeping our dream as a happy thought to lean on. However if we are acting on our plans it could mean that those actions do not align with the plan or they could even inadvertently go against the plan entirely.

For example we may have created a goal to focus on our mental wellness and have decided that we will scroll on social media less and instead dedicate this time to meditating. However we find ourselves each day setting up to meditate and then end up scrolling whilst we’re sat in the lotus position.

Not ideal. So seeing this card is the universe calling us out on this (lovingly) and suggesting that perhaps we may be one of the causes for our plans not manifesting. It is a loving reminder to think of the big picture and then check in to see if our actions are aligned with our goals and plans.

Or in other words are we DOING the plan or are we just thinking that we are? Of course, every day we get a fresh chance to try again so we can take small actions each day and begin to see progress.

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Three of Wands: Yes or No

The Three of Wands is a yes card. It says we will have to actively work on this because it is not something that is going to manifest unaided. BUT if we are prepared to put the work in then we can look forward to the boons of this opportunity.

If reversed it is still a yes but it reminds us to monitor our actions and the plan consistently to make sure our actions don’t slide and cause our progress to plateau.

Let’s Break Down the Three of Wands In Our Lives

How the Three of Wands changes its guidance for us in the different facets of our lives.

Three of Wands In Love

The Three of Wands guides us in love by asking us to bolster our courage and ask the question. The question could be of a romantic nature or. platonic. But it means to in someway knowingly put ourselves in a position where we are vulnerable because we have declared our feelings and await the other person’s response.

Regardless of the answer (which you’d have to pull another card to determine) this card says we must be brave and express our emotions openly to those we love most because we will never regret telling the truth.

Reversed it can mean that we or a partner is feeling some resistance towards the relationship and that we/they desire to slow down. This is not an end to the relationship or a break in anyway but rather one or both people wanting to adapt the nature of the relationship so that it aligns with and supports all people involved.

It could also be a reminder to show our love with actions and not words, after all words are easy to throw out there but action takes effort. What can we DO that our loved ones would appreciate?

Three of Wands With Money

When we ask a money question and are answered with Three of Wands we are being guided to remind ourselves of the actions we should be taking and double down on them. We have a great plan and now we just need to tick off those steps on the to-do list.

Reversed the 3 of Wands can suggest that the initial excitement and novelty we once felt towards this venture may be wearing off but we are not finished yet. We need to find a way to fire up the motivation again and this will make the work go quicker and much more smoothly.

Three of Wands At Work

To see the Three of Wands for work related queries is a very positive sign that we are advancing along our journey at the pace we are supposed to be. We are exactly where we should be and can relax a little mentally. Though there is still plenty of work to do we can allow ourselves to shift into a comfortable pace which is sustainable for the long term.

Reversed the Three of Wands regarding career questions can mean that though we know exactly what we SHOULD be doing but we often find ourselves diverting from these actions or in some other way we are unable to perform our steps.

This could be because there is a lack of support or resources needed and so we should endeavor to fix this first instead of trying to proceed without them.

Three of Wands With Others

When we have asked questions about our external world and we receive the 3 of Wands this is a sign that we are ready to push ourselves outside of our comfort zones just a little.

This could look like a social setting, volunteering or maybe sharing a skill or talent with others online. Either way there is an expansion of our social groups because of an action we must take soon.

Reversed it can suggest that we are recently seeing social events or meetings being cancelled or postponed. This could be because we need to or the other people involved have to.

The advice is to reschedule as soon as possible and a gentle warning not to let our social circle. dwindle because we are social creatures that require human connection in order to flourish.

Three of Wands With Self

When we ask introspective questions (questions about ourselves) and the Three of Wands answers us it is suggesting that we analyze our actions deeply at this time. It can show us that there may be a better way to go about the task we have set for ourselves.

The phrase “work smarter, not harder” comes to mind. It is saying there could be a better way we haven’t considered yet and that just a few moments of thought could save ourselves hours of work. So make yourself a cuppa and try to think this one through.

Reversed the Three of Wands is suggesting it is our actions that are causing the delay or plateau we are experiencing. We have a good plan yet somewhere between plan and action we have mistranslated meaning our actions are not having the desired effect.

Instead of hitting our head against the wall we are being urged to consider a new route. Plans can only get us so far, sometimes we need patience and to persevere but sometimes we need to change plans if we see evidence that they are not working. Now is time for the latter.

Three of Wands As Feelings

The Three of Wands feels like the exciting moment we cap our pen and roll out our fresh new plan and take that first step.

Whatever our goals and plans entail we know we have a well-thought out plan that will take us far. We feel excited and motivated as we take that crucial first step.