8 Career Tarot Spreads To Manifest And Enhance Your Dream Job

Career tarot spreads are a formation of cards with corresponding questions that center around our careers.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your current career, branch out into a new one or gain valuable insight into your personal work ethics and skills there’s a spread in this article to help you do just that.

How To Use A Career Tarot Spread

Using a career tarot spread is similar in practice to many other popular tarot spreads. A tarot reader shuffles their cards and asks the questions in order placing down a card where the spread suggests.

However the key difference in these spreads to others is in the interpretation of the tarot cards themselves. There are also some special cards that have different implications when they are received in career readings.

The Suit of Wands In Career Spreads

In career spreads the cards belonging to the suit of Wands are especially important. This is because Wands are the suit of passion, drive, focus and energy; all things vital to a thriving career.

Their presence in these spreads should be seen as a physical and literal action to be taken. For example the Eight of Wands could mean we need to make a business decision quickly or stop wasting time and the Three of Wands could be guiding us to put our plans into action.

The Suit of Pentacles in Career Spreads

When we think of our careers we very quickly turn to matters of money, resources and other assets we need to live. These things are represented in tarot by the suit of Pentacles.

Seeing a card from the suit of Pentacles reminds us to prioritize our health over the pursuit of our careers. It can also suggest the money and physical goods that come from working.

Wands vs Pentacles in Career Spreads

It can be difficult to interpret Wands and Pentacle cards in career readings because both can appear quite similar at times. The main distinction we can make is Wands represent us furthering our careers and attaining our dreams and Pentacles refer to the actions and tasks we need to take day-to-day to live.

For example Pentacles may refer to someone’s main job and Wands their part time education. Or perhaps Pentacles refers to the job someone is leaving and Wands represent the new role or promotion.

Wands are the intangible that drives us and Pentacles are the physical actions that sustain us.

Court Cards in Career Spreads

Another important interpretation that can change in career readings is the representation of the court cards in tarot. Court cards are the Pages, Knights, Queens and Kings of each suit.

In general court cards can refer to real people we know in our lives as well as representing ourselves in the way all tarot cards do. However in career readings the court cards change and represent people in a slightly different way:

Pages in Career Spreads represent our personal dependents like our children, pets and anyone who relies on us financially. In professional settings Pages could be the employees we manage if we hold a position of management. They could also refer to the customers or the people our company provide services to.

Knights in Career Spreads are our colleagues and those we work in a team with. They can also represent people outside of our company but who hold similar positions to us. Knights are all about direct action and so this card represents people that physically and literally work alongside us.

Queens and Kings in Career Spreads are our bosses or superiors.

Queens tend to be the face of the business or company or the boss we report directly and have access to.

Kings often represent the very highest position of the company and sometimes may refer to abstract concepts like the economy itself or the industry we work in.

1. Will I Get The Job Tarot Spread

Will I get the job tarot spread

This spread guides us in the potential we have to land the job we have our heart set on. It also guides us how we can have a successful interview to increase the likelihood of getting the job.

  1. How likely is it I will get this job?
  2. How can I prepare before the interview to help me get the job?
  3. What can I do during the interview to land the job?
  4. What might I need to know about this job?

    2. Skillset Overview Career Tarot Spread

    Skillset overview career tarot spread

    This spreads gives us a big picture view of our transferable skills and talents. It highlights where we shine and where we could improve.

    Because our skills and talents grow with practice and time it is good to revisit this spread, using it to continue to thriving in our chosen careers.

    1. My listening skills are...
    2. My communication skills are...
    3. My research and information gathering skills are...
    4. My problem solving skills are...
    5. My time management skills are...
    6. My self-discipline is...
    7. My work ethic is...
    8. A hidden talent I can develop is...
    9. My biggest weakness is...

    3. Clarity Career Tarot Spread

    Clarity career tarot spread

    It can be very difficult to know what career to choose. Many of us have more than one interest and multiple skills.

    With this spread we gain insight into different career options and paths that would suit our individual personalities and work ethics.

    1. When I was a child I wanted to be...
    2. If money didn’t exist I would fill my days with...
    3. I am passionate about...
    4. A valuable talent I have is...
    5. An underdeveloped skill I have is...
    6. A career that combines all my passions and assets is...

    4. Courage To Pursue Career Tarot Spread

    Courage to pursue career tarot spread

    Use this spread to cultivate the courage needed to start pursuing your dream job. Wherever you are on the ladder of your career this spread can help you build the courage needed to climb higher.

    1. What is my biggest fear surrounding my career?
    2. What holds me back from pursuing my dream career?
    3. What hidden talent could I develop to give me the edge?
    4. What past achievements should I remember when self-doubt creeps in?
    5. What resources do I require to support the next stage of my career journey?

    5. Dream To Reality Career Tarot Spread

    Dream to reality career tarot spread

    In this spread we are given practical steps and mental tools to make our dream into a plan and begin manifesting the career we have always wanted.

    1. Take one card which describes our dream career and place it face up here.
    2. What is the first step I need to take to begin my dream career?
    3. How do I bridge the gap between where I am now and day one of the job?
    4. What educational and learning resources do I need?
    5. How can I plan my funds and resources to align with starting my new career?
    6. What mental tools will I need to cultivate to manifest my dream job?

    6. Enhancing Career Tarot Spread

    Enhancing career tarot spread

    Sometimes our career doesn’t live up to the dreams we had. We can feel like there is something missing once we see the industry in more detail.

    Use this spread for guidance of how to enhance your current career to one that fulfills and excites you.

    1. How does knowing the underside/negative aspects of my industry make me feel?
    2. What can I do with these emotions and knowledge that is helpful?
    3. How can I work within my industry to change these negative aspects?
    4. How can I utilize my ethics and values to the best of their abilities?
    5. What other skills, talents or interests can I bring into my career so I find it more fulfilling?
    6. What logistical changes can I make to my schedule or environment so I enjoy my role?

    7. Never Too Late To Career Change Tarot Spread

    Never too late to career change tarot spread

    When we are completely disenfranchised with our industry we may desire nothing more than to start fresh. This could be because we are now in a better financial position or because we have more options available to us.

    Use this spread for actionable steps that help you begin again.

    1. What traits or skills do I have that are transferable across multiple career paths?
    2. What unique qualities do I have that are underutilized in my current career?
    3. What would happen if I blended these my skills and qualities/what paths open up to me?
    4. What weakness would be highlighted in my new career?
    5. How do I strengthen these?
    6. What is the first step I need o take to begin my new career?
    7. How can I prepare for the change/adjustment from one career to another?
    8. What is the most effective way to gain the skills and experience needed for my new career?

    8. Protecting Steps Career Tarot Spread

    Protecting steps career tarot spread

    You’ve hit the jackpot and have the career of your dreams. This spread is packed with practical guidance to help you protect and future-proof your hard-earned career.

    1. What trends am I spotting within my career/industry that could lead to changes?
    2. How do I keep up with and adapt to these changes?
    3. What steps should I take to protect my tangible success? (For example wealth, property and assets.)
    4. What steps should I be taking to protect my intangible success? (For example reputation and social media presence.)
    5. What important advice must I remember about the future of my career/industry?
    6. How can I use my intuition to guide me in my career?