3 Colleague Tarot Spreads For Better Professional Relationships

A colleague tarot spread is a collection of questions that focus on the theme of how we interact with people in a professional capacity. Each of us experience a large variety of different interactions throughout our working day but they don’t always go smoothly.

They can also be very complex and greatly affect the working environment and how we feel. So in this article we’ve created spreads that allow readers to analyze, cultivate and strengthen their professional relationships.

There are even spreads for easing workplace conflict, bonding with our colleagues and speaking confidently with our boss.

How To Use A Colleague Tarot Spread

Using a colleague tarot spread in practice is very similar to using general tarot spreads: a tarot reader prepares for a reading in their usual way, shuffles their favorite tarot cards and asks each question listed.

They then place a card facedown where directed in the spread. However where colleague spreads can differ from others is in the interpretation of the cards received in the reading.

Whenever we ask tarot questions about other people there are some changes to the meanings of all Court cards that we should be aware of because it changes the interpretation of the cards and affects the outcome of the reading.

Court Cards In Colleague Spreads

Court cards (Pages, Knights, Queens and Kings of each suit) take on additional meanings when discussing the interactions with our colleagues because court cards often represent real people in our lives.

Though their genders do not have to match their real-life counterparts we often see that the attributes of the specific court card do. In this case the court cards refer to specific people we interact at work or in a professional manner.

  • Pages often represent the people we are in service to at our place of work. The customers or people who utilize and benefit from the company’s work.
  • Knights are cards of action and force. They represent the work force: our colleagues and peers. Those we are actively working besides. This can mean people in our industry generally not just the those in our company or office.
  • Queens and Kings represent the founder, bosses and CEOs of a company. Those in the highest positions and who have the most authority within the company. They can also represent the economy on a grand scale or the trends affecting the industry or field we are in.

1. Communicate With Colleagues Tarot Spread

Communicate with colleagues tarot spread

In professional settings it can sometimes be difficult to see exactly where the line of business and leisure is with colleagues. This spread allows us to separate these when necessary with clear and concise advice.

It helps us keep things professional whilst also supporting our colleagues when required.

  1. Does my colleague really need to know this about me?
  2. Would this compromise their ability to work with me or make them feel uncomfortable?
  3. Is now the appropriate time to share this information?
  4. Does my colleague need a personal friend or support at work right now?
  5. What is the best way to resolve this for everyone involved?

2. Team Player Colleague Tarot Spread

Team player colleague tarot spread

A team is a unit of people working together towards a shared goal. It sounds simple but different backgrounds, opinions, experience and other factors can making working as a team difficult to navigate.

This spread highlights our strengths and weaknesses so we better understand what we bring to the table. It also advises us how to be a better team player in our workforce.

  1. What personal strength of mine shines in a team setting?
  2. What personal weakness of mine has the potential to disrupt a team?
  3. What steps can I take to work on this weakness and limit its affects in the team/workplace?
  4. Where do I need to try harder for my team?
  5. Where do I need to back off for my team?
  6. What is the best way I can support my team?
  7. What compromises or boundaries am I not willing to cross in the name of teamwork?

3. The Boss Colleague Tarot Spread

The boss colleague tarot spread

The professional relationship we have with our boss is a complex one. There is often an uneven power dynamic as they are the ones who pay us and have authority over many aspects of our role at work. Most bosses are kind and understanding people but a few may abuse this power dynamic.

This spread supports us when we need to speak to our boss with confidence. Whether we are asking for a raise, reporting an issue or discussing personal matters we can prepare for it with this tarot spread.

  1. What is at the very heart of this issue/conversation?
  2. What is my bottom line that I will not cross?
  3. Am I truly being unbiased in my approach?
  4. Is sharing this personal matter or detail vital to the situation?
  5. How should I approach this conversation?
  6. What factor(s) might I have missed or not considered?