5 Daily Tarot Spreads For Everyday Guidance

Daily tarot spreads like their namesake suggests are a collection of tarot cards laid out and read daily by tarot readers. They are particularly helpful because they tend to be quicker to perform and cover a large range of topics.

These can be providing quick guidance, daily goal setting and emotional check-ins. In this article we’ve collated the very best tarot spreads that are perfect for daily use.

How To Use A Daily Tarot Spread

Using a daily tarot spread is similar to using other styles of spreads but there are a few things that can make these different. As usual a tarot reader will shuffle their favorite deck of tarot cards, ask each question and place a card down where the spread instructs.

However the advice given in daily spreads is different and interpreted in a specialized way. The guidance or answers from daily spreads are often more nuanced and individual to the reader. Tarot readers often create a mental ‘short-hand’ or language of their own with their decks.

Usually this is a short recollection of a few keywords, memories or experiences that each card provokes within the reader. So the more a reader uses tarot the more the cards begin to take on these slightly different meanings.

This means in daily tarot sessions the reader is likely to refer to the cards quickly using their own personal short-handed keywords. For large and ceremonial tarot readings that center around deeply profound topics this wouldn’t be an appropriate or effective way to read the cards.

However because daily readings tend to cover small tasks captured within in our day-to-day it is a great way to receive advice and guidance.

The Minor Vs Major Arcana In Daily Tarot Spreads

In most tarot readings a lot of significance is given to the major arcana cards. These 22 cards are the big important cards within tarot because they depict huge life-changing events.

However in daily readings more importance is given to the Minor arcana cards. These are 56 cards center around less pivotal themes and are more likely to provide actions and advice we can implement day-by-day. This makes them perfect for daily readings.

In daily readings the major arcana cards can be interpreted more as a showing a trend that shifts overtime and the minors are the actual advice we can follow within that day to make that trend our outcome.

1. ‘Quick & Dirty’ Guidance Daily Tarot Spread

Quick and dirty guidance tarot spread

This spread delivers very effective advice using just 2 cards. It works best when used regarding a reader’s daily tasks because it delivers advice that can be acted on immediately.

  1. What is my biggest priority for today/what task(s) should I prioritize today?
  2. How do I actualize it/how do I physically work on this today?

2. Daily Snapshot Tarot Spread

Daily snapshot tarot spread

The Daily Snapshot Spread is a useful tool that gives us an in-the-moment glimpse of the various different areas of our lives. It reveals to us how they may change or interact with each other day-by-day and advises us about each of them with bite-sized actions we can take within that day.

It is important to pay attention to any conflicting cards or advice as this often means one area of our life is spilling over or taking from other areas. For example a card in the ‘work’ placement may advise resting but a card in another placement suggests working hard.

This may seem contradictory at first but in this example the spread is suggesting we pull back from work and instead spend the time and energy we have saved in the other area of life.

Because this is a daily spread it is suggesting we only make changes for this day which will not impact us negatively in the long run.

  1. How is my internal self today?
  2. How is my body and how can I support my health today?
  3. How is my home and what daily tasks are required today?
  4. How is the health of my relationships and how can I show and accept love today?
  5. How is my work or responsibilities and what should I prioritize today?
  6. How are my finances and how should I spend or save today?
  7. How are my hobbies and interests and which should I focus on today?
  8. How are my goals and what is one step I can take to make progress on them today?
  9. What is one step I can take today to have a better future?
  10. This is a ‘wild-card.’ It is personalized to the reader for an area of their life that is unique or individual to them. For example it can be about their education if they are a student or their creativity if they are an artist.

3. The Check-in Daily Tarot Spread

The check-in daily tarot spread

This spread is a deeper dive into our internal landscape. It shows us the different parts of ourselves that make up our personality and self and how we can support them today.

  1. The Body: This card shows us how our physical bodies are today and any advice we should take today to care for them.
  2. The Mind: This card advises us how to care for our mind today and sometimes gives a mantra or thought we could hold throughout the day.
  3. The Heart: This card represents our feelings and how we can accept and express them healthily.
  4. The Spirit: This card shows our essence or soul and gives us advice to connect with and soothe our spiritual side.

4. A Morning Meditation Tarot Spread

A morning meditation tarot spread

This spread works differently to the others in this article in two ways. Firstly it is only one card. Secondly the focus is not really on the meaning of the card or even the artwork.

This reading allows us to meditate and allow our minds to drift. We become aware of the direction of our thoughts or emotions and allow ourselves to accept them without judgment. In this way we see how our minds are working today. It's the perfect tarot spread to start your day.

  1. Shuffle and pull one card and place it down. With a soft gaze meditate more on art until it loses all meaning. What colors draw your eye? What memories or emotions surface? Note these down in your journal. It can be very beneficial to see the results of this overtime. You may notice a trend shifting over time and recurring themes or emotions that you wish to explore further.

5. Goal Setting To-do Daily Tarot Spread

Goal setting to-do tarot spread

This spread delivers no-nonsense guidance in the form of mini steps we can take within the day to achieve our goals and keep progressing. As with many spreads this one would pair with a journal or notebook perfectly.

The best way to use this spread is to see each card as a task and write them as such on a to-do list. Then throughout the day prioritize checking off each task with a big satisfying tick.

  1. What is one physical step I can take towards my goal today?
  2. What is one mental tool I can utilize towards my goal today?
  3. What is one emotion I can use to motivate myself to work on my goal today?
  4. What important advice must I remember about my goal today?
  5. What is one weakness that is holding me back today?
  6. How do I strengthen this goal today?
  7. What external support can I utilize to progress with my goal today?