2 Tarot Spreads For Thriving Friendships

Friendship tarot spreads center around the theme of platonic love shared between friends.

In this article we’ve collected our very favorites that help us strengthen and protect our current friendships and even make new ones that will stand the test of time.

How To Use Friendship Tarot Spreads

Using friendship tarot spreads on the surface looks much like using general tarot spreads: We clear our minds, shuffle the cards and ask each question whilst placing the card as indicated in the spread.

However where these spreads can differ from general ones is in the interpretation of the cards themselves. When we ask tarot questions about other people there are some small but important changes to the meanings of the Court and Cup cards that we should remember.

Court Cards In Friendship Readings

The court cards in tarot (Pages, Knights, Queens and Kings of each suit) take on a few additional meanings when answering friendship questions because these cards sometimes represent real people in our lives.

Though their genders may not always match their real-life counterparts we should focus on the attributes of the specific court card and connect it to a friend we know that embodies these.

Court Cards As Multiple People

Tarot readers may find it useful to remember that a single court card can represent an entire collection of people in some readings. For example a certain social or friendship group or even friends from our past that we may be out of touch with.

Cups Cards In Friendship Spreads

Cups are the suit of love and so it is no surprise that many of their meanings refer to romantic love. However in friendship spreads readers should interpret these cards as platonic love where possible.

For example romantically the Two of Cups implies a new romantic love and 2 people bonding, whereas read platonically this card would indicate a new friendship.

1. A Better Friend Tarot Spread

A better friend tarot spread

This spread gives us the tools we need to be a better friend for our loved ones. Though this is about friends it can be used to support family members too.

  1. What are my natural strengths in friendships?
  2. What are my weakness in friendships?
  3. What is one trait I can bring more of into my friendship?
  4. What is one trait or insecurity that might hinder in my friendship?
  5. How can I work on this trait or insecurity?
  6. What do others wish they could say to me?
  7. How could I improve my listening skills?
  8. How could I lead with empathy in my friendships?

2. A Loving Friend Tarot Spread

A loving friend tarot spread

The beginning phase of a friendship can be awkward at first. It can be difficult to find common ground and interests to talk about. It is also hard to know how much to share without oversharing and when to first open up and discuss our past and our struggles.

This spread helps us to build a stable foundation in new friendships and gives us clear advice to strengthen and protect our current friendships.

  1. Do I trust this person enough to share this information?
  2. How can I listen to my intuition when meeting new people?
  3. What traits and personality types do I bond with the most?
  4. What traits do my current friends have in common?
  5. What is holding me back from opening up?
  6. How can I feel in the moment the right amount to share/what reactions should I look out for to know if my new friend is uncomfortable?