5 Full Moon Tarot Spreads For Abundance

Full Moon tarot spreads are used by tarot readers during the phase of the moon when it is fully illuminated in the sky. This lunar phase lasts for about 2 days. In witchcraft the Full Moon is celebrated as a time of abundance, completion and gratitude.

Witches and tarot readers that work under the influence of the moon in its various phases will see their hard work over the past month paying off and the Full Moon is when they use tarot spreads to take stock and appreciate how much progress they have made.

The following tarot spreads have been created to make working with the Full Moon easy and practical. Simply ask your tarot cards any of these spreads by shuffling your cards, and placing the cards in the correct position.

Take note of repeating suits or themes because the Full Moon is the most magical of all the phases and can illuminate all parts of your life and give advice we may not have seen otherwise.

1. Full Moon Manifestations Tarot Spread

Full Moon manifestations tarot spread

This spread gives us the guidance needed to begin manifesting with the abundant and potent energy of the Full Moon.

Though we might not see our big and longterm goals be fully completed in a single lunar month this Full Moon tarot spread gives us practical advice we can follow throughout the lunar cycle to continue reaping the rewards of our hard work.

Take a tarot card that represents something you wish to manifest and place it face up here.

  1. What is the most important step needed to manifest this?
  2. What is one weakness that could complicate this?
  3. How do I strengthen this weakness?
  4. What tools or resources will I need to manifest this?

2. Gratitude In The Full Moon Tarot Spread

Gratitude in the Full Moon tarot spread

In this spread we slow down and take some time to celebrate all we are grateful for under the Full Moon.

Though this is a Full Moon tarot spread it can be performed under any moon phase anytime we want to express gratitude.

  1. Who do I have to be grateful for and what have they taught me?
  2. What skills and talents do I have and take for granted?
  3. How can I show my gratitude and celebrate it?

3. Abundance Under The Full Moon Tarot Spread

Abundance under the Full Moon tarot spread

A Full Moon represents fullness and completion in witchcraft. This means we can attune to the moon and its magical phases to welcome in completion of our own goals.

This spread gives us clarity around our goals and simple actionable steps so we can feel more abundant and finally complete those goals and tasks that have been stagnating.

  1. What steps must I take to welcome in my abundance?
  2. What am I forgetting that could help me at this time?
  3. Where can I be more resourceful with my abundance to stretch it further?
  4. How can I protect and future proof what I have earned?
  5. What have I learned that can continue to help me?
  6. What free external tools can help me manifest my abundance?
  7. What internal tools can help me manifest my abundance?
  8. What are my next steps?

4. Full Moon Release Tarot Spread

Full Moon release tarot spread

A Full Moon can represent an idea or emotion becoming full-formed and realized within us. Once we are aware of it we are able to assess it and allow it to release.

For this reason Releasing tarot spreads can be performed on both the New and Full moons however the New Moon is often used to first make the subconscious known in order to be released.

This spread is perfect for releasing the thoughts, emotions and habits that we are fully aware of and likely quite frustrated about. The Full Moon is abundant and powerful and can be used to shake loose old stagnate energy that is stubbornly clinging on.

  1. What old emotions and thoughts are getting me down?
  2. What do they give me or what purpose do they perform? (For example fear sometimes keeps us safe)
  3. Can I find a more positive way of providing this purpose and replace the negative emotions and thoughts with ones that serve me better?
  4. What actions or habits are frustrating me at this time?
  5. What do they give me or what purpose do they perform? (For example nail biting sometimes releases stress)
  6. Can I find a more positive way of providing this purpose and replace the negative actions and habits with ones that serve me better?

5. Full Moon Celebration Tarot Spread

Full Moon celebration tarot spread

The Full Moon is a time for celebration and wholeness. This gives tarot readers and those who work with the Full Moon phases a chance each month to celebrate all that they are inside and out.

This spread illuminates us from within and allows us to see all the things about ourselves that we forget or take for granted. This tarot spread allows us to feel proud of our achievements and show ourselves some much needed self-love.

  1. What am I most proud to have achieved in my life so far?
  2. What skills or talents have I made progress with? (Take a card for each skill or talent you have been working on and place them next to each other)
  3. In what ways have I supported myself recently?
  4. How have I progressed in my long term goals?
  5. What challenges have I overcome?
  6. What advice do I wish I could give to my past self?
  7. What is a strength I could use more in my life?
  8. What is a strength or skill I often forget I have?