6 Future Love Tarot Spreads For Dating, Singles & New Relationships

Future love tarot spreads as they sound are spreads that reveal important information about the love we may encounter in our near future.

In this article we have collected spreads that guide tarot readers through preparing for new love, and how to spot their new dates when we meet them.

How To Use A Future Love Tarot Spread

Using a future love spread is similar in many ways to reading general tarot spreads. Once a tarot reader has shuffled the cards and asked the questions listed in the spread they place them down where directed and proceed to interpret the cards’ meanings.

However there are some very important factors at play specific to these types of spreads.

Firstly is the issue of privacy when asking tarot questions about other people. We want to be sure that we are not being overly invasive with our questions or crossing people’s boundaries.

We also want to be careful not to remove our own autonomy when asking questions that predict the future for a new relationship. This is because the future is subject to change and always evolving.

Therefore we must remember we always have choices we can make in the moment to improve our lives. This means tarot can be a tool which helps us make the right choice, rather than eliminate choices.

With that explained when used correctly tarot in general and more specifically these tarot spreads can be wonderful tools to explore our mind frame around our romantic prospects.

1. Finding Love Tarot Spread

Finding love tarot spread

This spread reveals more details about the particular type of love we have coming into our lives in the near future if we are single. (or not)

Will it be sweet? Lustful? Comforting? Use this fun and light-hearted spread to find out.

  1. Me: Look through your deck of tarot cards and intentionally choose a card that roughly sums up your attitude to love and represents you in the near future. Place it face up here. Place all other cards facedown as usual.
  2. Them: This card reveals the general disposition of your future lover and how they interact with you.
  3. Our energy: This card reveals how you feel when you are in their company.
  4. Our time: This card shows how you spend your dates and free time together.
  5. Our expression: This card reveals how you both express your feelings, the attributes of the card will suggest whether this is sweet, witty, intense and everything in between.
  6. Our intimacy: This card reveals the amount of sexual chemistry between you.

2. Am I Ready For New Love? Tarot Spread

Am I ready for new love tarot spread

This spread gives us practical tips to prepare for love and dating. It does this by guiding us through the act of self-reflecting on the values and desires that we hold for our future love life.

Being clear about what we want helps us notice it when it appears so we are more inclined to say yes and feel positive and confident when speaking with potential lovers.

  1. What attributes do I desire in a lover?
  2. What morals and values are important to me in romance?
  3. What positive attributes do I bring to a relationship?
  4. What can I do to prepare myself for my future love?
  5. What ca I do to prepare my life and environment for my upcoming love?
  6. Am I ready for love?
  7. How can I boost my confidence when meeting my future lover?

3. Who Is My Future Lover? Tarot Spread

Who is my future lover tarot spread

This spread gives no-nonsense information so we know exactly how and where to spot our future lover when they appear in our lives.

As with all future predicting spreads we should be careful not to take this too seriously and risk removing our autonomy but when used correctly this spread is a fun way of establishing a connection with a potential lover.

  1. How will love appear in my life?
  2. Where will I meet them?
  3. How will I feel around this person? (what key personality attributes will they have)
  4. What will we do together?
  5. What strengths will they have?
  6. What weaknesses will they have?
  7. What physical markers can I use to detect them?
  8. How do I approach them and make the first connection?

    4. Tarot Spread For Singles

    Tarot spread for singles

    Designed specifically for singles looking for someone special, this spread guides us to spotting love and gives us valuable tools to future-proof our potential relationships.

    Take the guessing out of the equation and start knowing.

    1. How will I feel in this relationship?
    2. What signs can I look to for to know this is the one?
    3. Is this going to be my forever love?
    4. What issues may challenge us?
    5. What strengths will I need to utilize?
    6. What can I do to future-proof this love?

    5. Meeting Someone New Tarot Spread

    Meeting someone new tarot spread

    This spread reveals more information about meeting someone new. Will it be a causal meeting or a special date?

    Find out now and be guided how to turn your single date into more with this new relationship tarot spread.

    1. On the day I meet my future lover the weather/location will be like... (look at the background and general feel of the card. Is the art showing a sky that is clear, gray, sunny or snowy? Are they in a city or out in nature?)
    2. What will happen at this meeting? (What will we be doing and how will we physically meet? Look at the activities being depicted on the card.)
    3. How can I prepare for this meeting?
    4. How can we turn this meeting into a new relationship?

    6. My Future Love Is Blocked Spread

    My future love is blocked tarot spread

    When we feel unable to access love in the present moment it can make us feel anxious or as if we will never receive love.

    This spread reveals the environment, situations and even our own actions and thoughts that could be blocking our expected love from reaching us.

    1. What thoughts of mine could be blocking my future love from reaching me?
    2. Where do these stem from?
    3. How can I ease them so they no longer block my future love?
    4. What actions of mine could be blocking my future love?
    5. What things in my environment might be blocking my future from reaching me?
    6. How can I remove these?
    7. What unforeseen factors are blocking my future love?
    8. How do I find and eradicate these?