Heartbreak And Breakup Tarot Spreads To Help Heal

Occasionally our relationships will dissolve over time. Other times we have to forcibly end things. That’s when these breakup and heartbreak tarot spreads are helpful.

We’ve gathered the best spreads that guide us in severing a connection with a specific person and help us move on.

How To Use Heartbreak And Breakup Tarot Spreads

It is important to remember that these spreads are not for unhealthy or harmful situations and tarot should never be used in place of expert guidance in these matters.

Though similar to general spreads these tarot spreads have some factors that can change their reading. Preparing for a tarot reading in their usual way a reader then shuffles the cards and asks the questions listed in the spread.

They place one card face down where indicated in the spread and then turn over the cards one at a time and begins to interpret their message. However breakup and tarot spreads have some special cards that can be read differently.

Cups Cards In Heartbreak/Breakup Spreads

When we receive Cups cards in tarot spreads about heartbreak and breakups we should pay special attention to them. These cards belong to the suit of love and emotions.

This means their advice within the spread will be especially important for us to follow. They are often there to remind us to stay hopeful and treat ourselves kindly whilst we heal our broken hearts.

Major Arcana Cards In Ending Relationships Spreads

  1. The Lovers in breakup spreads can suggest finding love again and learning to love ourselves through this etc chapter of our lives. If reversed it can suggest commitment issues and a desire for a deeper connection with our partners which has not been met.
  2. The Devil is actually very fun. It suggests not labeling or compartmentalizing the breakup and instead seeing future relationships as something fluid we may flow in and out of. There are no harsh boundaries drawn. When reversed it can mean we are a slave to our feelings and being controlled by them.
  3. The Hermit is all about sacred solitude. It is asking us to step away from current comforts and that by breaking off this connection we will bring a new opportunity. This can mean physical travel to explore on our own or getting to know ourselves on a deeper level.

1. Breakup Tarot Spread

Breakup tarot spread

There are some times in life where despite our best efforts a relationship cannot be saved. This spread is a vital tool for gathering the composure and strength we need when we have decided to end a connection.

  1. Is there any option or action I would be willing to take to save this?
  2. How shall I prepare myself and life for success after this ending?
  3. What should I remember whilst communicating with this person?
  4. Who can I turn to for support whilst I adjust?

2. Heartbreak Tarot Spread

Heartbreak tarot spread

There will come a time in our lives where someone makes the choice to end things with us. Whatever their reason if we are not ready or do not want this it can be very painful to go through.

We might remain stuck and longing for the person in vain. In these times this spread can provide a path for us to begin healing. Of course, it takes more than a tarot spread to heal a broken heart but it can be a great place to start the process.

  1. What can this situation teach me going forward?
  2. In what ways might I have idealized the situation and the person?
  3. What were the recurring issues we encountered?
  4. What did the relationship give to me that I am missing?
  5. What didn’t it give that I am still seeking?
  6. What is preventing me from moving on?