6 Imbolc Tarot Spreads To Revive And Rejuvenate

Imbolc tarot spreads are themed around the pagan Sabbat called Imbolc. These spreads usually revolve around gentle guidance and supporting us to begin new projects and ideas.

In this article we have collected our favorite Imbolc spreads for you to try out as well as providing information about celebrating this special Sabbat.

How To Use Imbolc Tarot Spreads

Imbolc or Imbolg is a Gaelic pagan festival that celebrates the changing seasons, in particular the first emergence of early Spring. Also named St. Brigid’s Day it honors the Irish Goddess of healing, inspiration and fertility: Brigid.

In the Wheel of The Year (which is the celebration of 8 different Sabbats) Imbolc sits exactly in between Yule and Ostara on the 1st-2nd Of February.

Using Imbolc spreads is similar to other tarot spreads: a reader quiets their mind and shuffles their cards. They ask each question listed in the spread and pull a card as they do. Though the physical process of these spreads are the same the difference is in the timing.

They are are created specifically for use during Imbolc. They guide us to seamlessly integrate the themes of this season into our lives and should be performed during the days of Imbolc.

1. Imbolc’s Candlelight Tarot Spread

Imbolc's candlelight tarot spread

Winter can be a difficult time for many of us. When the days begin to lengthen and brighten it can be such a relief. This spread is there for us when we are finding the dark difficult and guides us back to ourselves.

Though this is called an Imbolc spread it can be used anytime throughout the year whenever we feel lost.

  1. What foundations must I build, strengthen or change at this time?
  2. How can I stand upon those foundations to find my way back to myself?
  3. What blockage must I melt away to reach the next stage of my journey?
  4. What is my fire, what sparks within me that I can always reach for when I feel lost?

2. A Gentle Start In Imbolc Tarot Spread

A gentle start in Imbolc tarot spread

Start the season gently with this affirming spread. A Gentle Start provides comfort and encouragement as we begin to slowly manifest our goals.

This spread is great for those who find new projects intimidating and do not know where to begin. It helps us break down our goals into manageable steps that never feel overwhelming.

  1. What small step can I take to prepare for this new start or project?
  2. In what ways am I over-complicating this?
  3. Where in my life/this project am I hesitating?
  4. What is the cause of this hesitation?
  5. What can I do to gently nudge myself past the hesitation?
  6. How can I support myself in this new venture?
  7. What small step can I take anytime I feel intimidated or overwhelmed by my project?

3. Manifest In Rest Imbolc Tarot Spread

Manifest in rest Imbolc tarot spread

We have all heard of hustle culture and probably how exhausting it is for us in the longterm. This spread aims to cut through all the noise with clear steps to help us manifest easily during the small wasted and forgotten moments in life.

  1. What action can I add to my morning routine to help me shift into a manifesting mindset?
  2. How can I make my commute or any waiting times work for me?
  3. How can I reframe my thoughts to naturally feel more abundant?
  4. What small action can I add to my evening routine to help me rest better?
  5. How can I set up my day for efficient success?

4. Imbolc Shadows Tarot Spread

Imbolc shadows tarot spread

For many people the thought of achieving their dreams can evoke fear and cause procrastination. Having a dream comforts us during difficult times, but when we take action to manifest it becomes real and tangible and therefore subject to failure.

This spread gives us support whilst we are in the process of realizing our fears around failure so we still have a source of comfort whilst we achieve our dreams.

  1. Why do I turn to my dream/What does day-dreaming give me?
  2. What healthy thought or activity could I swap this for so I still have a tool whilst I work on my dream? (For example if daydreaming is for soothing anxiety the answer shows us an activity that soothes anxiety)
  3. What is the root cause of my fear of failure?
  4. How can I reshape my thoughts around failing so my mistakes can teach me?
  5. How can I learn to accept failure as an essential part of the process?

5. Imbolc Energy Tarot Spread

Imbolc energy tarot spread

During Imbolc we shake off the sluggish feeling of Winter and prepare for the busy quickening of Spring. Imbolc serves to join these two opposing energies with a gradual shift.

This spread shows us how to create routines and structure that lead to our betterment. It guides us to use our energy sustainably. By energy we mean our literal effort, time and money that we use in all things we do in life.

  1. Where in my life am I using too much energy?
  2. Where in my life am I not giving enough energy?
  3. What step can I take to shift this energy from one area to the other?
  4. Where in my life am I wasting my physical energy?
  5. Where in my life am I wasting resources like my money and time?
  6. What can I do to prevent the loss of my energy and resources?
  7. What activity or hobby can I do that gives me more energy/What fills my cup?
  8. What is the key to sustainable energy usage in my life?

6. Cleansing Dark Imbolc Tarot Spread

Cleansing dark Imbolc tarot spread

Though imbolc is a minor Sabbat, it is one of the most powerful for cleansing. It often coincides with the period of time where most people begin to lose interest or momentum with their goals for the year.

Therefore Imbolc can be a wonderful time to reflect on our goals and cleanse our lives of all that no longer serves.

  1. What physical items no longer serve me?
  2. How can I gift or recycle these?
  3. What activities and actions no longer serve me?
  4. How can I find new activities that serve me better?
  5. What negative mental habits, thoughts or self-limiting beliefs are influencing me now?
  6. How can I combat or reshape these thoughts and beliefs for a more positive outlook?
  7. What goals and plans no longer serve me?
  8. How can I adapt my plans to make them relevant to my growth again?