6 Litha Tarot Spreads For Summer Fun

Litha tarot spreads center around the theme of the Summer Solstice which is often celebrated by pagans. These spreads are performed during this season and feature advice on enjoying this time to the fullest.

We’ve listed the very best Litha spreads in this blog as well as a brief introduction to Litha so you can revel in this bright and upbeat Sabbat with your friends, loved ones and of course, your favorite tarot deck.

How To Use A Litha Tarot Spread

Litha is one of the eight Sabbats within the Wheel Of The Year which marks the seasonal shifts seen in nature. Celebrations of Litha start on June 20th with the beginning of the Summer Equinox and last throughout the season.

Litha marks the longest day of the year with the daylight hours reaching their peak and beginning to decline each day after the official Summer Solstice.

Therefore the Sun is celebrated for its strength and many Litha activities vary greatly for individual practitioners but can include events like parties, picnics, the gathering and foraging of seasonal herbs and plants.

Using Litha spreads will often follow the same process as other tarot readings: a reader shuffles their cards asking the questions listed in the specific spread and places the cards in the positions shown on the spread’s diagram.

However what makes Litha tarot spreads unique are their timings.

These spreads undoubtedly give the best results when they are performed during the Summer season and are especially powerful when performed on the official day of the Summer Solstice. 

Litha’s Sun And Shadow Tarot Spread

Litha's Sun and shadow tarot spread

The abundance and strength of the Summer Sun illuminates your tarot cards with this spread. Use it to find balance between your light and shadow sides at this time of the year.

The Light

1. What is shining in me right now?
2. What is on the horizon of my life?
3. Where should my beam of focus land?
4. Where should I show more warmth?

The Shadow

5. Where are shadows being cast in me?
6. How can I shed light on them?
7. What is in shadow that I should accept?
8. What will be my power mantra this season?

Perfect Summer Day Tarot Spread

Perfect summer day tarot spread

A tarot spread to inspire readers how best to spend their free time and make the most of the long evenings that we are gifted during Litha.

  1. What am I longing to do more of right now?
  2. How can I make this transportable/find a way to enjoy this activity out of doors in pleasant weather?
  3. What resource could help me enjoy my free time more?
  4. What do I need to limit or reduce to free up more of my time?
  5. What is a small celebratory act I can do to make my time off feel special?
  6. What is a small luxury I can easily give to myself this Summer Season?
  7. What special plans could I make for Litha and with whom?

Summer Time Sadness Tarot Spread

Summer time sadness tarot spread

Chase away the summer blues with this spread that guides readers to process their feelings and provides them with much needed comfort and validation so they can celebrate Litha and the rest of the season unimpeded.

  1. What saddens me right now?
  2. What technique or activity may help me feel joy?
  3. How can I better process these feelings?
  4. What may be affecting me which I may be unaware of?
  5. What feelings need validation at this time?
  6. How can Summer magic help me now?

Summer Equinox Tarot Spread

Summer equinox tarot spread

A great tarot spread to use on the exact turning of the Equinox to harness the seasonal magic available at this sacred time.

  1. Take the Sun tarot card from your deck and place it face up here.
  2. What does the equinox reveal to me?
  3. What opportunities are inbound to me?
  4. What love and laughter is forth coming?
  5. How can I harness my magic?
  6. What seasonal magic can I practice at this time?

Sun, Earth And Sky Tarot Spread

Sun, earth and sky tarot spread

Using the Sun’s strength, this spread reveals the pivotal opportunities and events available to reader’s at this time.

This Litha tarot spread shows us how we can maximize the abundance and results we will receive from said opportunities.

  1. Sun: What opportunities may come my way this season?
  2. Earth: What action and resources (time, energy, materials) will they require from me?
  3. Sky: How can I maximize the results/effects these opportunities will have?