12 Love Tarot Spreads For Relationships & Romance

A love tarot spread is any formation of cards that focus around the theme of love. There are so many tarot spreads available in this topic because there is such a variety of love we experience.

Below we have spreads that guide readers to show and receive love, some that focus on romance, and others that help a relationship stay strong and healthy.

In this article we have compiled the most popular love tarot spreads that every tarot reader should try in their tarot journey.

How To Use A Love Tarot Spread

Using a love spread is similar to using other tarot spreads however there are some differences to be aware of when interpreting tarot cards specifically for love readings.

At first proceed in the usual way for any tarot spread: gather your cards and shuffle them as you ask each question in order. Place the cards down in the formation described in the spread.

Pay careful attention to any suits or numbers that repeat throughout the spread as this shows a strong theme in our lives at this time. Also remember that in all tarot spreads any major arcana cards present are the most important as they signify an answer that could have the most impact if we implement its advice.

It is important to take time to rest after performing any tarot spreads (to ground and center) but especially with love spreads because these focus heavily on our emotions and can leave us drained. We must also be careful how many of them we do because it can dilute and confuse the answers we receive.

It is okay to ask different kinds of love tarot readings like for example a platonic love one and then a romantic spread but we should make sure not to perform the exact same type of spread too often.

How Love And Relationships Spreads Differ

In love tarot spreads some cards are interpreted a little differently. For example any cards with love or emotional themes like the suit of Cups or The Lovers card are more significant when received in love readings.

Another important distinction with love readings is noting if we receive any court cards. We must pay special attention to these because court cards in tarot represent real people who share the attributes of that particular card.

Court cards are read un-gendered so a Queen tarot card could refer to a man and a Knight or King could represent a woman and vice versa. It is more important to pay attention to the type of traits being discussed in the court cards.

It is also a very good sign to see a King and Queen together in a love spread. When this occurs it means there is potential for a serious relationship. If the suits do not match for example the King of Wands and the Queen of Pentacles this can refer to a marriage or the joining of two families.

If the suits do match for example receiving both the King and Queen of Cups in a love tarot spread then it refers to finding one’s soul mate or twin flame.

1. Love Compatibility Tarot Spread

Love compatibility tarot spread

This spread helps us see how compatible we are with a new or potential lover. It can also comfort our “are we meant to be?” doubts that can arise in new relationships.

  1. Take a card from your deck that symbolizes your significant other or potential lover and place it face up here. If you know them well then choose any of the court cards that best suits them. If you do not know them well yet then taking The Knight or King of Cups will work well. Please remember that all tarot cards are used un-gendered so you can use any court card regardless of the gender of your spouse.
  2. How much love potential does this partnership have?
  3. How aligned are our morals and views?
  4. Are we compatible and how long will we be together?
  5. What can we do to increase our compatibility?
  6. If we take this advice, will this relationship work?

2. Invite Romance Tarot Spread

Invite romance tarot spread

This spread guides us to creating a partnership which is filled with romance. This can be people wanting to add romance into a longterm relationship.

Finally it helps us spot a potential partner and gives us clarity about the traits we value and what we are looking for in a lover.

  1. What values do I appreciate when I see them in action in my partner?
  2. What personality traits do the people I admire and respect have in common?
  3. What weaknesses do I notice in myself?
  4. Could someone who exhibits the opposite of my weakness help or guide me?
  5. Opposites attract, what would be my opposite?
  6. Where am I hiding or limiting myself?
  7. How can I be more open and vulnerable in new relationships?
  8. What advice should I remember when seeking a new connection?

3. Protect This Relationship Tarot Spread

Protect this relationship tarot spread

Sometimes in life our relationships can get lost or forgotten in the busyness of our daily routine. This tarot spread guides us to create a mental habit that reminds us to value our loved ones, which in time will improve our relationships.

It gives practical steps that help to keep love strong in our currently established relationships. This can be used for platonic relationships with friends and family but also for romantic partners too.

  1. Who haven’t I heard from in a while/who is quiet or in the background of my life? (This could be more than 1 person so if multiple cards fall out at anytime during this spread place them all in this position.)
  2. There are people in my life that are in a good place and there are some who need help. How can I reach out to the ones who need me most?
  3. Who needs me right now but might find it difficult to reach out?
  4. What small action can I take to show my love to others?
  5. How can I find more time for my relationships?
  6. What prevents me from expressing the love I feel?

4. Rekindle The Fire Love Tarot Spread

Rekindle the fire love tarot spread

This spread is used to reignite love within a long term relationship. However this is only suitable for healthy and functioning couplings that require a little boost.

Tarot spreads should never be used in toxic or harmful relationships and tarot in general is not a replacement for therapy, medical or expert guidance.

  1. What first attracted me to my partner X years/months ago?
  2. What have I learned about them in our time together?
  3. What hobbies or activities did we used to do and could reestablish?
  4. What new activities have we always wanted to do together?
  5. How do we make time for these new activities?
  6. What are we missing in our daily lives that can bring us closer together?
  7. What are 3 traits or values I love in my partner? (Take 3 cards and place them all in this position.)

5. Are They The One? Tarot Spread

Are they the one tarot spread

This spread is great to understand more about a specific person and can show us if they have the potential to be our soul mate/twin flame.

  1. What qualities of theirs will be a crucial part of our relationship?
  2. What challenges may we face?
  3. What habits or parts of our lives will need to change in order to make space for our love to flourish?
  4. Are they the one?
  5. What can they teach me?
  6. What do I need from them?
  7. What do they need from me?

6. Unrequited Love Tarot Spread

Unrequited love tarot spread

In a perfect world we are freely able to express our love and see it enjoyed and reciprocated by our heart’s desire. But sometimes we may be deeply in love with someone who does not return our feelings.

This spread allows us the chance to process our emotions and begin the task of moving on after the sting of unrequited love or romantic rejection.

  1. What can I do to temporarily exorcise the emotions I feel in a healthy way?
  2. Am I able to remain friends with this person or should I make a clean break?
  3. Is it possible I may have projected my love unfairly on someone and objectified/idealized them in my mind?
  4. What is the immediate action I should take to overcome my unrequited love? (The advice of this card is to be followed immediately for a few weeks.)
  5. What is the short term action I should take to continue healing from unrequited love? (The advice of this card is to be followed from a few weeks to a few months.)
  6. What is the long term action I should take to overcome my unrequited love once and for all? (The advice from this card is to be followed from a few months to a few years.)

7. My Valentine Love Tarot Spread

My valentine love tarot spread

This spread gets us in the mood for romance. It is very easy to let relationships ease into the background when life takes over and for many couples Valentine’s day feels more like an obligation.

But having one day of the year dedicated to expressing love can be an excellent reminder to slow down and show real affection to our romantic partner.

This spread gives us creative ideas for gifts and experiences we can share with our partners that don’t rely on the tired cliches of chocolates and flowers.

  1. The Gift: Instead of flowers my love likes? (Look at the visual symbols and colors within the card’s art as well as its meaning for gift clues.)
  2. The Food: Instead of chocolates my partner enjoys? (Use association and memory with this card to remember favorite restaurants or foods you both enjoyed in the past.)
  3. The Experience: Forget what is popular. What is an adventure we have always wanted to try?
  4. The Intent: How is our relationship special and unique?
  5. The Words: What is important for me to remember about my partner, particularly on this day?
  6. The Heart: How can we turn this day from an obligation into an event that truly celebrates our love?

8. Will They Commit? Tarot Spread

Will they commit tarot spread

Many of us crave love and affection but we often have difficulty finding it. When we find someone special it is natural to want to know if they will commit to us.

This spread helps guide readers with exactly this and gives them the confidence needed to have this conversation with that special someone.

  1. Do they have the potential to commit to me?
  2. Are they ready?
  3. What factors may prevent them from committing?
  4. Am I truly ready to commit?
  5. What factors may prevent me from committing to them?
  6. How do I speak to them about this?

9. Is This Lust Or Love? Tarot Spread

Is this lust or love? tarot spread

Love and lust have been mistaken for one another countless times throughout history. Each of these emotions are incredibly strong and it is easy to lose ourselves in them.

This relationship tarot spread gives us a space to slow down and analyze our emotions. This may be a spread that we revisit over time because love and lust can often intermingle and can change overtime as the relationship develops.

Therefore we may require multiple sessions a few times a month to slowly detangle our thoughts. In this case it would be a good idea to write down the results so we can see how our responses/emotions are changing over time.

  1. Do I have a habit of losing myself in the thrill of someone new?
  2. Does this relationship in the way it currently functions serve me fully?
  3. Is it possible I am distracting myself with physical touch or intimacy to avoid a difficult situation in my own life?
  4. How well do I actually know this person and how much might I have inserted my own ideal/projection onto them?
  5. Do I know and agree with their values, morals and views?
  6. Do I know their future goals/plans and do they align with mine?
  7. How do I feel about this person immediately after intimacy and does this change/lessen over time?
  8. If I remove the physical intimacy, does what remains of this relationship serve me?

10. Long Distance Lover Tarot Spread

Long distance lover tarot spread

Living long distance from our partners can strain the relationship. This spread guides us with practical advice to keep the love strong even when it is stretched over miles.

It also allows us to check our emotions and make sure the relationship is truly supporting each person as an individual and as a couple.

  1. What are the hidden perks of our long distance relationship?
  2. How can we make time for the logistics of our schedules/time differences in a way that supports us both?
  3. What am I sacrificing for this relationship and is it a price I am willing to pay?
  4. Does this relationship align with my goals as an individual? (For example my career or where I want to live.)
  5. Does this relationship support our plans as a couple? (For example having children or buying a home.)
  6. Is there a new option available or an old one we might have missed that could reduce the distance/strain?
  7. What can I do to support myself as an individual in a long distance relationship?
  8. What does my partner need from me/what support can I give them from afar?

11. What Are They Thinking? Tarot Spread

What are they thinking tarot spread

Love is beautiful and pure. But it can also be confusing and overwhelming at times. We may want to know what a potential lover is thinking and feeling.

In this spread we discover what they are thinking which allows us to feel comforted.

  1. What are they thinking?
  2. Do they think about me?
  3. What can I do to make them think of me more?
  4. What are they feeling?
  5. How do they affect my life and relationships?
  6. How can I comfort them when they have negative thoughts or emotions?
  7. How can we support each other and share our thoughts with each other more openly?

12. Will We Last? Tarot Spread

When someone first enters our lives it is common to want to know if they will be here for the longterm.

This tarot spread reveals information and guidance on meeting and recognizing this person, specifically for romantic connections.

  1. What strengths in this person will I be attracted to?
  2. What strengths or attributes of mine will they be attracted to?
  3. How can I spot them when they first enter my life?
  4. How will we initially connect?
  5. How will our relationship shift overtime?
  6. Will this relationship last and what can I do to make this relationship a success?