4 Monthly Tarot Spreads To Achieve Your Goals

Monthly tarot spreads as their name suggests are spreads that can be performed at certain times during the month or on a monthly basis.

In this article we’ve collected the very best spreads that help you set goals, plan your time more effectively and review your progress so you can continue to manifest your dreams every month.

How To Use A Monthly Tarot Spread

Using a monthly tarot spread is very easy. The steps for this style of spread are very similar to tarot spreads in general, however the cards are interpreted a little differently.

To perform a monthly spread prepare for a tarot reading in your usual way. Then shuffle your cards. Ask each question in the order of the spread pulling a card for each. Place each card down in the position directed until all the positions on the spread are taken with a card.

Now spend several minutes wondering how the card answers the question of that position.

Finally look at your spread as a whole and see if you have many repeating suits or numbers or any themes that appear across multiple cards. Make sure you read our tips below of how to interpret time in monthly spreads.

Goals Cards In Monthly Spreads

  • Health Goals: 6 of Pentacle 9 of Cups (quitting smoking, getting stronger, developing good habits, exercising, eating well, caring for your body)
  • Money Goals: 4 of Pentacles, 9 of Pentacles (Saving money, earning more money, buying homes, property and large assets)
  • Mental Goals: 7 of Pentacles, King of Swords (Learning new skills, learning a language or musical instrument, studying, healing trauma, mental wellness)
  • Love Goals: The Lovers, 2 of Cups (Finding love, maintaining love in relationships, building trust, prioritizing family and friends)
  • Career Goals: Queen or King of Wands, Ace of Wands (Advancing career, promotions, job interviews, studying or learning skills for career)
  • Self-development Goals: The Hermit, The Sun (Healing, learning new habits, seeking happiness, travel and exploration)
  • Spiritual Goals: The High Priestess, The Moon (Building intuition, practicing tarot, learning magic, developing witchcraft techniques, studying religious or spiritual texts)

1. Month Ahead Forecast Tarot Spread

Month ahead forecast tarot spread

This spread breaks down our month ahead into weekly sections and reveals what might be coming our way.

  1. What effects can I expect to see in week 1 of this coming month?
  2. What effects can I expect to see in week 2 of this coming month?
  3. What effects can I expect to see in week 3 of this coming month?
  4. What effects can I expect to see in week 4 of this coming month?
  5. What effects can I expect to see in any remaining days (for longer months) or for important events that may happen just outside of this coming month?

2. Monthly Motivation Tarot Spread

Monthly motivation tarot spread

This spread gives us the tools we need to create a realistic plan to help set goals and manifest this month. The main reason our goals often fail is because it is difficult to change them from abstract idea into physical item.

The best way to do this is with a plan that breaks down the goal into actionable steps that we can follow. That is where this spread steps in.

  1. What is the big picture or the abstract idea of my goal?
  2. What tools do I have access to that can help me create a plan for achieving my goal?
  3. What is one step I need to include that is vital to manifest this?
  4. What holds me back and prevents my progress?
  5. Which part(s) of my current plan need refining?

3. Mid-Month Check-in Tarot Spread

Mid month check-in tarot spread

This spread gives us a quiet space mid-way through our busy month to check in with ourselves and prioritize that which is truly important to us.

  1. How does my body feel and how can I support it?
  2. How do I feel mentally and what mental tools can I use to supplement my mental wellness?
  3. How do I feel emotionally/how are my relationships and what can I do to keep these flourishing?
  4. How are my daily tasks and responsibilities and how can I streamline these for more free time?
  5. How am I progressing with any healing work I am doing and how can I continue to make progress?
  6. How is my work/career or goals and what will help me manifest my desires?
  7. How can I celebrate my successes this month?
  8. How can I rest and rejuvenate this month?

4. Reflect And Adapt Monthly Tarot Spread

Reflect and adapt monthly tarot spread

Used at the end of the month this spread helps us assess the highs and lows of the month we just experienced. Reviewing our plan vs our results allows us to see what did and didn’t work.

This spread then gives us practical advice of how to spot these issues, what changes we should make and how we can implement them effectively.

  1. This month my goal was... (look through your tarot deck for a card that sums up your goal and place it face up here. If you are unsure where to begin there’s a list of Goal Cards that work for some general goals below the questions.)
  2. The things that went well for me were...
  3. Why did they go right?
  4. The things that went wrong were...
  5. Why did they go wrong?
  6. What changes do I need to make to my plan for next month?
  7. How do I implement these changes?
  8. What is upcoming this month which I need to remember or account for?

Time In the Abstract In Monthly Tarot Spreads

When we have spreads that center around the theme of time, whether this is weekly, monthly or yearly we must take into account that there are many different ways of interpreting the cards.

A common misconception is that tarot is only used to predict the future, however many people use tarot to discuss time in a more abstract way. And also what do we do if time itself is being discussed within our tarot spread?

As a general rule anytime you are using tarot to glimpse forward in time. this is an abstract reading. It discusses events that have not happened yet and are likely to change. Therefore it is important to understand that these particular readings are not predicting the future in the literal sense but rather showing us cause and affect.

These spreads show us what will happen if we do not change anything about our schedule and can reveal what affect our actions could have upon a situation. This is important because it is very easy to fall into a fearful mentality that tarot will predict bad news and we then feel anxious waiting for it to happen.

Even if tarot were to predict good news we are still left waiting and this isn’t very empowering for us. By remembering that these cards show the affects our actions have it empowers us to use tarot as a tool to discover all the options we have for the best actions and most desirable outcome.