5 New Moon Tarot Spreads For New Beginnings

New Moon tarot spreads are perfect to use during the lunar cycle when the Moon is new (invisible to the naked eye.) This phase of the lunar cycle usually lasts between 2-3 days. The following tarot spreads can be used at any point during this time.

In witchcraft the New Moon represents fresh starts, new beginnings or projects and releasing old stagnant energy or self-limiting beliefs we hold. The spreads featured below capture the essence of the New Moon so that you can create New Moon magic with your tarot cards during this magical Moon Phase.

Using a New Moon tarot spread is easy, simply quiet your mind and shuffle your favorite tarot cards. Ask each question as you place one card down at a time, face down where indicated on the spread. Using tarot spreads allow us to ask many questions at once and view the answer in more detail.

It also allows us to spot recurring themes and patterns that we might have missed if we asked only 1 card at a time.

1. New Moon Release Tarot Spread

New Moon release tarot spread

The New Moon is a great time to release the old stagnant energy of the past month and allows us to make space for fresh new energy and ideas waiting for us in the month ahead.

This spread has been specifically designed to bring emotions, habits or thoughts that no longer serve us into our awareness and then guides us gently to release them.

It also provides practical advice we can follow throughout the lunar cycle to stop these thoughts, emotions and habits returning.

Select a card that represents an emotion, thought or habit you wish to release this New Moon and place it face up here.

  1. What mental tools can I use to help me release this?
  2. What physical tools can I use to help me release this?
  3. Where can I find additional support to help me?
  4. What must I remember through this process/what could cause this to come back into my life?

2. Shadows Of The New Moon Tarot Spread

Shadows of the New Moon tarot spread

The New Moon exists in complete darkness and therefore it is the perfect moon phase to practice shadow work magic. Shadow work in witchcraft is a technique of turning inward and assessing the dark parts of ourselves.

We all have traits and thoughts that are not socially-acceptable because it is part of being human. However when we suppress and hide these away they can begin to control us subconsciously.

Shadow working with this spread allows us to confront these aspects and by becoming aware of them in time we accept them and they no longer have an affect on us.

  1. What darkness in me needs to be revealed?
  2. How can I accept this part of myself?
  3. What action can I take to soothe the mental friction around this?
  4. How has this darkness been holding me back?
  5. What positives are there about this situation?

3. New Moon New Beginnings Tarot Spread

New Moon new beginnings tarot spread

The New Moon in witchcraft is most well-known for its ability to magically bring in new opportunities and fresh starts for witches who work under the moon’s influence.

This spread is perfect for giving us a set time each month to prepare us for such opportunities so we can seize them with confidence and watch them thrive.

It also gives us the chance to come back to old projects or plans that have been abandoned with renewed energy and motivation.

  1. What new project or opportunity is coming to me soon?
  2. What can I do to prepare for my new beginning or project?
  3. What must I let go of before I can welcome this new beginning?
  4. What unseen forces are holding me back?
  5. What can I do to ensure an easy transition into my new beginning?
  6. What must I be careful to avoid in this new beginning?
  7. What strengths do I have that I can utilize?
  8. Where will this new beginning or project take me?

4. New Moon Forgiveness Tarot Spread

New Moon forgiveness tarot spread

The New Moon gives us the opportunity to invite forgiveness into our lives. Whether this is from being hurt by others or to forgive ourselves for our past mistakes this spread helps us leave it all in the previous moon phase and start fresh.

It also gives us a space to accept our emotions and thoughts and validate our past experiences without letting them rule us.

  1. What can I do to move past the emotions I am feeling?
  2. How can I accept them?
  3. What have these emotions taught me?
  4. What mental tools do I have to help me forgive?
  5. Who can I turn to for support with this issue?
  6. What steps can I take to support myself through this journey?
  7. What can I give to myself that I am currently missing?
  8. What is a perspective about this situation I haven’t seen before?

5. A Bright New (Moon) Idea Tarot Spread

New Moon idea tarot spread

The New Moon can be a very creative time to develop new ideas. In this New Moon tarot spread we ask tarot to inspire us and tend to the new fragile ideas that can emerge at this time of the lunar cycle.

Though we have new ideas throughout the year selecting a set time of each month to think creatively can build a habit that keeps our creativity flowing.

  1. What do I notice a lack of in my life?
  2. What do I notice a lot of in my life?
  3. Is there a way I can trade or adjust to create more balance between these areas?
  4. What do I find myself being frustrated with on a daily basis?
  5. How can I remove, allocate or automate this?