6 Ostara Tarot Spreads To Celebrate New Beginnings

Ostara tarot spreads revolve around the Sabbat called Ostara. They usually focus on themes related to Spring such as new ideas, projects, spring cleaning and organizing as well as connecting us to the blooming nature of this season.

We have compiled our favorite spreads that capture the essence of Ostara as well as explaining a little bit about this special date.

How To Use Ostara Tarot Spreads

Ostara celebrates the pagan festival of the Spring Equinox. Though it was popularized by the Wiccan wheel of the year (the celebration of eight Sabbats or seasonal shifts in a year) Ostara actually predates Wicca.

The names of both Ostara and Easter are derived from the Germanic Goddess of Spring Ēostre. Traditionally she would be worshipped to promote the return of Spring, sunlight and warmth as nature awakes after dying back during Winter.

Ostara usually occurs between the 19th and 21st of March each year and so these spreads are practiced at any point during this time.

Using Ostara spreads are as simple as any tarot spread: prepare for your tarot reading in your usual way. Shuffle the cards and ask each question listed in the spread, pulling a card for each and placing it where directed.

Though the same in practice the main difference about these spreads is their timing. It is pivotal that they are performed during the few days of the Spring equinox each year. This allows us to connect with the themes specially relevant to Ostara and this time of year within nature.

1. Ostara’s Golden Egg Tarot Spread

Ostara's golden egg tarot spread

This spread brings us clarity around our ideas and the new projects we wish to start. It shows us the valuable lessons we will need in order to succeed and motivates us to prepare to begin.

  1. Is this project right for me at this time?
  2. Am I procrastinating and if so, why?
  3. What kind of emotional investment does this project require?
  4. Can I give it right now?
  5. Who/what else is involved?
  6. What resources do I need?
  7. Do I need to think out the box?
  8. What can I do to ensure the success of this project?

2. Hot Cross Buns Ostara Tarot Spread

Hot cross buns ostara tarot spread

The hot cross bun celebrates the four quarters of the moon phase and traditionally was baked to celebrate the Spring Goddess Ēostre.

This spread comforts us by revealing all we have to look forward to this season.

  1. What excites me and demands my attention?
  2. How can I spare more time to begin this activity?
  3. What am I grateful for recently?
  4. What am I excited for/looking forward to?
  5. How can I comfort myself with these events/activities?

3. Spring Cleaning Ostara Tarot Spread

Spring cleaning Ostara tarot spread

When nature wakes up and we have more light and longer evenings it is natural to feel like we have more energy.

This Ostara spread uses that energy to Spring clean our lives of all the physical, mental and emotional clutter that no longer serves us. This gives us more time, space and energy to focus on what we really care about.

  1. What physical items are cluttering my home?
  2. What actions or habits are no longer serving me?
  3. What mental processes or thoughts have I outgrown?
  4. What emotional baggage am I ready to let go of?
  5. What wastes my time that I can eliminate from my schedule?
  6. What wastes my money that I could better use?
  7. What will I do when my home, mind and life has more space in?
  8. What new things will I manifest for my betterment?

4. I Bloom Ostara Tarot Spread

I bloom Ostara tarot spread

This spread uses the metaphor of a flower blooming from bud to fully open as a tool to reflect on our recent growth.

It gives us practical tips about looking within and accepting ourselves whilst we work on the things we want to grow.

  1. What was budding in my but I can feel it start to grow?
  2. What routines and actions are like the stem that supports me?
  3. Where do I notice a lack of growth?
  4. What can I do to gently nudge this into bloom?
  5. What resources am I missing?
  6. What am I proud of overcoming?

5. Ostara Manifestation Tarot Spread

Ostara manifestation tarot spread

With the Spring season comes the quickening of nature all around us. As animals and plants seem to grow overnight and bloom before our eyes it is easy to be inspired by the beauty of this time of year.

This spread takes that inspiration and molds it into advice that can aid us in manifesting the things we desire.

  1. What is holding back my manifestation?
  2. How can I remove this block and continue on my path?
  3. What recent successes should I remember?
  4. What actions will motivate me at this time?

6. Welcoming Spring Garden Ostara Tarot Spread

Welcoming spring garden Ostara tarot spread

This spread uses the analogy of tending to a garden as a method to reconnect with our inner-selves and prioritize our needs.

Each position represents a common gardening action and suggests tips that can lead to our growth and betterment.

  1. What seeds (opportunities) are growing for me?
  2. How can I grow a garden of happiness this year?
  3. What habits must I cultivate for these to bloom?
  4. What weeds (toxicity) must I pull?
  5. What foundational work should be done to nurture my soil (foundations?)