7 Pregnancy Tarot Spreads For Expecting Parents

Pregnancy tarot spreads are a collection of questions readers can ask their cards that center around the theme of pregnancy and child birth. Giving birth and raising children are exciting times for an expecting family but can also come with anxiety and uncertainty.

We’ve collected the best tarot spreads that can prepare new parents, bolster courage and lighten the mood.

How To Use A Pregnancy Tarot Spread

Using a pregnancy spread is easy to do. Prepare for your tarot reading in your usual way and shuffle your cards. Ask each question listed in the spread and place it down where directed.

Though the same in action there are a few important things to remember about interpreting the cards in these spreads that set them apart from other tarot readings.

Tarot And Pregnancy Advice

It is important to understand that tarot should never be used in place of medical advice regarding pregnancy or any medical issue. For medical concerns consult an expert.

This is not what tarot is designed for and these spreads are only intended as light-hearted entertainment and self-exploration around the theme of pregnancy.

Important Cards In Pregnancy Spreads

Some cards take on an additional meaning in pregnancy spreads. Though these meanings exist within the cards already and are used in general readings too they are much more prevalent in pregnancy readings.

  • The Empress: This card represents the Mother. It suggests the act of giving birth, care giving and nurturing.
  • The Fool: This card represents the Baby. It means someone we care for and who depends on us. It can also mean the inner-child within us or innocence.
  • The Emperor: This card represents the Father. It is the act of protecting, building structure and providing for the family.

Family Dynamic And The Court Cards In Pregnancy Spreads

The Court cards in tarot are the Pages, Knights, Queens and Kings of each suit and they represent real people in our lives. In pregnancy spreads they also symbolize the family dynamic.

  • Pages: These are the actual baby whether expecting or newborn.
  • Knights: These cards represents young children, the siblings of the baby and the older children of the parents.
  • Queens: These are the mother. The parent who provides care and support in a more feminine way (this does not mean a person’s gender but refers to their specific parenting style.) This could represent the person who gave birth to the baby or the one who will nurture the baby during the day.
  • King: They are the father. The parent who provides support in a more masculine way (this does not mean a person gender but refers to their specific parenting style.) This could be the parent who will go back to work and financially provide for the family.

1. When Will I Get Pregnant Tarot Spread

When will I get pregnant tarot spread

Trying to conceive is a wonderful time in a partnership. Though it can come with frustration as parents eagerly await the good news of becoming pregnant.

This spread uses numerology to predict when someone will become pregnant. Though not medically accurate it can be a great way to break the frustration or ease the tension partners feel whilst they wait.

  1. Day: The number on this card predicts the day you will become pregnant.
  2. Month: The number on this card predicts the month you will become pregnant. If the number is over 12 then add these individual figures together to get the answer, for example the number 13 is 1 + 3 = 4 so the month would be April.
  3. Year: The number on this card predicts the year you will become pregnant. Be in mind this number could edit her be the physical year or it could be how many years away. Use the meaning of the card to determine which of these applies to you.

2. Am I Pregnant Tarot Spread

Am I pregnant tarot spread

This spread is a fun way to ask spirit or the universe if you could be pregnant right now.

Though for medical reasons the only way to be sure is to take a pregnancy test this spread can be beneficial as it can help you set your mind-frame around this momentous occasion in your life.

  1. Could I be pregnant right now?
  2. Is this something I want at this time/Am I ready for this?
  3. Am I financially prepared?
  4. How should I communicate my wishes with the parent/my partner?
  5. What should I do to further prepare for this if I am pregnant?
  6. What should I do to further prepare if I am not pregnant?

3. Welcome, Little One Pregnancy Tarot Spread

Welcome, little one pregnancy tarot spread

With this spread we receive practical advice for preparing the home and self for baby’s arrival.

  1. What physical resources or assets do we need to source?
  2. What books, classes or knowledge are we in need of?
  3. What baby-proofing must we implement?
  4. What logistical changes do we need to make to our schedule?
  5. What have we forgotten about or are unaware of?
  6. What support system do we have in place with loved-ones and relatives?
  7. How will we prioritize our time to still maintain the parts of our lives that are important to us?

4. Almost There Pregnancy Tarot Spread

Almost there pregnancy tarot spread

This spread cultivates the courage we need leading up to the birth/arrival of the baby. We can use this spread anytime we feel apprehensive and need a little boost.

  1. All my preparation has taught me...
  2. What activity can I do to relieve stress?
  3. Who can I rely on when I feel apprehensive?
  4. Important advice I can remember during these times is...
  5. How can I ground and center when my thoughts run away from me?

5. Baby Gender Tarot Spread

Baby gender tarot spread

This spread can be used to predict the gender of your baby.

Though it might not be scientifically accurate it can be a really fun spread to do whilst you eagerly await the arrival of your bundle of joy.

  1. For this spread you need to decide a signifier for gender. For example if you use reversals you can do upright for girl and reversed for boy, or vice versa. If you don’t use reversals then you can use the numbers on the cards, even numbers will signify a boy and odd numbers a girl. The court cards do not have numbers so they can be seen as Pages and Queens as odds and Knights and Kings as evens. Once you have this set in your mind proceed to the reading.
  2. Ask the question: What is the baby’s gender? (Look for the numbers of orientation of this card and you’ll have your answer.)
  3. The meaning or attributes of the card can also be used to give additional information about the personality of your baby.

6. Who Knows, Whose Nose? Pregnancy Tarot Spread

Who knows whose nose pregnancy tarot spread

A fun spread to learn traits about your baby like who’s eyes or nose will they have? This is a fun spread not to be taken too seriously and would make great entertainment at a baby shower or celebratory event.

For this spread you will need to decide which guardian will be odds and which is evens. Then you ask the questions and if the number on the received card is odd or even you will know who’s nose. Court cards are as follows: Pages and Queens are odd - Knights and Kings are even.

  1. Who’s eyes will baby have?
  2. Who’s nose?
  3. Who’s lips?
  4. Who’s hair color?
  5. Who’s temper?
  6. Who’s patience?
  7. Who’s laugh?
  8. Who’s ambition?
  9. Feel free to add as many questions as you can think of.

7. Fertility Tarot Spread

Fertility tarot spread

This spread guides the reader to understanding their fertility and how to increase their vitality to aid them in becoming pregnant.

  1. How is my fertility at this time?
  2. How is the fertility of my partner?
  3. What can we do together to increase our joint fertility?
  4. What other fertility options do we have?
  5. What things may be negatively affecting our fertility?
  6. How can we stop these affecting us?
  7. What preparations do we need to make to our home and lifestyle?