3 Stay Or Go Tarot Spreads To Help Guide And Decide

Sometimes in life we will feel confused about the next steps in our love life. When faced with the decision of staying or leaving a relationship we want to consider every possible resource to help us. One of those resources can be tarot.

These stay or go tarot spreads below can be a vital tool to bring you clarity and peace of mind when you’re unsure.

How To Use Stay Or Go Tarot Spreads

Though similar to general spreads, stay or go tarot spreads have some factors that can change their reading. The tarot reader prepares for a tarot reading in their usual way.

After shuffling the cards they ask the questions listed in the spread. Then place a card face down where indicated in accordance with the spread and slowly turn over the cards and begin to take in their message.

However it is important to remember that these spreads and tarot in general are not to be used for unhealthy or harmful situations and tarot should never be used in place of expert guidance in these matters.

Stay or go spreads have some special cards that can be read differently:

Cups Cards In Stay Or Go Tarot Spreads

When we receive Cups cards in tarot spreads about should relationships we should pay particular attention to them. These cards belong to the suit of love and emotions.

This means their advice within the spread and how they relate to the specific question they are answering will be especially important for us to follow.

Major Arcana Cards In Stay Or Go Spreads

The final type of cards that change slightly in stay or go tarot readings are some of the Major Arcana cards. The Major Arcana are the big statement cards within a spread.

They are like a sentence that is underlined. These cards have specific meanings in spreads and their advice is often the most important within the spread.

  • The Death card in a stay or go reading means to let go. We can expect to see a period of grieving or sadness but the advice of this card is that the time has come to move on and we will feel better once we get through the sadness to the other side.
  • The Lovers can suggest we are clinging to the honeymoon phase of our partnership that has long since passed, especially when the card is reversed. It can mean we are viewing the situation with rose-tinted glasses and that we are a little delusional.

Identifying a Stay/Go Signifier

Some of the spreads featured below require the reader to select a method of reading the cards to signify either outcome of stay or go.

See this similar to a coin flip with for example heads being stay and tails being go, or vice versa. There are two easy ways to do this:

  1. Upright/Reversed if a card comes upright it means to stay. If reversed it means to go. This is because the majority of tarot cards have positive meanings when in their upright aspect and the reversed meanings tend to require a big change, investment or grieving period from the recipient.
  2. Even/Odd if a reader doesn’t use reversed cards in their practice they can choose instead to read the numbers on the card. Evens means to stay and odd means to go. Court cards are the only ones missing numbers so they are as follows: Page and Queens are odds, Knights and Kings are even.

1. Clarity: Stay or Go? Tarot Spread

Clarity: stay or go? tarot spread

Sometimes we are confused and not sure if we should stay or leave a relationship. This spread guides us by providing us more information for both of these options so we can see it all on the table and are more aware before making a decision.

  1. What are the good parts I enjoy?
  2. What are the negative things that upset me?
  3. What happens if I stay?
  4. What happens if I go?
  5. Is there something else I need to know?

2. A Simple Stay Or Go Tarot Spread

A simple stay or go tarot spread

A no-nonsense 2 card spread that shows us one card for each option. Don’t be deceived by it’s simplicity it packs a punch and does not hold back.

Using a simple format this spread guides you by presenting your options side by side so you can make the final decision.

  1. Stay: This is how you will feel if you stay.
  2. Go: This is how you will feel if you go.

3. Stay Or Go ‘Coin Toss’ Tarot Spread

Stay or go 'coin toss' tarot spread

This spread is very simple as it is technically a 1 card pull. It asks you to first identify a signifier for stay and go (mentioned in the above section.)

It reveals the action you should take and then a bit more information about the owls and the specifics of your outcome.

  1. Once you have decided your signifier ask your question in your own words, if you are unsure where to start a simple “Should I stay or go?” will work fine.
  2. Pull a single card in your usual way and flip it over revealing the face of the card.
  3. Your signifier (Upright/Reversed or Odd/Even) will advise you what to do, either stay or go. The actual card and its meaning will guide in the how and provide you with more context.