2 Third Party Tarot Spreads To Reveal Truth

Third party tarot spreads ask questions and provide information about other people we know. They are great to use when there could be other factors at play in a situation.

Also these spreads tend to reveal to us other people like mutual acquaintances or people we don’t know who could be affecting the situation. When using these spreads it is important to consider these points about privacy and boundaries within tarot.

We’ve compiled our favorite spreads that allow tarot readers to better understand the elusive third party people in their lives.

How To Use A Third Party Tarot Spread

Third party spreads are similar in practice to general tarot spreads: a reader shuffles their cards clearing their mind as they do. They then ask each question listed in the spread as they pull one tarot card and place it facedown where the spread recommends.

However how third party spreads are read are very different. Whenever we ask tarot questions about other people especially people we do not know, or do not know well there are some changes to the meanings of all Court cards that we should be aware of.

Court Cards As Individual Third Party People

Court cards (Pages, Knights, Queens and Kings of each suit) take on a few additional meanings when discussing third party people because they can represent real people in our lives.

Though their genders may not always match their real-life counterparts we should carefully consider the attributes of the specific court card and connect it to someone we know that embodies these.

In this way a court card may represent a third party person in an abstract way as a ‘stand in’ or placeholder for that person if we do not know enough about them personally.

Court Cards As Multiple Or Abstract Third Party People

It is also important to remember that a single court card could represent a collection of people. For example one side of a family, our neighbors or our work colleagues as a whole.

They may refer to a group of abstract or faceless people like for example our local community or society/global population.

1. Is There Someone Else? Tarot Spread

Is there someone else tarot spread

Suspecting there could be a third party involved with your coupling? This spread can help you clarify your feelings around this.

  1. What behaviors are making me feel like there could be someone else?
  2. How can I approach my partner to discuss this?
  3. Could there be someone else?

2. Will They Last? Tarot Spread

Will they last tarot spread

Got your eye on someone but they are committed to another? Been there! This spread reveals the potential outcome of their partnership so you know if they will be available soon or if you should move on.

Reading tarot for the future and other people can have its drawbacks. It is best to use these spreads for entertainment but act in accordance with common sense.

  1. What is going right in their partnership?
  2. What is going wrong?
  3. How committed is this person to their partner?
  4. How committed is their partner to them?
  5. What is the likeliness of their partnership lasting?
  6. Should I wait or move on?