A Waning Moon Tarot Spread For Relaxation

The Waning Moon is the phase after the Full Moon, when it is decreasing in size. This phase in the lunar cycle lasts from the day after the Full Moon up to the Moon being half full. This is usually between 4-8 days.

In witchcraft the Waning Moon represents surrendering to things we cannot change and withdrawing to focus on rest and the renewal of our bodies and energy.

Using a Waning Moon tarot spread can be an excellent tool to keep us on track and make sure we are making time for much needed rest and reflection. Once we have completed a Full Moon phase we are invited to reflect on the past month and assess what changes we can make to bring more rest and peace into our schedules.

Having a set time in the month to review and do this means we are more likely to actually take this time.

During the Waning Moon take some time to ask your tarot cards the questions below and let their guidance soothe you. Simply shuffle the cards and place them down according to the direction in the spread.

Then when you’re done make some time to rest and take the advice this spread gave you.

Waning Moon Tarot Spread

Tarot spread for Waning Moon

This Waning Moon tarot spread has been created to help tarot readers carve out a space in their busy schedules for rest and renewal. This fast-moving and ever-changing world can exhaust us so having a place each month during the lunar cycle to prioritize rest can be vital to restoring a witch’s energy.

The spread also allows us the chance to reflect on what went well and what could have been better in the past lunar cycle so we can make changes that ensure our lives continue to progress for the better.

  1. How can I feel more at peace in myself throughout the month?
  2. What do I need to let go of to be able to relax?
  3. Which part(s) of my life are contributing to my stress the most and what can I do to reduce their impact? (Select 2 cards if asking both questions and put them next to each other.)
  4. How can I create a schedule that allows me to work on my goal sustainably and allows me enough time to rest?
  5. What am I missing or not seeing that can aid me in relaxing?