A Waxing Moon Tarot Spread For Manifestation And Growth

A Waxing Moon tarot spread harnesses the power of the moon during its waxing phase. This is after the New Moon when the Moon is growing larger each night and is more visible in the sky.

The Waxing moon phase begins with the Moon being young and crescent shaped and lasts until it is half full. This time frame usually lasts for about 4-7 days. Performing tarot spreads during this time increases the clarity of their advice.

In witchcraft the Waxing Moon symbolizes the growing of our plans the way the moon grows. We move from ideas and the intangible in the New Moon into the visible action and progress of the Waxing Moon.

This is most easily seen in the steps we take to attain our goals and wishes. Using the magic of the Waxing Moon we watch them grow and becoming more realized and solid in our lives.

Though it may take more than 1 lunar phase to see the full completion of our goals having a space for each phase of the goal is very helpful to keep us on track. In this way, Waxing Moon tarot spreads are a great resource to assess our actions, plans and how they are or aren’t not helping us move towards our goals.

Simply sit down with your cards anytime in the Waxing Moon phase. Shuffle them and ask the questions in the tarot spread below and let their answers guide you.

Ask each question and place a card down where the spread indicates. Take time to absorb the cards in the spread as a whole and note any recurring themes or suits.

This allows us to see our situation in more detail and gives us a much bigger picture as well as answering each individual question in turn.

Waxing Moon Tarot Spread

Tarot spread for Waxing Moon

This Waxing Moon tarot spread gives us a set time within each month to check in with our goals and actions. Life and plans can change suddenly and so assessing our actions and responses to these changes can allow us to adapt to them so we continue to see progress.

It is easy to become bored or complacent with our goals and lose motivation. Once this happens our progress plateaus and we feel discouraged. Therefore another way we can utilize this tarot spread is to take an honest look at our actions and check they are truly in alignment with our goals.

This reinvigorates our motivation and allows us to begin progressing again.

  1. How can I stay motivated to achieve my goals?
  2. What is a personal strength that I often forget to utilize?
  3. What is causing my procrastination or what is holding me back?
  4. Where do I need more guidance or expert help?
  5. How can I free up more time or energy so I can commit more consistently to my goals?